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The structural layout of a network is referred to as network topology. A network’s topological structure can be represented physically or intellectually. To create a graphical representation, network devices are represented as nodes and connections between devices as lines. In other words, network topology refers to how a network is organized, namely how nodes are configured and linked to one another.

The necessity to comprehend network topologies arises as a result of their presence in your local area network (LAN). Your network may be configured in a variety of ways, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The selection of a topology for your business network is determined by a variety of criteria, the most important of which are network size and scale, as well as cost.


The way network links and nodes are structured is referred to as network topology. Virtual network topologies include star, mesh, tree, ring, point-to-point, circle, hybrid, and bus topologies, each encompassing a distinct set of nodes and links.


The media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identification issued to a network connection control (NIC) to be used as a network address for communication inside a network segment. Most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, are used in this way.


SSID is an acronym for Service Set Identifier. This is a one-of-a-kind identifier for a wireless network. The data packet is transmitted in the package header. This identification is used by Wi-Fi network devices to communicate over a network.


A supernode is a node in a peer-to-peer network that serves as both a normal node and a proxy server, as well as the device that distributes information to other users in the P2P system. As a result, supernodes necessitate more CPU and bandwidth than conventional nodes.


from mininet.net import Mininet from mininet.link import TCLink from mininet.cli import CLI

from mininet .log import setloglevel

from mininet.node import Controller, RemoteController, OVSKernelAP, OVSSwitch

def topology ():

net= Mininet (controller= Remote Controller, link= TCLink, accessPoint=OVSKernelAP)

print”Start a new node “

sta1 = net.addStation( ‘STA1′, mac=’00:00:00:10:11:08’, ip=’147.192. 10.2/ 24 ‘, position =’50, 75,0 passwd=’studentlD’, encrypt=’wpa2′, range=30)

sta2 = net.addStation( ‘STA2′, mac=’00:00:00:10:11:09′, ip=’’,

position=’50,125,0 passwd=’studentlD’, encrypt=’wpa2′, range=30)

sta3=net addstation( ‘STA3’, mac=’00:00:00:10:11:10′, ip=’, position=’50, 25, 0

passwd=’studentID’, encrypt =’wpa2’, range=30)

udps =net.addStation(‘UDPS’, mac=’00:00:00:10:01:01’, ip=’, position=’50, 140, 0 passwd= ‘studentID’, encrypt= wpa2, range=30)

ap1= net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP1’, ssid= ‘apf, mac-00:00:00:00:10:02, passwd=’studentID’, encrypt wpa2, channel= ‘1’, position=’s0, 50,0″, range=25)

ap2=net.addAccessPoint(“AP2’, ssid=”ap2, mac-00:00:00:00:10:03, passwd=’studentID’,

encrypt=wpa2, channel=”6″, position-100,50.0′, range=25)

ap3=net.addAccessPoint (AP3, ssid= ‘ap3, mac-00:00:00 00:10:04, passwd student ID, encrypt=wpa2, channel=’2, postion-100,50,0, range=25)

ap4=net.addAccessPoint(‘AP4, ssid=”ap4, mac-00:00 00:00:10:05, passwd-student ID’, encrypt=wpa2, channel=”3, position=”50,90,0, range=25)

ap5=net.addAccessPoint(‘AP5, ssid=”ap4, mac-00:00 00:00:10:05, passwd-student ID’, encrypt=wpa2, channel=”3, position=”50,90,0, range=25)

ap6=net.addAccessPoint(‘AP6, ssid=”ap4, mac-00:00 00:00:10:05, passwd-student ID’, encrypt=wpa2, channel=”3, position=”50,90,0, range=25)


net.addlink(ap3,sta3) net.addlink(ap3,sta4)

net.addlink(apl,ap2) net.addlink(ap2,ap3) net.addlink(ap2,ap4) net.build()

c0.start() apl.start(  (c0])

ap2.start( [c0] )

ap3.start( [c0] )

ap4.start( [c0] ) CLI( net) net.stop()

if name == ‘main’: setloglevel( ‘info ‘ )



co= net.addController(‘c0′, controller=RemoteController, ip=’’, port=1309)

#net.runAlternative ModuIe(‘../module/mac80211_hwsim.ko’) net.addlink(ap1, sta1)

Their topology may be built with the use of such scripts. This might be an indication of a developing process. This project also necessitates its use. The engineer uses a little net to complete the task. These researchers would be unable to progress their study if they were unable to prepare for it. The movement of such nodes is critical for this reason. The system cannot provide its services until such measures are taken.

