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EDU30067 Teaching English

Assignment 2: Folio Template INTRODUCTION:         LESSON 1 Lesson title:   Year level: Topic:   Duration of lesson: Curriculum links: Strands & sub-strands Content descriptions       Students background knowledge: What is your starting point – what do the students already know, what have they done

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A 1000-word paper, identifying and arguing an error of commission: that is, a specific claim, or specific line of argument, or body of evidence, that you consider to be wrong in the debates provided by Cordelia Fine and Holly Lawford-Smith For this task you will search and identify a particular

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Academic English 700056/900021 Term 1

ASSESSMENT TASK ADVICE SHEET Overview Academic English 700056/900021 Term 1 2021 Research Report Academic research reports at university are based on either experimental or survey research. For practical reasons, only ‘survey research’ can be carried out in Academic English. The range of possible research topics is limited and, therefore, students

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