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Duration:5 minutes Overall weighting: 40%



If you wish to answer a set question, you can select one from the following eight options.

  1. ‘Australia’s female Olympians and Commonwealth Games competitors were treated like second-class citizens compared to their male counterparts throughout the twentieth century’. Do you agree or disagree? Your answer should give careful consideration to

both sides of the argument, but ultimately you must decide whether you agree or disagree with the statement and then clearly articulate why or why not (with your decision informed by your research findings and not just a subjective viewpoint).

  1. Why was Muhammad Ali such a controversial political figure during the height of his boxing career during the 1960s and 1970s?
  2. What role did ‘ping-pong diplomacy’ play in the thawing of Cold War tensions between the People’s Republic of China and the United States in the early 1970s?
  3. What was the significance of the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games in reflecting and heightening Cold War tensions?
  4. ‘Sporting bans and boycotts were used by the international community as a key tool for punishing and ostracizing South Africa due to its domestic apartheid system, but sport then equally played a defining role in seeing South Africa welcomed back into the fold after apartheid was ended in the 1990s’. Explore this topic by critically analyzing how and why sporting bans and boycotts were employed against South Africa during its period of apartheid (prominent case studies include the Olympics, cricket, and rugby), and also how and why sporting competitions and events helped South Africa to reintegrate with the international community (besides the resumption of South African involvement in international sporting competition, the obvious examples here are its role as host nation of the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup).
  5. How has technology altered elite sport for not only competitors but also spectators/audiences from the 1950s into the twenty-first century? In answering this question, you must: choose three sports as case studies; cover the entire period (i.e. do not exclusively focus on developments witnessed over the past decade only); and critically analyze whether the technological developments have improved the experience from the perspective of participating athletes/competitors as well as spectators both in attendance at venues or viewing from afar (e.g. via a tv broadcast or streaming on the internet).
  6. Are rivalries a positive or negative aspect of elite sport? Discuss in relation to at least three different sports around the world, ensuring that you focus on the historical dimensions of these rivalries. Consider the attitudes and behaviour of fanbases as well as media coverage of these rivalries.
  7. Research an aspect of Geelong sports history. Possible approaches include; choosing to survey a range of sports within a particular period (e.g. in the 1880s, or the interwar period, or the 1990s); adopting a slice-history approach in which you examine one particular sport over a longer period of time by selecting certain eras (e.g. cricket in the 1870s, 1920s, 1980s, and 2010s); or focusing on a particular theme such as class, gender, Indigenous athletes within a couple of sports, or a biographical study of one sporting identity. Any sport can be investigated except for the Geelong Football Club. Whatever you choose, do NOT simply describe a sport and instead ensure that you critically investigate it from a cultural, social, economic, or political perspective. In anticipation of the new Geelong Sports Museum scheduled to open as part of GMHBA’s Stage 5 redevelopments in 2023, some historians at Deakin are involved in created content for

the museum. Your project, if produced to a high standard, could become a feature of this museum’s content (with your permission, of course). Any student interested in this option must contact either unit chair Tony Joel or museum researcher and AST256 assessor Dr Murray Noonan to ensure that you are on the right track. Tony and Murray can work with you to develop and refine your project. You can contact them directly via email: or

If you choose one of the above options, please make it clear for your assessor by including the question at the start of your presentation. Then ensure that you directly address the set question — or, in other words, do not allow yourself to get sidetracked discussing the general topic instead of providing an analytical response to the actual question. For instance, if you select question 2 then you cannot simply discuss Ali’s boxing career and spend 5 minutes arguing why he was ‘the greatest’. Rather, you need to focus on his social and moral conscience and his political activism to consider how Ali used his profile and sporting celebrity to raise awareness of particular issues and challenge authority, thereby becoming such a controversial figure in the process. The same principle applies for all eight topics: make sure you directly address the set question you have chosen rather than just discussing the general topic.


To accommodate students who wish to pursue their own interests in a particular sport, region, and/or historical period, this option provides considerable scope for creating your own tailored research question. But, of course, some parameters have been set to ensure that you develop an appropriate research topic that is aligned to the unit and our intended learning outcomes.

