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BLAW 1320 2nd Term Exam

Questions 1) Issue:             Prof. Jones get into an accident while Oke, a driver for HTI avoid hitting the protruding sign. The protruding sign cause of Carra who drives a truck for WTL. Does Prof. Jones able to sue James Weide and Susan Travis who are shareholders of each companies

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Answer 1 xxxxxxxxxxxx XYZ Street, xxxxxxxxxx Email: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ph”: xxxxxxxxxxxx Dated:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Regarding the visa options Dear Thant,             We appreciate you getting in touch with us to discuss the many visa alternatives. Thant, you have two options for visa classifications that would allow you to apply for a visa

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Law Assignment- AGLC Referencing

You will be answering two essay type questions. This assignment is due at 11.59 pm Sunday 29th May 2022. The assessment is worth 40% of the overall mark and has a length of 2000 words (footnotes are excluded). You are expected to apply AGLC referencing and a properly formatted bibliography.

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