Cyber security risks and treats report assignment

Cyber security risks and treats report assignment

Executive summary

An educational institute has a poor level of information security maturity across several aspects of information security and information assurance, including cyber resilience and the use of best practices in cybersecurity. Students want their data to be protected to a high level, and data breaches might jeopardize the institute’s image. It is strongly advised that a specific amount of filtering be implemented in order for the network to be safe and resistant to threats and assaults. It is vital to determine the potential hazards to the company before imposing limits on a specific network. It is vital, for example, to identify the network’s most important services. Scanning the network to identify the services and ports of the apps is required in order to do this. Additionally, the firewall must be configured by adding rules to block and allow services based on the organization’s needs and the network’s security concerns.

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Task I: Risk Identification 3

Asset 1: Unpatched Security 3

Asset 2: Human goof 4

Asset 3: Malware 4

Asset 4: Misuse 5

Asset 5: Physical theft 5

Threats 6

Task II: Risk Assessment 8

Task 3: Risk Treatment 9

Security countermeasures: 9

Training 11

Security Policies: 11

Conclusion 12

References 13

Task I: Risk Identification

A data leak may be disastrous for small businesses. A breach of protected consumer information and internal corporate data, such as stock records, transaction history, and other sensitive data, is an incident that no company should have to deal with.

Asset 1: Unpatched Security

Information security experts have been accumulating information quickly showing that hackers have been properly involved in relationships in many nations for a long time. These encounters are organized under several Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) for future reference (Stockman, Nedelec & Mackey, 2016). Regardless, a significant percentage of these security flaws remain unpatched as further time passes. If you do not patch these old security flaws, hackers will have unrestricted access to your company’s most sensitive data.

Asset 2: Human goof

The greatest wellspring of a data leak is unquestionably human error, not some faint or failed to graph security issue.

Human mistake accounts for 52% of the primary causes of security breaches. Although the specifics of the blunder may vary, there are a few prerequisites that must be met:

• The use of passwords that are easily cracked;

• Sending potentially dangerous information to only two or three people;

• Disseminating knowledge about the mysterious word/account; and

• Falling for phishing frauds.

Persisting with these human faults may be aggravating when it comes to ensuring that workers are aware of their basic data security practices (Dhasarathan, Thirumal & Ponnurangam, 2015). Experts unendingly state more master approach is depended upon to handle the ‘human firewall’ issue.

Asset 3: Malware

Malware is not simply a problem for PCs in the homes of well-informed authorities; it is an unquestionably growing threat to your plot’s systems.

While the majority of these “malware events” are small in nature, the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming (Khan, Kim, Moore & Mathiassen, 2019). In addition, there is clearly a lot of activity between virus testing. The basic explanation is that individual hackers make slight tweaks to existing malware in an attempt to make them unidentifiable to antivirus programs while still producing the hacker’s customary effect.

Asset 4: Misuse

While unmistakably linked to human error, the legitimacy of interest data is all the more apparent in nature. A human error or blunder offers an ideal blunder or blunder. Insider misuse, plainly, is a legitimate customer’s careful manipulation of your collusion’s systems, usually for personal advantage.

For these dangerous criminals, everything revolves around gaining a few straight Benjamins, with financial gain and comfort being the primary incentives.

The problem is that the unethical employee is someone your alliance has put their faith in. Getting insider information is dangerous. The insider misuse was discovered following a powerful examination of customer contraptions after people left a link in a large number of the events we destroyed. While preventing insider exploitation is inherently impossible, underhandedness may be avoided by compartmentalizing data on your network or in the cloud. The fewer data and systems a client has access to, the more difficult it is for them to manage their entry. Nonetheless, it has the potential to make goliath data sharing fundamentally more well-planned.

