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DATA 1202: Assignment 2

Analysis with Hive Introduction: In this Assignment, you will be working with the car.csv dataset that you can download from https://www.kaggle.com/mirosval/personal-cars-classifieds or use the wget command provided which can directly load the dataset into HDFS. This dataset has the classified records for several Eastern European countries over several years. Beware

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Applied Information Technology Assignment or Homework Help

Are you looking for applied information technology assignment help? If you are looking for the same then you are in a right place. Universal Assignment has a team of programming experts who can work on your homework on your behalf. Information technology has many complicated and technical concepts, including programming,

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Statistics Assignment Help

Why Do Students Seek Statistics Assignment Help? Statistics is a part of applied mathematics that involves collecting, describing, and analysing quantitative information. Many students seeking statistics assignment help get confused between its singular and plural forms. Statistics is a numerical fact or data and the collection of this data is

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