POLS5003 National Security and Strategy

Unit Outline

POLS5003 National Security and Strategy Semester 1, 2021

Unit study package code:             POLS5003

Mode of study:                                Internal

Tuition pattern summary:            Note: For any specific variations to this tuition pattern and for precise

information refer to the Learning Activities section.

Lecture: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly

Tutorial: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly

This unit does not have a fieldwork component.

Credit Value:                                    25.0

Pre-requisite units:                         Nil

Co-requisite units:                          Nil

Anti-requisite units:                       Nil

Result type:                                       Grade/Mark

Approved incidental fees:             Information about approved incidental fees can be obtained from our website.

Visit fees.curtin.edu.au/incidental_fees.cfm for details.

Unit coordinator:                             Title:                                 Mr

Name:                              Gavin Briggs

Phone:                             0892667130

Email:                               gavin.briggs@curtin.edu.au

Location:                         Building: 209 – Room: 310

Teaching Staff:                                 Name:                              Gavin Briggs

Phone:                             +61 xxxxxxxxx

Email:                               xxxxxxxx@curtin.edu.au

Location:                         Building: 209 – Room: 310

Administrative contact:                 Name:                              Gavin Briggs

Phone:                             0892667130

Email:                           MCASITeachingSupport@curtin.edu.au

Location:                         Building: 208 – Room: 414

Learning Management System: Blackboard (lms.curtin.edu.au)

Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous Elders, custodians, their descendants and kin of this land past and present. The Centre for Aboriginal Studies aspires to contribute to positive social change for Indigenous Australians through higher education and research.


The unit will provide students with a critical understanding of the conceptual foundations of strategic studies, as well as national security. It examines the role of force in international relations, with a focus on the various domains of warfare (i.e. land, sea, air, space and cyber) and their corresponding strategic approaches. This unit also examines the various state and non-state threats to national security, including non-traditional threats and challenges such as climate change, energy security, emerging technologies and autonomous weapons systems; the Indo-Pacific’s current and evolving security landscape; and, the threats and challenges facing Australia’s national security.


This is a capstone unit for the Graduate Program’s National Security major. It offers students a

comprehensive overview of the main conceptual issues concerning modern strategic and defence planning as well as major challenges to a state’s national security. As a core unit it feeds into specialised options, such as INTR5003 Strategic Geography.

This unit has three main themes. They are:

  • The foundations of national security and strategy will provide students with an understanding of

the fundamentals of modern national security and military strategy as well as introduce students to the main schools of strategic thought. It will also demonstrate how those aspects shape national strategic policies, defence planning and decision-making processes.

  • Fundamentals of military and security strategies will introduce students to the foundations of main traditional warfighting concepts by exploring the nature of armed struggle across all domains (i.e. land, sea, air, space and cyber) and its relevance in contemporary and future operating environments.
  • We will also explore contemporary security challenges, emerging threats and future wars, by critically examining the changing character of war, new forms of conflict, the growing strategic significance of new forms of confrontation, and how Australia and other states are positioned vis a vis their strategic outlook.

Unit Learning Outcomes

All graduates of Curtin University achieve a set of six Graduate Capabilities during their course of study. These inform an employer that, through your studies, you have acquired discipline knowledge and a range of other skills and capabilities which employers would value in a professional setting. Each unit in your course addresses the Graduate Capabilities through a clearly identified set of learning outcomes. They form a vital part in the process referred to as assurance of learning. The learning outcomes notify you of what you are expected to know, understand or be able to do in order to be successful in this unit. Each assessment for this unit is carefully designed to test your knowledge of one or more of the unit learning outcomes. On successfully completing all of the assessments you will have achieved all of these learning outcomes.

Your course has been designed so that on graduating you will have achieved all of Curtin’s Graduate Capabilities through the assurance of learning processes in each unit.

