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Business Research Methodology INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT

        INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT – 1 Course MBA   Business Research Methodology Semester 2 Total Marks: 15 Q.1. Write answers for any two questions from below. (5 marks each – Word limit – 500) A. Define Research Problem. Explain Characteristics of Research Problem B. Define Secondary Data and

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PSY2005 Psychological Research Methodology II

PSY2005 Psychological Research Methodology II: Assignment 1 Essential Information Submission deadline: 12:00 noon Monday 28th November 2022. Maximum word limit = 2000 words Formatting: Page numbers should be included. In-text citations and end references: Penalties Penalties will also be applied for late submission, as follows: Number of working days late

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Research Report: Assignment 2

Due Date/Time: 3:00pm (AWST), Friday May 13th, 2022 Marks: This assignment will be marked out of 100 and is worth 40% of your final grade for PSEM. Topic Overview: In this assignment, you will be analysing and interpreting the results of research seeking to investigate whether using diagnostic labels to

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QCD110 Research Report

Task: “Reports are used to help make decisions or account for actions. Reports use research to make recommendations for action” (QUT cite/write, 2020, para. 2). You are required to prepare the initial part of the final research report which responds to the scenario below. Your report must be based on

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Research Report Information

Abstract related 1.            Max. of 150, no minimum (but if it’s less than around 110 words, you’re probably missing something) Tables related 2.2 children on average, but 0.2 of a child isn’t meaningful as a stand-alone…you can’t physically have 0.2 of a child!]. You can also go up to 3

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