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ASSESSMENT GUIDANCE FOR CRITERION REFERENCED MARKING. The assessment grading criteria characterises the level of complexity and demand expected of students at each level of qualification. Please note that these are generic descriptors which apply mainly, though not exclusively, to written academic work. Any further unit-specific assessment criteria, such as number

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Assignment 3: 2D Planning

Due no later than 11:30 p.m. ET on Day 4 of Unit 8 Worth 20% of final grade CIDA Standards 8a: demonstrates the ability to apply space planning techniques throughout the design process. 8b: demonstrates the ability to solve progressively complex design problems. 8c: demonstrates the ability to identify and

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Science of Animal Mimicry & Training

Abstract Animal through observational learning mimics certain animals to protect themselves from predators and fit into their environment. Therefore, they adopted different mimics patterns of other animals called modal. Besides this animals can be trained for various tasks by monitoring their learning behavior and training them accordingly. Keywords:  Animal mimicry

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