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Why these projects ? Dubai Metro Project (Interesting facts and Uniqueness) Delhi Metro Project ( Interesting facts and Uniqueness) Project Knowledge Areas These are the 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas (PMBOK). I am focusing on the following areas as per the two Metro Projects. Project Methodology System Structure WORK BREAK

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PROJ6002 – Project Planning and Budgeting

National Project Management Symposium The Staff Orientation Project Planning and implementing a national symposium for a society that will draw about 1150 attendees is a major project. As the event is not for profit, the registration fee is $1,250 per attendee for a 3-day symposium with free access to all

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Assignment 1: Project Planning Presentation

Submission Deadline   Marks and Feedback   Before 10am on: April 29th, 2022 20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)15 working days after deadline (L6)10 working days after deadline (block delivery) May 16th, 2022 Unit title & code   Project Management BSS060-6 Assignment number and title   Assignment

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Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project – F/618/0223

PLANNING, CONTROLLING AND LEADING A PROJECT Unit Reference Number F/618/0223 Unit Title Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project Unit Level 7 Number of Credits 30 Total Qualification Time 300 hours Mandatory / Optional Mandatory SSAs 15.3 Business Management Unit Grading Structure Pass/Fail Unit Aims This unit aims to introduce learners

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ARCH 1411 Urban Planning and Environment Project

ARCH 1411 Urban Planning and Environment Project Assessment Task 1: Research Proposal (30%) Due Date: Sunday 3 April (23:59) via Canvas – Word Limit: 2000 words Your research proposal will set out the research question, literature review, proposed methodology, and details of the data you will use and how you

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Solution: Analytics Project Project Management Plan

Analytics Project Project Management Plan Date: 22-10-2023 Author: Name Here Version: 2.0 Project Management Plan (PMP) This project management plan will outline the strategies and plans used to manage ‘analytics project’ for the Style-Hub organization. It will include the tasks such as project governance, management, planning, budget and controlling. It

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Project Management Plan and Recommendations

Assessment 2 Information Subject Code: TECH2200 Subject Name: IT Project Management Assessment Title: Project Management Plan and Recommendations Assessment Type: Report Word Count: 2000 Words (+/-10%) Weighting: 40 % Total Marks: 40 Submission: MyKBS Due Date: Week 10 Your Task Your second assessment in this subject requires you to create

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT GROUP PROJECT GUIDELINES The group project is one of the most important learning tools of the course. Project shall be a relevant, interactive real life project which requires application of project management knowledge tools and techniques to achieve its objectives. The project shall be identified by the group

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BUSM4613 Project Management Techniques Assessment 3b

School of Project Management — BUSM4613 Project Management Techniques Assessment 3b: Self and peer review Assessment type: Self and peer review Word limit: N/A   Due Date: Thursday of Week 7, 23:59 Melbourne time     Weighting: 10%   Overview Aim The aim of this assessment is to encourage you

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