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HSNS447 – Assessment 3: Major case study

Weight: 50% Must Complete: Yes Word Length: 2000 Students are required to comply with word and time limits. You are not expected to achieve exactly the required length, and a 10% leeway on either side is acceptable. The marker will not mark beyond the 10%. Only your work to that point

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CSM80006 GROUP WORK ASSESSMENT (SEMESTER 2, 2021) CSM80006 GROUP WORK – PART 1 (20% WEIGHTING) The group work assessment in this unit is for 40% weighting, which includes 2 parts (each worth 20%). Your individual contributions in all group work tasks will be checked. This is Part 1 of your

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Graduate Program Credit Assessment

Assessment summary Reflective essay (1500 words x 4) (70%) ·                  Verbal and written case presentation (2 x 15%) (30%) ·                  Clinical portfolios x 2 Alignment with learning outcome(s): (Associated Study Day: Family consultation) (Associated training: RiSCE) Assessment Tasks Assessment title: 1500 word essays (x4) Essay Topics: Essay 1: Psychopharmacology Due

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