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DIP1003 – Assignment 4

Description Marks out of Weight (%) Assignment 4 20 10 Important: You must show all your working to receive full marks. The exponential decay of radioactive radon gas can be modelled by y = y0e−kt, where y is the grams of radon remaining after t days. If the half-life of

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Assignment 4: Intermediate CSS Layout

Assignment 4: Intermediate CSS Layout The purpose of this assignment is to advance our CSS layout abilities, as well as try out some other CSS design techniques and tools. In particular, we’ll use background images, grid layouts, embedded icons, and special fonts. As usual, additional resources are at the end

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EDU10003 Assignment 4

Assignment 3 template EDU10003 Assignment 4 Template TITLE PAGE (include your details here) Theme: Hands on learning R esource: Age Group/ Year Level: Curriculum link/s: (copy and paste, with citation) A ctivity Explanation (approx. 200 words) Justification (approx. 200 words) Theme: Using ICT in Maths R esource: Age Group/ Year

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LIN501 – Assignment 4 Writing systems virtual museum trip

LIN501 – assignment 4 Writing systems virtual museum trip Due – Wednesday 23·12·20 (23:55) – 35% Create a virtual guided museum tour on the linguistics of writing systems by discussing objects that illustrate themes covered in the lectures. All your objects should come from one museum, but that museum can

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DIDS107 Assignment 4 Yorkville University

Assignment 4: Design Development: Spatial Volume Students will receive a mark of satisfactory/unsatisfactory Due: No later than 11:30PM ET Day 4 of Unit 8 Objectives Assess feedback from midterm presentation and submission and implement changes as necessary to furniture plans Refine and detail 2D visual exploration and associated drawings develop

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