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NSG3MHI Mental Health and Illness Assessment 2

College of Science, Health and Engineering School of Nursing and Midwifery NSG3MHI Mental Health and Illness Assessment 2 Title: Recovery-oriented practice Due: 27th April 2021 Tuesday 0900 hours Percentage: 35% Word count: 2,000 word (±10%) excluding in-text citations & reference list. SILO 2. Employ recovery-oriented principles to nursing practice. SILO

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ASSESSMENT DETAILS Clinician:                                                          Place:                                                                           Program: Date:                                                                 Time: Precipitants   History of current episode & treatment Change in behaviour Signs and symptoms: HallucinationsAbnormal IdeationPreoccupationsSuicidal IdeationAggressiveHomicidal thoughtsAnxiety statesMood disturbanceSleepAppetiteSubstance abuse   Other disability IDS/Physical Demographics                               Major Illnesses

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