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Assessment Task 2: Group presentation

Assessment Task 2: Group presentation Due Date:                Presentations start in week 8 PowerPoint Submission – one person per group must submit it by 1st of May 2023 at 11.59pm Weighting:              30 % Length:                   15 – 17 minutes presentation by each group Task: This task requires students to form groups of

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NUR244 Assessment Task 3: Research Presentation

Criterion High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D) Credit (CR) Pass (PP) Fail (NN) Explain how evidence informs and underpins nursing practice to deliver optimal patient outcomes. (35%)   Justification of topic Level of evidence EIP triad Clinical question is clearly and comprehensively justified in relation to optimal patient outcomes and the

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Assessment 1: Written Group Presentation Paper

1,800 words – plus or minus 10% due 15th April 2022 The Written Group Presentation Paper is to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to work effectively in a team of 4-5 group members – to research and design a group seminar on one of the communication topics taught within

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Verbal Presentation 2

Mrs Bee, a 74 year old woman, was admitted to the ward at 2030 Wednesday evening. She was brought to the hospital by patient transport. She lives at an assisted living facility with her husband Terry who is non-ambulant, but is her next of kin. She has a mental health

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Assessment 1 Presentation

Presentation due: end of week 5 (midnight Sunday 4th July 2021) Peers comments due: end of week 6 (midnight Sunday 11th July 2021) Time: 5 minutes (maximum) The purpose of the assessments is for you to develop an advanced understanding of a chosen topic within the context of an overriding

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