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Assessment Task 3: Portfolio Output 3

This task requires you to create a blog post and a 3-4 minute edited video that critically and creatively responds to one of the Digital Media Contexts from weeks 7-10 (this must be a different topic from what you chose for Portfolio Output 2). Your video is to be embedded

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Truck Cycle time and productivity DESIGN ASSIGNMENT

DESIGN ASSIGNMENT Truck Cycle time and productivity A limestone Quarry is being exploited for the refurbishing of an existing hydroelectric dam. The construction site is located 3.6 miles away from quarry. The first 1.1 miles near the quarry are on a 12% graded slope (down towards the quarry). The remaining

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AGS101 AT2 Portfolio Assignment Help online

Assessment 2: Portfolio AGS101 AT2 Due date: Monday 16 January 2023 by 8pm Word Count: 1400 words Worth: 35% of the overall mark for the unit Referencing Style: Deakin Harvard Referencing  Instructions: This portfolio assessment provides you with the opportunity to showcase your knowledge of two key weeks in the unit thus far.  Options:

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