You are free to pursue whatever aspect of sports history that interests you the most. Your topic, however, MUST focus on the political, economic, social, and/or cultural significance of sport in a historical setting. (In other words, your project must be focused on ‘sport in history’ rather than the ‘history of a sport’.) The same examples that were provided in the instructions for your research essay are applicable here, too, so below is a refresher of some possible approaches you may wish to adopt:

  • you may choose to focus on a single sport in order to examine a certain issue (e.g. how jousting reinforced class hierarchy in medieval Britain, or surfing’s shift from being a sub- culture to becoming a mega-industry, or cycling and drugs etc.)
  • you may select an individual case study to investigate a particular issue (Jackie Robinson breaking the colour barrier in baseball, or how Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket revolutionized the game, or the ‘Miracle on Ice’ hockey match at Lake Placid and its significance in Cold War antagonisms between the Soviet Union and the United States, or the Lance Armstrong drugs scandal in professional cycling etc.)
  • you may decide to address several sports as a way of exploring a particular theme (such as gender, or race, or debates over amateurism versus professionalism, or the relationship between sport and mass media etc.)
  • or you can focus on sport’s place in society during a specific period of history (e.g. Ancient Greece, Puritan England, or the onset of the Industrial Revolution, or WWI, or a decade such as the 1950s or the 1980s etc.)

The above dot points are merely illustrative, provided as examples to give you some sense of the diverse possibilities that can be pursued. But you are welcome — indeed, encouraged — to think well beyond the suggestions listed above when conceptualizing your research topic.

In any case, pleasebewarned:irrespective of whatever approach you adopt, your essay MUSTfocus on the role of sport in history and NOTthe history of a sport. Put another way, you CANNOTproduce an essay that looks at, say, the history of your favourite football team in which you simply provide information such as when the club was established, how many premierships it has won, which player has kicked the most goals or won best-and-fairest awards etc. The same applies to a sport such as cricket. Whereas you could examine how the Bodyline Series worsened already seriously strained relations between Australia and England during the Great Depression, or how Kerry Packer revolutionized the sporting landscape through World Series Cricket, you cannot simply provide a narrative rich in statistics in order to argue that Bradman, Tendulkar, Sobers, Warne and co. are the greatest of all time. If you are unsure about the difference between ‘sport in history’ and the ‘history of a sport’ then please revisit our first few weekly learning modules and perhaps also engage with the relevant discussion threads on our unit’s CloudDeakin site.

Another important instruction that you must take into account is that your chosen topic for this assignment MUSTDIFFER from whatever subject you covered in your research essay. If, for instance, you focused on boxing for your essay then you must choose another sport for this presentation. And if you explored, say, gender as the key theme in your essay then you must focus on a different issue this time. We will cross-reference all work with the essays submitted, and if it is discovered that any student has covered the same sport or theme for both of their assignments then the audio-visual presentation will NOTbe accepted for assessment!

Please think carefully about what topic you choose. In the same way that the research essay was an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a particular aspect of sports history, likewise this assignment is another chance for you to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of a topic that you would like to know more about. And, while developing your own topic for the research essay, many of you learned how difficult it can be to create a manageable project. So, again, also consider whether your idea is ‘doable’. Consider whether you have constructed an actual question that you can answer. Is it based on a topic for which you can gain access to appropriate sources? And if you have a rough idea of what you would like to examine but can’t quite formulate a satisfactory (or ‘doable’) question, then please don’t hesitate to post a ‘HELP ME!’ message on the discussion threads. We are happy to provide advice to anyone who requests assistance in developing a suitable research question

— on the proviso that you’ve already put in the effort to devise a topic that you would like to examine. And any such requests need to be posted several weeks prior to the due date, in order to allow sufficient time for you to conduct your research and create your audio-visual

presentation. Furthermore, as strong advocates of student collegiality may we take this opportunity to stress: you are NOT competing against one another in any way. On the contrary, by helping each other everyone can improve their work and then everyone benefits. We hope to see plenty of collegial advice being offered on the discussion threads as you share your personal research interests and formulate your topics.

At this stage of the trimester, you already should have strong ideas on what you would like to study in greater detail. Please select a topic and start the research process immediately in order to allow yourself sufficient time to move on to the production phase of the assessment task.


This assignment MUSTbe presented in the form of an audio-visual (AV) project. Furthermore, your AV presentation must be accompanied by a Word Document containing your audio script (with footnotes) and a full bibliography (see below for more details).

Some of you will be comfortable with the idea of producing an AV presentation. We understand that some of you, however, may have some reservations about such a task. But even if you have no previous experience in producing this type of assignment, please rest assured that it is not as difficult as you may fear. As staunch advocates of the principle of ‘assessment for learning’ (as distinct from only ‘assessment of learning’), we believe in setting assessment tasks that provide students not only with opportunities to learn about a unit’s content but also to acquire and apply new skills. So, if you have never produced an AV presentation then look upon this task as an exciting challenge that will enable you to exit this unit with highly usable and transferable employability skills.