The import function is used in the python text above to import various packages into python so that their features may be used in applications. More channels and access points are required to complete the remaining work. net.addStation() and net.addAccessPoint() add to the topology, whereas net.addLink`() improves and connects the entrance point and channel.


Devices are linked in the Wireless Ad hoc network topology without the usage of any extra network infrastructure devices such as wireless Access Points (AP). Network devices in a Wireless Ad hoc network architecture are primarily connected to a wireless channel, with no network infrastructure equipment, such as a wireless Access Point, required (AP).

The Ad hoc wireless network topology is similar to that of a peer-to-peer LAN network. Wireless devices connect directly without the usage of a wireless Access Point in a Wireless Ad hoc network design (AP).

The Ad hoc wireless network architecture is used to construct a tiny wireless network comprised of a limited number of powerful wireless devices.


Ad hoc networks are also known as IBSS (Independent Basic Service Set) configurations.

Wireless mobile ad networks are self-contained, adaptable networks with nodes that may move freely. Because each device in a MANET is free to travel in any direction, it will always modify its linkages to other devices. Each must send traffic that is unrelated to its intended use and hence be a nuisance.


People are attempting to progress the work of the initial project in this part. Topology is created, and the fourth design adds elements that assist it perform its duty. Three new phases have been introduced to the Ad Hoc programs and the M ESH programs. This can help to inspire workers in the proper direction. Appropriate codes have been inserted to finish the assignment.

from mininet.net import Mininet from mininet.link import TCLink from mininet.cli import CLI

from mininet.log import setloglevel

from mininet .node import Controller, RemoteController, OVSKernelAP, OVSSwitch

def topology():

“Start a Node.”

net = Mininet(controller =RemoteController, Iink=TCLink, accessPoint=OVSKerne IAP)

print”*** Start  nodes”

sta1 = net.addStation( ‘STAl’, mac=’00:00 :00:10:11:08′, ip=’′, position=’50,25,0′, pass wd=’studentlD’, encrypt =’w pa2′, range=50)

sta2 = net.addStation( ‘STA2′, mac =’00:00:00:10:11:09′, ip=’′, position =’50, 25,0′ pass wd=’studentlD’, encrypt= ‘wpa2’, range=50)

sta3 = net.addStation( ‘STA3’ ,mac=’00:00:00:10:11:10’, ip=‘ ‘,

position= ‘50,25,0‘   passwd=‘studentlD‘, encrypt=‘wpa2′, range=50)

udps = net.addStation( ‘UDPS’, mac=‘00:00:00:10:01:01′, ip=‘‘,

position= ‘50,140,0’passwd= ‘studentID’, encrypt=‘wpa2‘, range=50 )

ap1 = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP1‘, ssid= ‘ap1‘, mac=‘00:00:00:00:10:02′,

passwd=’studentID’, encrypt=’wpa2′, channel= ‘1‘, position=‘50,75,0‘,range=‘25‘ )

ap2 = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP2′, ssid= ‘ap2‘, mac=‘00:00:00:00:10:03‘, passwd=‘studentID’,

encrypt= ‘wpa2‘, channel=‘6‘ , position=‘50,125,0‘,range=‘25‘)

ap3 = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP3‘, ssid= ‘ap3‘, mac=‘00:00:00:00:10:04‘, passwd=‘studentID’,

encrypt=’wpa2’, channel= ‘2‘, position=’100,125,0’, range=‘25‘ )

