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Major Cyber Attacks Witnessed Globally

Assessment Details: Today’s Internet has its roots all the way back in the late 1960s, but it was only used by researchers and the military for almost a quarter of a century. The Internet has opened the door for threat actors to reach around the world invisibly and instantaneously to

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Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Assessment Brief: Individual Report Individual Report 70% Module Core FHEQ Level 7 Module Title: Fundamentals of Cyber Security Distributed: Week 8 Submission Time and Date: 22nd April 2021 no later than 16.30 Word Limit: Maximum (i.e. under) 3,500 Words.   Weighting This coursework accounts for 70% of the total mark

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Executive Summary: Every organisation serves a purpose. Disaster organization is critical in preserving an organization’s statistics resources, and therefore its determination, in IT-related risk in this cardinal era, as companies employ automatic information technology (IT) schemes to process their statistics to improve to serve their goals. An operative risk administration

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Cyber security risks and treats report assignment

Cyber security risks and treats report assignment Executive summary An educational institute has a poor level of information security maturity across several aspects of information security and information assurance, including cyber resilience and the use of best practices in cybersecurity. Students want their data to be protected to a high

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