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EMS5RCE – Risk Engineering (2022)

Assignment 2 Due Date: 13th February 2023, 23:59PM 1        Outline You have been tasked to evaluate the risks associated with moving from a traditional construction method for constructing concrete formwork (such as precast), to an advanced method that will be designed to take advantage of additive and/or automated and digital

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SEM721 – Engineering Design

Assessment task 1: Individual concept proposal Task description: You are required to submit an individual concept proposal to the challenge proposed by the unit stakeholders. This submission is a compilation of creative outputs generated over the first five weeks of the unit and encompassing the supporting unit site activities associated

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Experiment Lab Reports

All experiments Experiment 1 Introduction: In this experiment, mutagenic primers can be used to introduce mutations into plasmids using PCR. This experiment aims to introduce a specific mutation in the nucleotide sequence of the phoA gene contained in the plasmid pJR-1U using primers known as site-directed mutagenesis (SDM). The next

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UniSA STEM Energy and Society (MENG 5005)

Assignment 2: Discussion Paper Length: 2000 words per student (tolerance ± 5% of total) Assignment two is an individual submission of a discussion paper related to one topical issue in energy. A discussion paper, like a white paper, should include: A description of the current state of the topic Current

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What Should You Know About Data Engineering Assignment Help?

Data Engineering Assignment Help: Data is the heart of big tech companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook. These giants do not deal with small data, but they have a lot of vast networks of data. Managing such colossal data needs professionals. Wait! They are data engineers. Undoubtedly, the

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Engineering and science thinking skills

Draft 1 Assessment: Teaching Curriculum: Science and Engineering Due Date: 26 June 2022 Title: Engineering and science thinking skills Length: 8-10 pages/slides Type of Assessment is Multimodal Text (Poster) Assessment Task: For this assessment you will need to create a multimodal text that could be displayed in the staff room

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Mechanical Engineering Assignment help

How Can You Complete Mechanical Engineering Properly? Are you facing challenges while doing mechanical engineering? It might be due to having typical mechanical engineering concepts. Many students complain about the lack of mechanical engineering assignment help in their college. So, they raise queries like how to properly do their engineering

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M16 Designing Case study Mechanical Engineering

M16 Designing Case study Mechanical Engineering Introduction Case study The case study is about a mechanical engineering firm M16’s design and analysis engineer, James Bond. The company secured a contract with Jaw Excavators to deliver excavation buckets for their machines. M16 delivered the product. However, later on James analysed that

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