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Health of Older Adults (NURS 2024)

Assessment One-Case Study This assessment will consist of a clinical case report. The completed case report will need to be submitted via the Health of Older Adults (NURS 2024) course site Assessment 1: case report link by the assessment due date. Relevance: In order to plan and provide optimal person-centred

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Stage 2 of the Health Promotion Planning Cycle

Assessment Task One – Part C template Please include the below key areas (utilising subheadings) in part C of your poster. These key areas address Stage 2 of the Health Promotion Planning Cycle. You will find information on these key areas via the below link. Goals Set 1-2 SMART goals

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POA304 Positive Ageing

ASSESSMENT 2B BRIEF Subject Code and Title POA304 Positive Ageing Assessment Video Presentation – ethics, challenges, opportunities Individual/Group Individual Length 5 minutes (+/-10%) Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: g) Apply evidence-based innovative approaches and technologies to ageing. Submission Due by

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