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Experiment Lab Reports

All experiments Experiment 1 Introduction: In this experiment, mutagenic primers can be used to introduce mutations into plasmids using PCR. This experiment aims to introduce a specific mutation in the nucleotide sequence of the phoA gene contained in the plasmid pJR-1U using primers known as site-directed mutagenesis (SDM). The next

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UniSA STEM Energy and Society (MENG 5005)

Assignment 2: Discussion Paper Length: 2000 words per student (tolerance ± 5% of total) Assignment two is an individual submission of a discussion paper related to one topical issue in energy. A discussion paper, like a white paper, should include: A description of the current state of the topic Current

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ENG-7007B –Fluids Engineering for Renewable Energy

University of East Anglia ENG-7007B –Fluids Engineering for Renewable Energy Cwk 002 Feasibility study (team) – summative coursework Chris Atkin, Lawrence Coates 1.  Introduction, the need for supporting learning with real problems The emphasis on design exercises within this module is because it supports more interesting ways to learn about

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Module 2 – Project Task 1.8 – Energy Efficiency

Module 2 – Project Task 1.8 – Energy Efficiency Assessment Task: You are a builder who is working with a client in relation to constructing their house.  The contract documents have been signed and the site plans have been produced by a surveyor. The Project number for the project is PN.

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SEE705 Energy Efficiency and Demand Management T1, 2022

SEE705 Energy Efficiency and Demand Management T1, 2022 Unit Chair: Nasser Hosseinzadeh Project Definition Objective: The objective of this project is to assess energy performance of an industrial facility, and provide energy efficiency improvement recommendations with reasonable justification. Each team of students should select a case study. Team Work Make

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