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ECON 1030 – BUSINESS STATISTICS 1: Individual Assignment  

Instructions: This is a BUSINESS STATISTICS individual assignment with a total of 40 marks. The allocation of marks is as follows: Statistical Analysis     (including excel) 32 Professional Report 8              Total 40 The response to the assignment must be provided in the form of a professional report with no more

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Business Project: Element 1, Individual Assignment

Business Project: Element 1, Individual Assignment, 100% Module Leader: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Key Details and Requirements Proposal: Submission Week 13: Friday 30 September 2022, no later than 16:30 Submission deadline: Friday 10 February 2023, no later than 16:30 Learning Outcomes: Critically evaluate the principles of research in the social sciences and the

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INTPHI20 Individual Assignment

DIPLOMA IN CHINESE STUDIES AY 2021 April Sem 3.1 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy * Please attach the completed sheet to the front of each assignment * 作业题目:个人呈现(个人25%) 姓名(中)/号码   专业/学号       呈交日期   Declaration I hereby declare that no part of this attached assignment has been copied from

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