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Digital Forensic, Data Law and Security Assignment

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions: Question 1: Digital law & Security Principles (40 marks) (max 1,500 words) You have just started a new job at a new high-tech crime unit. Your first job is to brief your colleagues on the laws that could be useful, in the world of digital

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Security evaluation Assignment

Security evaluation Introduction This is an individual assignment and requires students to conduct a security evaluation of their personal information management situation and report on the results of this evaluation.  The main body of the report is expected to be around 2500 words, but quality is more important than length. 

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Computer Systems Security Assignment Task

Computer Systems Security Assignment Task To make this assignment more relevant and interesting for you, you will select your own real- world organization (and thus case study) and then apply the concepts and techniques you have learned from this module to that case study. The case study you select must

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