1. Main Details of this Case

In relation to a land purchase agreement, it claims was made on June 23, 2021, between Northside Veterinary Property Pty Ltd (“Northside”) and the first defendant, Dalmacija Sydney Croatian Club Ltd (“the Club,” or “the Club”), Northside Veterinary Property Pty Ltd (“Northside”), finds solace via a particular presentation. The agreement calls for the $5,170,000 selling of a home at 16 Myoora Road in Terrey Hills (including GST). The deal is stated to be contingent upon the Club being granted a 5-year leaseback. The land in Lot 100 of DP709585 is the one, which is pertinent. The land’s registered owner is listed as Dalmacija Sydney Social Club Ltd. That had been the Club’s prior identity. The vendor is referred to by that previous name in the contractual obligation. The Club contests the existence of a legally binding purchase agreement (Mudrytska, 2020). It argues that there are discrepancies between the contract equivalents that were traded. It further claims that the individuals who signed the agreement on behalf of the Club lacked any legitimate or apparent power to commit the Club to the agreement. The Club likewise asserts a quantity of grounds optional arguments to the demand for particular presentation, with Northside’s “trickiness” and hardship, in the event that it is determined that a contractual contract was created (Supreme Court of New South Wales 2022). For the terms of the Licensed Clubs Act of 1976, the Society is a licensed club (NSW). That is the one, who possesses a liquor licence for the Myoora Road location.

2. Arguments Defendant Made to Support Claims of No Binding Contract

The contract was finalised following the decision adopted at the Annual General Meeting on December 6, 2020, and afterwards a protracted period of compromise performed on the Club’s side by the two executives who were effectively left in charge of the Club’s commercial operations. Naturally, no matter the procurement price is in reality less than the property’s actual market worth, which does not demonstrate significant hardship by itself. While assessing adversity as a defence to an injunction for particular compliance, the defendant’s effect might be the primary factor to be considered (see Longtom Pty Ltd v Oberon Shire Council (1996) 7 BPR 14,799 at 14,808). By assuming (without deciding) that the land’s worth, it is difficult to understand how a decree of specific performance, as opposed to allowing Northside to pursue legal remedies, would cause hardship to the Club (Gal, et al., 2022). Based on that supposition, the Club would be vulnerable to a significant damage claim if it failed to finish. The Club’s financial data would indicate that it is unable to satisfy such a claim. In these circumstances, I fail to see why particular performance being demanded would put the Club’s future in more danger than specific performance being denied. The Club would have of course, a lease of a piece of the property as well as the purchase price upon conclusion of the agreement. The property is for a length of five years at a rent of one dollar per year (with no requirement to contribute to expenses), with an option for an additional two years at market rate.

3. Ultimate Outcome in this Case

There does not appear to be a clear reason why costs should not follow the event in accordance with the customary rule as far as they are concerned. Northside shall be recognised as the victorious party, having won the event, having proven the existence of a legally enforceable contract for sale and having acquired orders in the nature of particular fulfilment of the contract (Travis, 2021). As a result, the Court will also rule that the Club is responsible for covering Northside’s legal fees.

4. Assumptions in s 129 of the Corporations Act being Relevant or Not with Reason

(1) A person may make the presumptions specified in section 129 while dealing with a firm. The Corporation shall not raise any presumptions as being incorrect in any proceedings relating to the Transactions.

The contract’s signatures, as provided by Northside, substantially like those on other documents in the evidence that were purportedly signed by Veljko and Tom Bosnic. The language of the email that Tom Bosnic wrote to Mr Buffa on June 21, 2021, supports the claim that they were the signatories. Additionally, it seems from the Club’s board of directors meeting minutes on July 11, 2021, that Veljko and Tom Bosnic “apologised” for signing sale contracts. The Club’s attorneys then sent “the top two pages of the swapped contract signed by Veljko Bosnic and Tom Bosnic” in a letter that was addressed to the Department of Liquor and Gaming on September 2, 2021. There are several other cues in the supporting documentation that Veljko and nothing suggests otherwise, but Tom Bosnic did sign the contract on behalf of the Club (French, & Korngold, 2019). Veljko and Tom Bosnic were both directors of the Club at the time of contract signing, which took place on or around June 23, 2021. As a result, the contract was really performed in line with Section 127(1)(a) of the Corporations Act of 2001. (Cth). This is true even if the document does not first they seem to successfully enrolled in conformity with Section 127(1) (see Section 129(5) of the Corporations Act). Northside argued that in certain circumstances, it made no difference whether the director signatories had real or apparent authority when they signed the contract since the firm was still bound by the agreement that was created upon the exchange of counterparts (Supreme Court of New South Wales 2022).