Asset 5: Physical theft

Physical robbery of a device that houses your plot’s compelling information is a step forwards on this swift design, but it is not the most uncompromising. PCs, workplaces, phones, tablets, hard drives, thumb drives, CDs and DVDs, and even servers may all be connected in this way (Cheng, Liu & Yao, 2017). More sensitive data, on the whole, travel to a more confirmed data breach, with the expectation that the information is removed without being cleaned.

While there are many various types of data breach dangers, here are a few of the most common/amazing.


1. Viruses

Viruses are harmful programs that copy themselves and affect the way a computer works by mimicking another application, a PC boot portion, or a report. Various infections also include stupid badness or load limits, which are used to avoid modern antivirus and antimalware programs, as well as other security needs. It will be there as you copy bogus programs, change reports, fight in crushing fights, and view fake messages, among other things.

2. Spyware Threats

Spyware is a type of malware in which developers focus on analyzing information, login data, and other personal data in order to add up to information that is not suspected by the consumer. It reliably distinguishes between genuine site visits and security breaches for customers (Shaw, 2009). Customers use their data in unambiguous improvement notifications or treat and observe their approaches in a variety of situations. When this happens, engineers use the information against the consumer to extract express recompense. This type of string may, for example, steam a customer’s PC, create spectacular pops, and transfer your information to many social activities that exploit your data.

3. Hackers

PCs provide hazards and infections to people, not the other way around. As a type of computerized mental persecution, originators and trackers are altering task engineers who scam people for their constant beast advancement by secluding into PC movements to steal, manipulate, or beat pieces of information. These online trackers may steal your identity, steal your Visa information, and lock you out of your data. As you may have guessed, online security mechanical social affairs with data mutilation validation plans are a valued person among the overall viewpoints to keep oneself safe from cybercriminal relationships. Things that a facilitator can do to us include:

● Take your username and passwords.

● Take your cash through web banking.

● Make buys.

● Add themselves as the evident customer.

● Take your premium work with a save accounts number.

● Offer your data to different parties.

● Hurt customers.

4. Phishing

Phishes try to get dangerous cash connected or man or woman verified parts using amazing mail or works while in the company of an astonishing individual or trade. Phishing attacks are the most effective systems for cyber thieves hoping to get a data release. Antivirus software with low-level compromise authorization may “assemble” phishing attacks in a fraction of a second. Email Phishing stunts are carried out online by systems with the purpose of demonstrating waste of time and insecurity in the real world. They employ garbage, bogus locations created to appear to be dangerous from historical wars, email, and messages to deceive you into divulging personal information, such as passwords and credit card data. When you select the phisher’s disc, it can use the evaluations to create fraudulent records in your own characteristics, break your credit, steal your money, or even steal your identity.

AssetVulnerabilities (1-5)
Unpatched Security5
Human goof2
Physical theft2

Task II: Risk Assessment

Prioritized List Of Assets

AssetVulnerabilities (1-5)
Unpatched Security5
Human goof2
Physical theft2

Threats- Vulnerabilities-Assets (TVA) worksheet

Task 3: Risk Treatment

Security countermeasures:

In addition to detecting and eliminating threats, the system’s next step is to devise countermeasures. Following are two or three central preventative evaluations we have tended to, based on finishing a pair of processes and looking at one of the gathering countermeasures (Fathima & Ahmed, 2013). For better comprehension, we have divided evolution into two types of forms. Physical countermeasures and programming program countermeasures are the two types.

The following is an unusual examination of the company through information security that was required:

  • Check the compatibility of programming and mechanical get-togethers utilized in Cyber information with saw subsequent standards, such as whether or not they are ISO certified.
  • Everything considered execution noticed security fragments of information within affiliations, particularly the basic technique ones.
  • Counting down the hours for episode playback and screening unauthorized consumers increased shrewdness. It helps when there are a few instances where someone from the inside tries to manage the records and reports of their family.
  • Execution of physical security measures, regaining possession of a piece of property, repairing, reestablishing, or redesigning, and unpleasant lead region assessment or other strong sciences tests.
  • Providing support for a biometric approval system. For example, one-of-a-kind finger imprint scanners and voice commands.
  • For each string, there are online additional hacker aggressors.
  • Any basic scene should have a sensible disappointment recovery plan.
  • The specific assessments that we may utilize to limit the computerized ambushes are listed below.
  • Activate explicit data-changing tools on dangers and vulnerabilities in both private and public settings.
  • Support a coordinated effort system among industry, including an assessment of present electronic security and quality enhancement against cutting-edge obtain.
  • Participate in international projects to ensure the availability of broadband. It provides a trustworthy framework for moving ahead via task areas that are clearly structured.