ap4 = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP4‘, ssid= ‘ap4‘, mac=’00:00:00:00:10:05‘, passwd=’studentID’,

encrypt=’wpa2′, channel= ‘3‘, position=‘150,125,0‘,range=‘25‘ )

sta4adhoc = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP4′, ssid= ‘ap4‘,mac=‘00:00:00:00:00:05’,

passwd= ‘studentID’, encrypt=‘wpa2’, channel=‘3‘ position=‘125,150,0‘,range=‘40’ )

sta5adhoc = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP4′, ssid= ‘ap4’,mac=‘00:00:00:00:00:06’,

passwd= ‘studentID’, encrypt=’wpa2′, channel=’3’, position=‘150,150,0‘,range=‘40‘ )

sta6adhoc = net.addAccessPoint( ‘AP4′, ssid= ‘ap4’,mac=‘00:00:00:00:00:07’,

passwd= ‘studentID’, encrypt=’wpa2′, channel=’3’, position=‘175,150,0‘,range=‘40‘ )

sta7ad = net. addAccessPoint (‘AP4′, ss id = ‘a p4′, mac =’ 00:00:00:00:00:09′, passwd =’studentID’, encrypt =’wpa2 ‘, channel= ‘3’, position=’150,90,0 ‘, range=’30’)

sta8ad = net.addAccessPoint (‘AP4 ‘, ssid= ‘ap4′, mac= ’00:00:00:00:00:10′, passwd = ‘studentID’, encrypt =’ wpa2 ‘, channel = ‘ 3 ‘, position=’150,90 ,0′, range =’30’ )

sta9ad = net.addAccessPoint (‘AP4′, ss id = ‘a p4′, mac =’ 00:00:00:00:00:11′, passwd = ‘studentID’, encrypt =’wpa2 ‘, channel= ‘3’, position=’150,90,0 ‘, range=’30’)

c0=  net.addController(‘c0’ , controller= RemoteController, i p=’127.0.0.l ‘,  port=4639)

#net.runAlternativeModule ( ‘ . ./module/mac80211_hwsim.ko’)

net.addlink(ap1, sta1)

net.addlink(ap2,sta2) net.addlink(ap3,sta3) net.addlink(ap3, sta4)

net.addlink(apl, ap2)

net.addlink(ap2,ap3) net.addlink(ap2,  ap4)

net.build() c0.st art ()

ap1.start(  [c0] )

ap2 .start( [c0] )

ap3 .start( [c0] )

ap4 .start( [c0] ) CLI( net)

net. stop()

if name == ‘main’: setLogLevel( ‘info’ ) topology(


SDN Controller is a software program that provides strategic control over a software-defined network. For smart networks, the SDN controller manages the flow controls on the “bottom” switches (with APIs facing south) and the applications and business thinking “above” (with APIs facing north).


from mininet.net import Mininet

from mininet.topo import Topo

from mininet.cli import CLI                           #So we can rate limit

from mininet. link import TCLink                  #So we can bring up the Mininet CLI

topo = Topo() # Create an empty topology

topo.addSwitch(“s l “) # Add switches and hosts to the topology

topo.addSwitch(“s 2”)

topo.addSwit ch(“s3”)

topo.addSw   it ch(“s4”)

topo.addSw it ch(“s S”)

topo.addSw   it ch(“s6”)

topo.addSwit ch(“s7”)

topo.add Switch( “s8” )

topo.addSwitch(“s9” )

topo.addSwitch(“s10” )


topo.addHost(‘h1′, mac=’ 00:00 00:00:00:01′, ip=’′ VLAN=’ 300′ )

topo.addHost(‘h2′, mac=’00:00:00:00:00:02′, ip=’′ VLAN=’ 400′ )

topo.addHost(‘h3′, mac=’00:00:00:00:00:03′, ip=’′ , VLAN=’ 300′ )

topo.addHost(‘h4′, mac = ’00:00:00:00:00:04′, ip=’′ , VLAN=’ 400′ )