  On successful completion of this unit students can:Graduate Capabilities addressed
1Critically analyse the foundations of contemporary strategies of modern international security    
2Assess and interpret the role of national military power, intelligence and law enforcement capability in contemporary and future systems of national security and defence    
3Formulate and reflect upon a view on contemporary and future security challenges that will inform decision makers    
4Apply appropriate skills to work independently and collaboratively in diverse, multicultural professional environments    

Curtin’s Graduate Capabilities

  Apply discipline knowledge, principles and concepts  Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial  Effective communicators with digital competency
  Globally engaged and responsive  Culturally competent to engage respectfully with local First Peoples and other diverse cultures  Industry connected and career capable
Find out more about Curtin’s Graduate Capabilities at the Curtin Learning and Teaching website: clt.curtin.edu.au

Learning Activities

This unit is run as a one-hour lecture (recorded as an iLecture) and one-hour tutorial over twelve (12) teaching weeks. Each teaching week is proceeded by an iLecture, with an in-class tutorial and/or syndicate

presentations. For the duration of the Unit, students will be assigned into two-person syndicates, and this will be organised during Week One.

Learning Resources

Library Reading List

The Reading List for this unit can be accessed through Blackboard.

Essential texts

The required textbook(s) for this unit are:

  • Mahnken, Thomas G., and Joesph A. Miaolo, eds. 2014. Strategic Studies: A Reader, 2nd ed. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

(ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-415-66112)

Online resources

  • Mahnken, Thomas G., and Joesph A. Miaolo, eds. 2014. Strategic Studies: A Reader, 2nd ed. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

(http://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/curtin/detail.action?docID=1596914) (ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-415-66112)

(ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-135-82538-3)

  • Lonsdale, David J., and Thomas M. Kane. 2020. Understanding Contemporary Strategy, 2nd ed. London and New York: Routledge.

(https://www-taylorfrancis-com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/books/9781315163536) (ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-318-05947-4)

Other resources

Online Resources – Journals and Periodicals (alphabetical)

  • Adelphi Papers

POLS5003 National Security and Strategy Bentley Campus

20 Feb 2021

School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Humanities

Page: 3 of 14 CRICOS Provider Code 00301J

The only authoritative version of this Unit Outline is to be found online in OASIS

  • Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Australian Journal of International Affairs
  • Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Comparative Strategy
  • Conflict, Security and Development
  • Defence Studies
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Policy
  • International Security
  • IHS Janes (Various titles include: Defence Weekly; Intelligence Review, Navy International, etc.)
  • Journal of Strategic Studies
  • Journal of Military and Strategic Studies
  • Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs
  • Parameters
  • Review of International Studies
  • RUSI Journal
  • Security Studies
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Survival (International Institute for Strategic Studies)
  • World Politics


Assessment policy exemptions
  • There are no exemptions to the assessment policy
Assessment schedule
   Task  Value %  Date DueUnit Learning Outcome(s) AssessedLate Assessments Accepted?*Assessment Extensions Considered?*
    1Presentation20%Week: Week of presentation, commencing Week 7 Day:   Thursday Time: 6:00pm AWST2,3,4YesYes
    2Mid-semester test30%Week: 6 Day: Tuesday, 06 April 2021 Time: 11:59pm AWST1,2YesYes
    3Research essay50%Week: 13 Day: Thursday, 27 May 2021 Time: 11:59pm AWST1,2,3YesYes

*Please refer to the Late Assessment and the Assessment Extension sections below for specific details and conditions.

Detailed information on assessment tasks
  1. Collaborative Syndicate Exercise. During Week One (1), you will be assigned a topic and placed into a two-person syndicate. Presentations will commence in Week Seven (7) and each presentation will be include a PowerPoint, be approximately 25 minutes in length, with the aim of generating a Q&A session immediately, for approximately 10 minutes. Presentations can include any material you believe will best convey your work, such as map(s), brief You Tube video, etc. The final slide must include your bibliography of work cited and sourced.

One member will upload their syndicate’s presentation onto Turnitin by 05:00pm of the day of their presentation.

Submit via Turnitin

Assessments must be submitted via the relevant Turnitin submission point/s in this unit’s Blackboard.

You may generate a Turnitin Similarity report for your draft assessments by submitting them at any time to the “Turnitin Draft Assessment Check” submission point. These submissions will not be reviewed or marked.

One Final assessment submission point is provided and you may submit to this point only once. A Similarity report will be generated at the time of submission. Your submitted file will be marked.

If you believe you have submitted the incorrect file, please contact the Unit Coordinator for further instructions.

2.      Mid-semester test.

The mid-semester test will be a take-home test that will be made available to all students from 7:00pm on Monday 29 March 2021 and is due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, 06 April 2021. In Week Four, further details about the structure of the test will be provided in-class and as a Blackboard announcement.