5. Impact of s 128 of Corporations Act on Entitlement of Plaintiff to Make Assumptions under s 129, and Issues Raised by Defendant in these Proceedings

Nearly all of the pertinent transactions in this case involved Veljko and Tom Bosnic. During cross-examination, Mr Buffa was unable to recall the exact number of encounters he having  Veljko or Tom Bosnic, but he speculated that it likely have been about 40 for Veljko and over 50 for Tom. The evidence should be interpreted to include the time span beginning in early 2018 and ending with the collective bargaining agreement exchange in June 2021. During that time, Tom Bosnic served as the club’s secretary while Veljko served as the board of directors. Tom Bosnic served as the club’s treasurer, while Veljko Bosnic served as the club’s president. The topics of the conversations and negotiations changed during that time, but were generally a deal that either would entail the acquisition of the Club’s Myoora Road asset with a leaseback of a portion of the land to the Club, or the Club giving a lease of a portion of the property, causes the Club anxiety (Baranov, et al., 2020). The conversations with the veterinary practise were mentioned in the annual general, which have been conducted on March 25, 2018, April 14, 2019, and December 6, 2020, according to the reports of those sessions. Tom and Veljko Bosnic were not asked to provide testimony. A single individual who served as a director it during pertinent time was called. Tonci Zaknic was present. He was chosen on September 25, 2014, and served as a chairperson of such Club at all relevant dates (Lipton et al. 2017).

(b) has the capacity to act in the capacities and carry out the responsibilities typically exercised or carried out by a director or company secretary of a similar business. (b) is qualified to exercise the authority and carry out the responsibilities typically exercised or carried out by that kind of officer or agent of an organization similar to all the others. (4) An individual might think that the firm’s executives and representatives are appropriately carrying out their obligations to the business. (5) If documentation seems that it has been approved in adherence to paragraph 127(1), a user may conclude that the firm has duly executed it.

6. My Opinions on Determinations of Court on Issues Arising in this Case and Clients being Aware of due to this Decision

Regarding the allegedly complicated behaviour, it was said that Mr Buffa misrepresented the genuine worth of the property by basing the price negotiation on a valuation acquired for mortgage reasons. According to reports, he placed strain on Tom and Veljko Bosnic about the sale and got to take edge of them in a situation in which there is no formal public selling procedure. It was claimed that Mr Buffa made no attempt to ensure that the Club had acquired its own independent appraisals of the asset as well as the Club’s policy and the requirements of Section 41E of the Registered Sports Masquerade had been followed. Regarding the latter, it It was argued that because the sale did not comply with s. 41E(1), it was unlawful and no order for particular performance would be issued. On that issue, the case Norton v. Angus [1926] Ag 35; (1926) 40 Cl 523 was cited. Despite being a dispose of the Club’s primary assets, the transaction was not unlawful despite s. 41E(1) not having been followed. According to article 41E(2), the fact that the disposition is not in accordance renders it subject to a request for orders from the Court by the Minister over the disposition, yet it does not by itself make the sale or the contractual for the sale invalid or illegal (Orlovic, 2020). There is no evidence of a statutory purpose to such effect. As demonstrated by section 41E(3), which gives the Court the authority to declare unlawful such contract that was made in violation of section 41E(1), such a relationship is not necessarily declared unlawful by the statute. Moreover, the Act recognises the rights resulting from such a contract. Orders under s. 41E(3) cannot be given if the court believes that doing so will terminate a person’s ownership interest owned by someone who was unaware that the commodity had been sold in violation of the Act. For the aforementioned reasons, I do not believe that any of the issues brought up by the Club, both taken individually or together, should cause the Court to hesitate to issue orders requiring specific performance. In a situation like this where there is an agreement to sell of land, the remedy should not be carelessly rejected (see Suttor v. Gundowda Co Corp [1950] HCA 35; (1950) 81 Lr 418 at 438-9). It would be reasonable for the Court to rule that on June 23, 2021, a legally binding contract for the sale of something like the Myoora Road properties between Northside as the buyer and the Club as the seller, based on the documents that were received on that day, came into existence. I deem it reasonable to further order that perhaps the parties involved in the contract undertake all acts and take all steps necessary to fulfil their individual contractual duties. The Club asserted that Mr Buffa engaged in a variety of deceptive or untrustworthy behaviour. This argument was accompanied by the assertion that Mr Buffa was a slippery witness. From everything, I have said thus far, it should be clear that I disagree with the claim that Mr Buffa was a deceptive witness. I got the impression that he was a witness do their best to provide factual answers to the questions posed to him. Additionally, the example provided in submissions in favour of the argument faces a challenge because the replies the comparison topic included distinct occurrences (Kompanets, 2020). It is unclear why this circumstance, by itself, would provide a good excuse to refuse to request a certain performance. The fact that the talks went on irregularly for several years shows that the Organization had plenty of time to make whatever inquiries (including getting assessments) it thought wise to make when deciding whether to accept to sell the building. The argument appears to indicate that a price increase should have been made in order to account for the Club’s worth increasing over 2018 and 2021. In contrast, Mr Buffa asserted in cross-examination that the building was bought for a reasonable cost based on the market at the time, citing a value he had seen. I concur Mr Buffa really believed that to be the case. Northside is responsible for that opinion. I cannot understand why Northside should just have raised its offer under these conditions. Its inability to do so, in my judgement, does not constitute a compelling cause to refuse to commission a particular performance.


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Slobodan P. Orlovic, ‘(In) consistent Practice of the Serbian Constitutional Court in Selected Cases of Protection of Property: Case Study’ (2022) 2(1) Law, Identity and Values 141-160 Supreme Court of New South Wales, Northside Veterinary Property Pty Ltd v Dalmacija Sydney Croatian Club Ltd [2022] NSWSC 589 (16 May 2022) (2022)

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