It is an obvious point, but one that needs to be made nonetheless: as an AV assignment your presentation MUSTinclude both SOUNDANDVISION. As far as programs or platforms are concerned, you are welcome to choose whatever you would like to use. Some of the more common options are: iMovie; Final Cut Pro; Keynote; Powtoon; Prezi; Binumi;WindowsMovieMaker;and PowerPoint.

If you already possess something like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Keynote, or Powerpoint on your Mac or PC then you can choose such an option. Otherwise, there are many excellent options that are easy to use and easily accessible via the internet. For examples, please see:

  • Prezi @
  • Powtoon @
  • Binumi @

Depending on what platform you use, the submission process to the Assignment Folder in our unit’s CloudDeakin site may differ slightly. Detailed instructions about the submissionprocess will be provided via CloudDeakin in due course (you will be given these extrainstructionsinplentyoftimepriortotheassignment’sduedateneartheendoftrimester).

The choice of format and style is entirely up to you. For instance, you can use a standardized approach (i.e. sticking to one style the whole way through) or your

presentation can feature various styles or applications. You can include a piece-to-camera (or ‘talking head’) format in which you film yourself talking directly to the camera (this can be recorded with a video camera, webcam, an iPad, or even on your smartphone— whatever apparatus you have at your disposal). You can record yourself speaking over the top of historic images displayed on screen (in a ‘slideshow’ format). You can read a script over the top of screens containing text, or a combination of text and images. If you wish, you can even act out some role-play in a dramatization of historical events to help get your point across. Be as creative as you like. Just do not lose sight of the core aspect of the task: producing a well-researched 5-minute clip that mounts a persuasive argument in direct response to the set question that you have chosen to tackle. In other words, even though this is a presentation we still value substance over semblance.

Whereas the medium being used to convey your message is very different, this task effectively mirrors your other main assignment. On that occasion, essentially you were asked to: choose/develop a question; conduct research on the relevant subject matter; and produce a written essay. Here, in essence you are being asked to: choose/develop a question; conduct research on the relevant subject matter; and produce an audio-visual presentation. In both cases, you have been asked to produce an original piece of work that is based on extensive research. Like your research essay, it is unacceptable to compile something that is merely descriptive in tone and instead your AV project should mount an argument in direct response to your chosen question.

Please note: A key difference between a typical research essay and this task is the amount of words you can express within the set time limit. Whereas you usually get around 2000 words for writing an essay, previous experience tells us that if you speak at a comfortable pace then you will probably only cover about 600-750 words in 5 minutes. (While this may seem like a low number of words for conveying your message, the effective use of imagery on the screen is a way to complement what you have to say and so the combination of audio and video makes it possible to mount a strong response in the allotted time.) So, please bear this in mind when it comes time to plan/draft the audio component of your project. Make sure that you time yourself reading your script to see whether you can comfortably read it aloud within the allotted time, and make any necessary amendments to your script if it is too short or too long prior to recording it. The written script then needs to be submitted along with your AV clip, and it must be accompanied by a full bibliography. (n.b. There is a key difference between a reference list and a bibliography: the former only cites references that were cited in the final piece of work; the latter lists every relevant source that was consulted during the research phase irrespective of whether it is then cited in the final work. Unlike many other disciplines in History we prefer bibliographies.)

Your AV presentation must be referenced properly. There are a couple of approaches that you can adopt. You can acknowledge them throughout your commentary. (e.g. You can use introductory phrases such as: ‘According to Gideon Haigh, the reason why Shane Warne never captained the Australian test cricket team is because…’ or ‘The documentary film Miracle on Ice reveals how…’) You can include URLs adjacent to any images used during your presentation. The above two suggestions are optional. But, whatever you decide, at the end of your presentation you must provide a full bibliography (i.e. your bibliography is provided twice: with your written script; and as part of your AV clip). This can be done as a static list spread over a slide or two, or in a

‘rolling’ style that replicates how credits appear at the end of a film. Provision of your bibliography does not count within your time limit for the project.

Speaking of duration, assessors will apply a similar rule to the +/- 10% rule for written assignments. Here, you should aim for a 5-minute presentation but it is acceptable for it to run anywhere between 4 mins. 30 seconds and 5 mins. 30 seconds (excluding the bibliography at the end). Please be warned clips that run beyond 5 mins. 30 seconds will be frowned upon, because it simply is not fair to other students who adhere to the time limit. In any case, additional length should not be considered as a way to gain extra marks as the assessors emphasize QUALITYOVERQUANTITYin all cases (think of it in terms of when you watch a film: surely you do not judge how much you liked it by its duration and, indeed, often a 90-minute film is far better than a 2hr movie).

