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SIT123: Data Capture Technologies

SIT123: Data Capture Technologies Final Project Objective Your final project should aim to solve a problem within that follows the SENSE-THINK-ACT Paradigm that you have studied in SIT123. You may select any idea within smart homes, entertainment, age care, childcare, pet care, energy use, environmental preservation (plant, water or other

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CIS 550 Course Project

CIS 550 Course Project (10%): Write a Python program called apriori_xxxxxxx.py (where xxxxxxx is your CSU ID) to implement the provided Apriori algorithm using Python 3 programming language. Make sure that you get the correct results using the three provided datasets (1000-out1.csv, 5000-out1.csv, 20000-out1.csv). Please implement the Apriori algorithm based

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ITECH1100 – Understanding the Digital Revolution

ITECH1100 – Understanding the Digital Revolution Assessment Task – Video and Disruption Report Overview For this assessment task, you will create a written proposal and video about the impact of a particular technology on an industry or field. The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your big-picture

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Cyber Security Assignment

Your role as a Cyber Security Analyst requires you to protect company hardware, software and networks from cyber criminals. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has selected you to undertake a short, 6-minute presentation for a prospective client. The client wants to prepare itself for prominent threats in the years

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ITECH 2304 – Emerging Information Systems

ITECH 2304 – Emerging Information Systems Semester 1-2022 Instructions When is the test? The final test for ITECH2304 will be held during the final exam period at the end of semester. Make sure you check the exam timetable and schedule your time appropriately. Format of the test? The test has

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