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Assessment Task 2: Group presentation

Assessment Task 2: Group presentation Due Date:                Presentations start in week 8 PowerPoint Submission – one person per group must submit it by 1st of May 2023 at 11.59pm Weighting:              30 % Length:                   15 – 17 minutes presentation by each group Task: This task requires students to form groups of

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Assessment 2 – Narrated Presentation

Assessment 2 – Narrated Presentation Assessment Type Narrated Presentation of an Educational Resource Description: Teaching and Learning Outline.  In this assessment item you are required to: 1. Topic is: Blood Glucose level management and subcutaneous insulin application for patients with type 2 diabetes. 2. Conceptualise an educational resource that will

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Meta-Analysis Study and Presentation Assignment Help Online

Assessment 2: In-class approach-specific study and presentation (70%) • You will be asked to present to the rest of the group an assessment which examines either quantitative or qualitative skills (the approach chosen is likely to be linked to the approach you are most likely to use for your project).

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Assessment item: Individual Video Presentation

Weight: 50 marks or 50% (50 points maximum) in this course Nature of the assessment item: Each student will be given a short stock report prepared by a professional stock research provider and other data sources. You should prepare and deliver a presentation based on these reports and your own

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Assessment Task 3: Digital presentation

NUR368 Semester 2, 2021 Due: Week 11 Friday the 29th of October 23:59hrs Duration: 20 minutes Value (of total mark): 40% Related Learning outcome/s: 3., 4., 5. Description: This assessment task allows students to consolidate their learning on a chosen global health challenge/priority by disseminating information to a target audience

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Assessment 2 Description: Presentation

Assessment 2 Description: Presentation (500 words + 10minutes) Percentage: 40% Word Count: 10 minutes Submission: Via Learnline  Due Date: 4 May 11:59pm (Darwin Time) / 5 May 00:29am (Sydney Time) Relevance Using communication to provide safe care is an integral component of nursing. The national standards that govern the provision

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Verbal Presentation 2

Mrs Bee, a 74 year old woman, was admitted to the ward at 2030 Wednesday evening. She was brought to the hospital by patient transport. She lives at an assisted living facility with her husband Terry who is non-ambulant, but is her next of kin. She has a mental health

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