Please note: There are various copyright and licensing issues that we must take into consideration. It is important that all students abide by these instructions.

  • Stillimages:You are encouraged to make use of still images (i.e. photographs and illustrations etc.) but in all instances you must provide proper citations for the sources from which you have obtained the images.
  • Movingpictures:Whereas still images come under copyright laws, film generally comes under very different (and complex) licensing rules. For this reason, you are NOTpermitted to use any copyrighted film in your presentation. Exceptions, of course, include filming that you record yourself or any film that you know for certain is free to use. One of the added benefits of using Binumi is that it offers material that is royalty free, which means you can be confident that any images or film on the Binumi site is ok for you to use. If you have any doubts about a piece of film then please err on the side of caution and do not use it.
  • Music: Like moving pictures, most music is protected by special laws and consequently you are NOTpermitted to use any music in your presentation unlessyouarecertainthat it is free to use.


All students must submit their AV projects (and accompanying script) via the relevant Assignment Folder on our unit’s CloudDeakin site. As mentioned above, depending on what program you use to create your assignment the submission details may vary slightly and this information will be provided via our unit’s CloudDeakin site.


As part of the assessment process, these three ULO’s will be taken into consideration when your audio-visual presentation is marked:

ULO 1: interpret the social, cultural, political, and/or economic impact of sport in a broad range of historical settings

ULO 3: evaluate in a reflective and critical manner the impact of various sports in a diverse range of temporal and topical settings

ULO4:construct ideas and arguments developed from your own research, and clearly and concisely communicate your findings in a non-text-based media format

N.B. If the nature of your research topic requires the response to be temporally and/or topographically narrow (i.e. a relatively short historical timespan, or limited to a specific location), then you will not be expected to cover ‘a broad range of historical settings’ or ‘multiple regions around the world’ within this particular assignment. Nonetheless, your audio-visual presentation will cover ULO 1 because, irrespective of the topic chosen, all projects must interpret sport’s social, cultural, political and/or economic impact in a historical setting. And if you choose to focus on a single sport rather than covering multiple sports, then you will not be penalized for ULO 3 so long as you critically evaluate that sport’s impact. If you happen to take a narrow focus, providing that your audio-visual presentation still addresses ULO’s 1 and 3 as appropriate then you will not be disadvantaged in any way when it comes to assessment. And, as per ULO 4, your ability to communicate your findings through the medium of an audio-visual presentation will form a core part of the assessment.

(Please see below for more detailed information about this assignment’s marking criteria.)


Creating a learning environment that not only enables but also inspires you to build historical knowledge and understanding of the unit’s content (i.e. sport in history) is our main focus in AST256. But the unit’s teaching staff also aim to provide you with opportunities to further develop and apply the graduate attributes (or employability skills) that are central to your learning experience throughout your Deakin degree. Accordingly, to varying degrees no fewer than six of the University’s 8 GLO’s will be taken into consideration when your audio-visual presentation is assessed:

GLO 1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities: appropriate to the level of study related to a discipline or profession

GLO 2: Communication: using oral, written and interpersonal communication to inform, motivate and effect change

GLO3:Digitalliteracy:using technologies to find, use, and disseminate information

GLO 4: Critical thinking: evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment

GLO6:Self-management:working and learning independently, and taking responsibility for personal actions

GLO 8: Global citizenship: engaging ethically and productively in the professional context and with diverse communities and cultures in a global context

N.B.Again, the degree to which you can engage with certain components of these GLO’s largely will depend on your chosen topic. If, for instance, you construct a topic on the historical role of sport in Australian society then obviously your ability to cover GLO 8 (global citizenship) will be somewhat restricted. Your assessor will take all such circumstances into account, so no student will be disadvantaged. Also, given that this task involves an audio-visual presentation, when it comes to GLO 2 the emphasis is on your oral communication skills (whereas the specific reference to written communication contained in GLO 2 is irrelevant on this occasion). Whatever topic your project covers, you are expected to demonstrate: discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities (GLO 1); effective communication skills (GLO 2); the use of technology to find, use, and disseminate information (GLO 3); critical thinking (GLO 4); the ability to self-manage your project (GLO 6); and, finally, global citizenship (GLO 8) to a degree made possible by the scope of your question.


Please see overleaf a copy of the actual marking rubric that will be used when your essay is assessed. It is the best guide for you to follow if you want to ensure that your submitted essay addresses all seven key marking criteria.

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