Submit via Turnitin

Assessments must be submitted via the relevant Turnitin submission point/s in this unit’s Blackboard.

You may generate a Turnitin Similarity report for your draft assessments by submitting them at any time to the “Turnitin Draft Assessment Check” submission point. These submissions will not be reviewed or marked.

One Final assessment submission point is provided and you may submit to this point only once. A Similarity report will be generated at the time of submission. Your submitted file will be marked.

If you believe you have submitted the incorrect file, please contact the Unit Coordinator for further instructions.

  • Essay. Write a 2,500 word essay that addresses one of the following topics:
    • What are the strategic implications for the development by states of anti-satellite weapons?
    • In what contexts will autonomous unmanned systems prove especially useful for states and their militaries?
    • What implications does horizontal nuclear proliferation and nuclear weapons modernisation programs have for global security?
Key marking criteria:
  • 2,500 words in length (+/- 10 per cent). The word-count does not include references;
    • Well-structured and clearly written paper that provides a good level of analysis, argument and criticism;
    • Bibliography that provides evidence of a wide range of sources, which must include a minimum of 12 reference sources, including a minimum of ten (10) scholarly journal articles. This demonstrates you have done the appropriate reading for your chosen topic; and
    • Too few sources and/or any Wikipedia references will reduce marks. Submit via Turnitin

Assessments must be submitted via the relevant Turnitin submission point/s in this unit’s Blackboard.

You may generate a Turnitin Similarity report for your draft assessments by submitting them at any time to

the “Turnitin Draft Assessment Check” submission point. These submissions will not be reviewed or marked.

One Final assessment submission point is provided and you may submit to this point only once. A Similarity report will be generated at the time of submission. Your submitted file will be marked.

If you believe you have submitted the incorrect file, please contact the Unit Coordinator for further instructions.

Pass requirements

There are two requirements to achieve a ‘pass’ grade in the unit.

  1. An overall mark of 50% across the different assessments in the unit, and
  2. All assessments must be attempted and submitted.

Failure to attempt and submit an assessment will result in a ‘Fail-incomplete’ grade for the unit irrespective of the mark achieved.

Assessment Moderation

Fair assessment through moderation

Moderation describes a quality assurance process to ensure that assessments are appropriate to the learning outcomes, and that students work is evaluated consistently by assessors. Minimum standards for the moderation of assessments are described in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual, available from policies.curtin.edu.au/findapolicy/

Pre-marking moderation
  • Assessment task details are provided to students in the unit outline or prior to the assessment task
  • Marking criteria are made available to students in the unit outline or when the assessment task is assigned
  • Assessors are provided with rubric/marking guide and sufficient information to ensure fair and consistent evaluation of student work
Intra-marking / Post-marking moderation
  • Second marking of outlier samples
  • Second marking of a random sample to check for consistent application of marking criteria and standards
Late assessment

Where the submission of a late assessment is permitted, late penalties will be consistently applied in this unit.

Where a late assessment is permitted for an assessment item or the entirety of the unit (refer to the Assessment Schedule table in this Unit Outline) and the student does not have an approved assessment extension:

  1. For assessment items submitted within the first 24 hours after the due date/time, students will be penalised by a deduction of 5% of the total marks allocated for the assessment task;
  2. For each additional 24 hour period commenced an additional penalty of 10% of the total marks allocated for the assessment item will be deducted; and
  3. Assessment items submitted more than 168 hours late (7 calendar days) will receive a mark of zero.

Where late assessment is NOT permitted for an assessment item or the entirety of the unit (refer to the Assessment Schedule table in this Unit Outline) and the student does not have an approved assessment extension:

1. All assessment items submitted after the due date/time will receive a mark of zero.

Assessment extension

Where an application for an assessment extension is permitted for an assessment item(s) within this unit (refer to the Assessment Schedule table in this Unit Outline):

  1. A student who is unable to complete an assessment item by/on the due date/time as a result of exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control, may apply for an assessment extension on the Assessment Extension Application Form as prescribed by the Academic Registrar. The form is available on the Forms page at https://students.curtin.edu.au/essentials/forms-documents/forms/ and also within the student’s OASIS (My Studies tab – Quick Forms) account.
  2. The student will be expected to submit their application for an Assessment Extension with supporting documentation:
    1. Australian Campuses: via the online form
    1. Offshore campuses: to the School representative nominated below
  3. Timely submission of this information supports the assessment process. For applications that are declined, delayed submission may have significant ramifications on the possible marks awarded.
  4. An application may be accepted up to five working days after the due date/time of the assessment item where the student is able to provide a verifiable explanation as to why they were not able to submit the application prior to the assessment due date/time

Where an application for an assessment extension is NOT permitted for an assessment item(s) within this unit (refer to the Assessment Schedule table in this Unit Outline):

1. All assessment items submitted after the due date/time will be subject to late penalties or receive a mark of zero depending on the unit permitting late assessment submissions.

