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BUS 6073 AA #5 (Week 5) Assignment

BUS 6073 AA #5 (Week 5) Description of Case Studies Case #1: (50 points): Your client is interested in determining if “Fuel Economy” is influenced by either Temperature and / or Humidity. In this study, the dependent variable (DV) is “Fuel Economy” and is labeled, MPG (miles per gallon). Design:

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BUS400: Individual/Independent Term Assignments #2

BUS400: Individual/Independent Term Assignments #2 – Objective, Contents, Assessment, Formatting, and Submission Deadline OBJECTIVE The main purpose of the assignment is to develop a strong foundation of business research and writing skills that will, hopefully, serve you in your academic and work career. Specifically, you will: Explore the impact of

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BUS1111 Business Research Methods

Applied Activity 2 – Secondary Methods [10%]This activity will assess you on the material from learning outcome 2 “locate and select data using secondary research methods”.You may not work with another student and/or collaborate on your answers. To do so would be considered cheating and would be a violation of

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