They are repair systems that we, as security chief and authorized people, shall install to make an indefinitely closed explicit measure. In various epic prosperity ventures, such as Honey pot, where each new turn of events and method of scientific dear is examined, there are likewise astonishing terms of obstacles (Rankin, 2020). Advanced forensics, which works when records are lost, as well as information re-encountering, should be pursued. It aids in the administration and examination of network communications and is a system horrible lead area examination. Malware analysis aims to isolate and thoroughly study the string that connects it to the system.


Without the greatest data being offered to individuals or state laborers in the association, the majority of the fixing and prosperity effort should be clear.

  • There is a variety of coordinating actions we may conduct inside the relationship to provide delegates with the necessary information. The following are the fundamental centers on which we will speak during the program:
  • To be ensured under all around saw pushed security programs, form a band of IT specialists in security divisions.
  • Direct awe-inspiring concept and gathering actions for professionals.
  • Appropriate planning for children must utilize the most recent and reliable foundation.

Security Policies:

The components that make up the system’s capacity are a compact outcome of its specifications. As a result, the alliance should establish the proper process. For a better view of the assistance, the best and goliath security policies should be implemented in the partnership. These rules will continue to be implemented in accordance with the association’s standards.

  • Validation from two perspectives businesses
  • For specialists, direct accidental idea and organization applications.
  • Using one type of character to set a powerful mystery word.
  • Setting a five-star email general by preventing junk messages approach. removing the questionable messages
  • Obtaining and retaining information in a suitable manner.
  • PCs and other machines that are now not in use should be properly shut off.


When the current security strategy becomes vulnerable to digital threats, the association’s security becomes crucial. This article mentions credit, which is crucial for digital attacks on the underlying foundation. This article also proposes the task that the security pack is supposed to do in order to ensure the digital attack. Explicitly, genuinely, innovative leveled out, limit building, and sponsorship perspectives are used to gather and make this diverse range of activities. The knowledge of the digital risk ensures that action is taken against digital threats, which aids in the establishment of visionary and proactive digital security in the coalition. Genuinely determined preventative actions and strategies, as well as a secure and stable network, might be critical to a company’s success. These preparations and preventative exams assist in the preparation of the incident report, the recovery of the disaster, and the business continuity.


Stockman, M., Nedelec, J., & Mackey, W. (2016). Organizational cybervictimization: data breach prevention using a victimological approach. In Cybercrime Through an Interdisciplinary Lens (pp. 141-163). Routledge.

Dhasarathan, C., Thirumal, V., & Ponnurangam, D. (2015). Data privacy breach prevention framework for the cloud service. Security and Communication Networks8(6), 982-1005.

Khan, F. S., Kim, J. H., Moore, R. L., & Mathiassen, L. (2019). Data breach risks and resolutions: A literature synthesis.

Shaw, A. (2009). Data breach: from notification to prevention using PCI DSS. Colum. JL & Soc. Probs.43, 517.

Cheng, L., Liu, F., & Yao, D. (2017). Enterprise data breach: causes, challenges, prevention, and future directions. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery7(5), e1211.

Fathima, A., & Ahmed, B. (2013). Making data breach prevention a matter of policy in corporate governance. International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology2(1), 1-7.

Rankin, M. W. (2020). Federal Data Breach Prevention: A Phenomenological Study of Experts’ Strategies (Doctoral dissertation, Capella University).

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