All assessment extensions must be submitted via the online form: https://students.connect.curtin.edu.au/app/assessment_extension.

For any other enquiries please contact Curtin Connect via the Student Enquiry Webform https://students.connect.curtin.edu.au/app/ask or by telephone on 1300 222 888.

Deferred assessments

If your results show that you have been granted a deferred assessment you should immediately check OASIS for details.

Further assessment

Further assessments, if granted by the Board of Examiners, will be held between 07/07/2021 and 04/08/2021 . Notification to students will be made after the Board of Examiners meeting via the Official Communications Channel in OASIS.

It is the responsibility of the student to be available to complete the requirements of a further assessment. If your results show that you have been granted a further assessment you should immediately check OASIS for details.

Reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities/health circumstances likely to impact on studies

A Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is a document that outlines the type and level of support required by a student with a disability or health condition to have equitable access to their studies at Curtin. Carers for people with disability may also be eligible for support. This support can include alternative exam or test arrangements, study materials in accessible formats, access to Curtin’s facilities and services or other support as discussed with an advisor from AccessAbility Services.

Documentation is required from your treating Health Professional to confirm your health circumstances or carer responsibilities.

If you think you may be eligible for a CAP, please contact AccessAbility Services. If you already have a CAP please provide it to the Unit Coordinator in week 1 of each study period.

Referencing style

The referencing style for this unit is Chicago 17th B.

More information can be found on this style from the Library web site: http://libguides.library.curtin.edu.au/referencing.


As part of a learning or assessment activity, or class participation, your image or voice may be recorded or transmitted by equipment and systems operated by Curtin University. Transmission may be to other venues on campus or to others both in Australia and overseas.

Your image or voice may also be recorded by students on personal equipment for individual or group study or assessment purposes. Such recordings may not be reproduced or uploaded to a publicly accessible web environment. If you wish to make such recordings for study purposes as a courtesy you should always seek the permission of those who are impacted by the recording.

Recording of classes or course materials may not be exchanged or distributed for commercial purposes, for compensation, or for any other purpose other than personal study for the enrolled students in the unit. Breach of this may subject a student to disciplinary action under Statute No 10 – Student Disciplinary Statute.

If you wish to discuss this please talk to your Unit Coordinator.


The course material for this unit is provided to you for your own research and study only. It is subject to copyright. It is a copyright infringement to make this material available on third party websites.

Academic Integrity (including plagiarism and cheating)

Academic Integrity

Curtin’s Student Charter, Academic Integrity Program (AIP), and core Values guide expectations regarding student behaviour and responsibilities. Information on these topics can be found on the Student Essentials Website or the Academic Integrity tab in Blackboard.

Academic Integrity Warnings

An Academic Integrity Warning may be issued to a New-to-Curtin student if they have inadequately acknowledged sources or collaborated inappropriately. The Management of Academic Integrity Warnings for New to Curtin Students Procedures provide further information and explain who is considered to be New-to-Curtin.

Academic Misconduct

Students with an academic breach that do not meet the New-to-Curtin criteria will be managed through the misconduct process. Academic Misconduct means conduct by a student that is dishonest or unfair in connection with any academic work. This includes all types of plagiarism, cheating, collusion, falsification or fabrication of data or other content, and Academic Misconduct Other, such as falsifying medical certificates for extension. More details can be found on the Student Essentials Website or on the Academic Integrity Website.

Staff members are required to report suspected misconduct and an inquiry may take place. If misconduct is determined it will result in penalties, which may include a warning, a reduced or nil grade, a requirement to repeat the assessment, an annulled grade (ANN) or termination from the course. Some penalties may impact on future enrolment.

