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Individual Assignment – Building Your E-Commerce Store

Individual Assignment – Building Your E-Commerce Store (20%) Students will create their own e-commerce store through first completing a situational analysis to determine a GAP in the market and an opportunity to launch and e-commerce store. Students will work with either, Shopify, WIX, BigCommerce or any other Software as Service

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Supervised Online Exam Information ·      Examinable Topics (these are the range of topics that the questions might come from – you will need to identify the correct topic/sub-topic/relevant issues for each question) Topic 5: Termination and Remedies (Chapters 11 and 12) Topic 6: Consumer protection (Chapter 13) Topic 7: Law

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Shopify web marketing e-commerce application Project

INFO 3280                                      Work for student’s without Project partners Project task Assignment (Shopify web marketing e-commerce application Project) Brief overview of the project that include in scope and out of scope deliverables. Create WBS at least 100 tasks using MS Project Generate Gantt chart Generate Network Diagram Create project estimate using

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