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Information retrieval

Take-home exam Course: Information retrieval 1, 7,5 hp (C3LIR1) Publication date: 2022-10-18 Please note that the exam consists of 13 questions (with subquestions). The maximum number of points is 45. To obtain one of the grades A–E, you need to get at least the following number of points: grade E

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Flexible Retrieval, empirical research Questions

In your initial post, you will apply what you learned from each of the four articles, but for your initial posting you will discuss the findings and implications for just one of these articles. (You will discuss the other articles with peers in your peer postings so be sure to

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SIT772 Database and Information Retrieval Trimester Assignment

Unit Name: SIT772 Database and Information Retrieval Assessment 1: Database Design Report and Implementation This document supplies the detailed information on assessment tasks for this unit. Key information Learning Outcomes This assessment assesses the following Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO) and related Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO): Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate

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