Academic work under inquiry will not be graded until the process has concluded. If your work is the subject of an inquiry you will be notified by email and Official Communication with an opportunity to respond. Appropriate support will be provided. For more information refer to Statute No.10 Student Discipline and Academic Misconduct Rules.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Expectations

Curtin students are expected to have reliable internet access in order to connect to OASIS email and learning systems such as Blackboard and Library Services.

You may also require a computer or mobile device for preparing and submitting your work.

For general ICT assistance, in the first instance please contact OASIS Student Support: oasisapps.curtin.edu.au/help/general/support.cfm

For specific assistance with any of the items listed below, please contact The Learning Centre: life.curtin.edu.au/learning-support/learning_centre.htm

  • Using Blackboard, the I Drive and Back-Up files
  • Introduction to PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Additional information

Curtin Official Communication Channel and Oasis

Students are responsible for checking the Official Communication Channel (OCC) via OASIS regularly (at least once per week). Important communications such as assessment extension application outcomes will always be sent via the OCC. Your OCC inbox is accessible via Curtin Student OASIS.

Use of the Blackboard App

A Blackboard App is available to download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Please note that the App does not support all Blackboard functions and external links such as Reading Lists and iLectures cannot be accessed. To view iLectures on a mobile device, use the Echo360 App, which can also be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Reading Lists should be accessed via web based Blackboard, e.g. Chrome or Firefox.

Please ensure you are always using the latest version of the app for best results as updates are frequently applied. Please also note that Curtin University is not responsible for the Blackboard app and any feedback you have should be made on the app directly.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct – you can check your enrolment through the eStudent option on OASIS, where you can also print an Enrolment Advice.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every student to be aware of all relevant legislation, policies and procedures relating to their rights and responsibilities as a student. These include:

  • the Student Charter
  • Values and Signature Behaviours
  • the University’s policy and statements on plagiarism and academic integrity
  • copyright principles and responsibilities
  • the University’s policies on appropriate use of software and computer facilities

Information on all of the above is available through the University’s “Student Rights and Responsibilities” website at: students.curtin.edu.au/rights.

Student Equity

There are a number of factors that might disadvantage some students from participating in their studies or assessments to the best of their ability, under standard conditions. These factors may include a disability or medical condition (e.g. mental illness, chronic illness, physical or sensory disability, learning disability), significant caring responsibilities, pregnancy, religious practices, living in a remote location,or another reason. If you believe you may be unfairly disadvantaged on these or other grounds please contact the appropriate service below. It is important to note that the staff of the University may not be able to meet your needs if they are not informed of your individual circumstances, so please get in touch with the appropriate service if you require assistance.

To discuss your needs in relation to:

Recent unit changes

Students are encouraged to provide unit feedback through eVALUate, Curtin’s online student feedback system. For more information about eVALUate, please refer to evaluate.curtin.edu.au/info/.

Recent changes to this unit include:

  • The mid-semester test will be released on 29 March 2021 (Week 5), which is a full week before the four-day intensive Unit commences in Week 6. This will provide enough time for those students enrolled in the intensive Unit to complete this POLS5003 task.

Program calendar

Program Calendar – Semester 1, 2021

WeekDate of Lecture & TutorialLecture TopicPre-readingsTutorials & Presentation TopicsAssessment Dates
Orientation Orientation Week (22-26 Feb 21)
1.4 MarchIntroducing National Security and StrategyMahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp’s 1 & 2Key Thinkers on Strategy 
2.11 MarchContinental School of Strategy (Land Warfare)Lonsdale & Kane, Chp 7Is the concept of ‘victory’ obsolete? 
   Sloan, Chp 2 
   Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 6 
3.18 MarchMaritime School of Strategy (Sea Power)Lonsdale & Kane, Chp 8 Sloan, Chp 1What ongoing challenges does the maritime environment pose to Australia and its Navy? 
   Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 8 
4.25 MarchAir Power and Space PowerLonsdale & Kane, Chp’s 9 & 10 Sloan, Chp’s 3 & 9How can aerospace capabilities contribute to Australia’s national security? 
   Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 9 
5.1 AprilNuclear StrategyLonsdale & Kane, Chp 12 Sloan, Chp 4 Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 12How has strategic studies in the post-Cold War era addressed nuclear weapons?Mid-semester Test begins: 07:00pm, Monday, 29 March
6.5-9 AprilNon-teaching weekMid-semester Test due: 11:59pm, Tuesday, 06 April
7.15 AprilIrregular Warfare and Counter- Insurgency OperationsLonsdale & Kane, Chp 14 Sloan, Chp 5 Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 15Learning and ‘un- learning’ from the developing world’s internal conflicts. Choose an example and examine the lessons learned from it.Syndicate presentations begin
8.22 AprilStrategic MistakesMahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 3Choose one strategic disaster and examine its decision-making, its conduct at the political and military levels, and lessons learned. 
9.29 AprilAustralia’s Security and Defence PlanningAS Defence White Paper 2016, Exec Summary & Chps 1-3How far away from mainland Australia should armed force be deployed? Why, and under what criteria? 
10.6 MayNational Security and the Role of IntelligenceSnow, Chp’s 1, 2 & 5 Lonsdale & Kane, Chp 5 Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 10Is the international system moving toward a post-9/11 phase, where the fight against terrorism is a less central, compelling characteristic? If so, why? If not, why not? 
11.13 MayNew Dimensions and Approaches to National SecuritySnow, Chp’s 13 & 14Argue the case for or against whether a nation’s border security must be intrinsically linked to national security? 
12.20 MayFuture Warfare, Future Strategy: ‘Lethal landscapes’ and CyberpowerMahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp’s 18, 22 & 23 Snow, Chp 11In the context of protecting Australia and its national interests from cyber threats, what efforts must be undertaken to achieve this? 
13.27 MayStrategy and PoliticsGray, Chp’s 1 & 2 Mahnken & Maiolo (eds.) Chp 24“Politics is what war has to be about” (Colin S. Gray, 2016) What is meant by this statement and can this explain major power behaviour in 2021?Essay Due: 11:59pm, Thursday, 27 May
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Universal Assignment (October 2, 2022) POLS5003 National Security and Strategy. Retrieved from https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/.
"POLS5003 National Security and Strategy." Universal Assignment - October 2, 2022, https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/
Universal Assignment July 7, 2022 POLS5003 National Security and Strategy., viewed October 2, 2022,<https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/>
Universal Assignment - POLS5003 National Security and Strategy. [Internet]. [Accessed October 2, 2022]. Available from: https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/
"POLS5003 National Security and Strategy." Universal Assignment - Accessed October 2, 2022. https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/
"POLS5003 National Security and Strategy." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: https://universalassignment.com/pols5003-national-security-and-strategy/. [Accessed: October 2, 2022]

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Project 2: Assignment on Scheme

Due: Oct 1, before midnight. This document first provides the aims of this project. It then lists the requirements as explicitly as possible. It then hints at how these requirements can be met. Finally, it describes how it can be submitted. Aims The aims of this project are as follows:

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Analysis of Rube Goldberg machine

Week 5 homework for tutorial  In week 4 we needed to also look at how many failures we could have to meet our six sigma level – we will also need to look at this for the times for each stage and total time. To effectively put the flame out

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ASSESSMENT BRIEF 3: Calculations Summary Title Calculations Due Date Monday the 3rd of October at 11:59 (NSW) AEST – End of Week 5 Length 1000-word (does not include equations, charts, graphs or tables) Weighting  35% Submission  WORD document submitted to Turnitin Unit Learning Outcomes  ULO 3: apply basic statistical analysis

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THT3114 Research Proposal

Mini Report Assignment 2 Executive Summary (100- 150 words) This is the summary of your research and thus needs to be completed after you have completed writing your research proposal. This is not counted towards the word count. Mention the key aspects of the research proposal. Separate paragraphs Area of

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ASSESSMENT TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW – DATA MINING TO RESEARCH PROPOSAL – DESIGN RESEARCH INSTRUMENT – PRESENTATION) Task Length: Mini Report (750 words) – Research Proposal) Presentation – Not more than 15 Slides –  (Templates Provided for both the mini report and presentation)  Duration of the Video Presentation – Not more

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Assignment on COVID-19 pandemic in the hospitality industry

Exploring the new health and safety innovative business practice to restore consumer confidence in the COVID-19 pandemic in the hospitality industry Task Length: Report – 2000 words (+-10%) Task Type Individual Due week and submission deadline Week 11 – SUNDAY – 02/10/2022 – 23:59 Value 40%   PART A: On

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Assignment Help in Israel

Leading assignments help in Israel Israel is known for its high-tech development, innovations, and entrepreneurship, and is home to the best start-ups in the world. Students from all over the world are drawn to this ecosystem of “innovation and development,” which is supported by a robust higher education system with

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Animal Production System Assignment Help

Animal Production System Assignment Help: Get 100% guaranteed Expert Assistance Immediately Where can you find the best Animal Production System Assignment Help Online?  Animal Production System assignment help online can boost student results while encouraging interest in the field. The hectic schedule of students, along with their burden of various

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Immediate Calculus Assignment Help from Top Experts

Immediate Calculus Assignment Help from Top Experts Calculus Assignment Help to Boost your Grades Students can now order instant Calculus assignment help on Universal Assignment Help Service in a fast and easy way. Calculus in taught at a slightly advanced stage of school, and can be an exciting subject in

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Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help

Effective Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help for Students: Order Expert Solutions Immediately Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help for Students Students often require mathematics foundation assignment help for clearing doubts, understanding the derivation of a formula or theorem, or getting urgent solutions to certain mathematical problems. Online mathematics foundation assignment help is extremely

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Mathematics Application Assignment Help

Top for Students: Order Expert Solutions Immediately for the Best Results Why do students need Mathematics Application Assignment Help? Mathematics Application assignment help can lead students to perform excellently in the subject in a convenient and relaxed way. Many students find it difficult to apply theoretical knowledge in large and

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The finest assignment helps in Saudi Arabia

Many students dream to study in Saudi Arabia as they offer some of the best facilities, and they boast one of the most spectacular and rapidly expanding higher education systems in the Middle East. So, this should be of no surprise that every year, many international students prefer to register

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Expert Solutions for the Best Arithmetic Assignment Help Online

Instant Arithmetic Assignment Help for Students Students most often require Arithmetic assignment help online to solve various calculations. Universal Assignment Help Service provides the best solutions to all arithmetic problems for each student. Students simply have to upload their assignment guidelines on their website, and a customized and accurate assignment

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Assignment help in Cameroon

The Necessity of Assignment help in Cameroon Today management degrees are one of the most prestigious degrees out there and gaining immense popularity, this degree has the most demand in the market as new startups are emerging day by day, and every company needs the best people to run their

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Assignment Help in South Korea

Difference between a Good vs Great Online Assignment Tutor The e-learning market is growing at a fast rate due to digitalization. This fact causes an increment in the demand for online tutors as students worldwide searches for a suitable solution for online assignment help in South Korea. You might hear

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Assignment Help in Japan

Outside-The-Classroom Learning Opportunities It is a typical thinking lesson that stands inside the four walls of a classroom. Some educators say the classroom is the abode of learning and knowledge. We cannot prove these statements wrong. However, one thing is certain: they are partially correct. Learning of concepts starts in

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Assignment Help in Brazil

Why do Students Consider Online Assignment Help in 2022? Academic life is full of ups and downs. Students who experience such a phase struggle to maintain the equilibrium between personal and professional life. It is because of the load of homework, exams, and participation in extracurricular activities. These events cause

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Assignment Help in Taiwan

What are the Necessities of Assignment Guidance for Students? As technology takes a new turn around, homework assignments become lengthy and complex. This academic work needs lots of core subject knowledge along with proper research to finish it with proper care. Such work is very time-consuming and hectic for the

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Assignment Help in Hong Kong

Can You Achieve High Academic Results? Every student wishes to get top scores in their exams. Yet it does not happen if you do not get the correct assignment help in Hong Kong from an online tutor. Such support is in the form of tips, advice, hacks, or taking guidance,

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VU22977 – Practice in a Legal Environment

Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice – 22565VIC PORTFOLIO- CLIENT MATTER FILE Assessment task 1 Prepare a comprehensive portfolio of documents to create a Client Matter File which must include: Element 1 Area of law Cover sheet stating client name and short description of legal matter Client Instruction Sheet, Costs Agreement

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KIT714 ICT Research Principles: Assignment 1

Practical Qualitative Research Exercise                                                                                                                                         Type:                 In-Semester, Individual Assignment Task Length:   minimum 2,000 words Weighting:     20% of total assessment for this unit Due Date:       Friday 5 August 2022 – 11:55 pm (Week05) Submission:    electronic submission on MyLO (WORD or PDF) Description:    This practical exercise will engage students in a qualitative research

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