topo.addHost( ‘hS’, mac=’00:00:00: 0:00:05′ ip=’′ ,VLAN=’ 300′ )

topo.addHost(‘h6′, mac=’00:00:00:00:00:06′, ip=’′ VLAN=’ 400′ )

topo.addHost( ‘ h7′ , mac=’ 0 :00:00:00:00:07, ip=’ 14′ 197.29.7/24′ VLAN=’ 300′ )

topo.addHost (‘ h8′ mac=’ 00:00:00 0:00:08′ ,ip=’′ ,VLAN=’ 400′

topo.addLink(“h1”, “s1”, bw=20.0, delay=’ 10ms’ , use_htb=True)

topo.addLink k(”h2”, ” s1” , bw=25.0,delay=’ 10ms’ , htb=True)

topo.addlink(“s1”, “s2”, bw = l l.0, delay=’ 4 0ms’, use_htb =True )

topo.addlink(“h3”, “s2”, bw=15.0, delay=’7ms ‘, use_htb =True )

topo.addlink(“s1”, “hl”, bw=l000.0, delay=’0ms’, use_htb =True, loss =’0′ )

topo.addlink(“s1”, “s2”, bw = l000.0, delay =’lms’,  use_htb =True,   loss =’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s1”, “s9”, bw = l000.0, delay =’lms’,  use_htb =True,  loss =’ 0.5′)

topo.addl i nk( “s2”, “h2”, bw=l000.0, delay =’0ms’, use_htb =T rue , loss =’0′ )

topo.addlink(“s2”, “s5”,  bw= l0000.0, delay =’lms’,  use_htb =True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s2”, “s9”, bw = l000.0, delay=’lms’, use_htb =True,  loss =’0.5′)

opo.addlink(“s2”, “s10”, bw=l000.0,  delay =’1ms’,  use_htb =True,   loss =’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s5”, “hS”, bw=l000.0, delay =’0ms’,  use_ htb=True,   loss =’0′) to po.addli  nk(“s5”, “s6”,  bw = l000.0, delay =’ lms’,  use_ htb=True,   l oss=’0.5′ )

topo.addLink(“s5”, “s11”, bw=1000.0, delay=’1ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addLink(“s5”, “s10″, bw=1000.0, delay=’1ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5”)

topo.addLink(“s6”, “h6”, bw=1000.0, delay=’Oms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0′)

topo.addLink(“s6”, “s11”, bw-1000.0, delay=’1ms’, use_htb-True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addLink(“s3”, “h3”, bw-1000.0, delay=’Oms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0′)

topo.addLink(“s3″,”s4″, bw-1000.0, delay=”1ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5”)

topo.addlink(“s3”, “$9”, bw=1000.0, delay=’1ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addLink(“s4”, “h4”, bw=1000.0, delay=’0ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0′)

topo.addLink(“s4”, “s7”, bw-1000.0, delay=’1ms, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addLink(“54”, “$9”, bw-1000.0, delay=’1ms’, use_htb=True, loss=’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s4”, “s10”, bw=l 000.0, delay =’l ms’,  use_htb =True,   loss=’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s7”, “h7”, bw=lO00.0, delay=’0ms’, use_htb =True, loss =’0′ )

topo.addlink(“s7”, “s10”, bw=lO00.0,  delay =’l ms’,  use_htb =True , loss=’0.5′)

topo.addlink(“s7”, “s11”, bw=l 000.0, delay =’l ms’ , use_htb =True,   loss=’0.5′ )

topo.addlink(“s7”, “s8”, bw = l 000.0, delay =’0ms’, use_htb =True, loss =’ 0′)

topo.addlink(“s8”, “h8”,  bw=l 000.0, delay =’ 0ms’, use_htb =True,   loss=’0′)

topo.addlink(“s8”, “s11”,  bw =l 000.0, delay =’l ms’,  use_htb =True,  loss=’0.5′ )

net= Mininet(topo =topo, link =TCLink)


CLl(net) # Bring up the mininet CU

net .stop()



Communication network transfer is a structure that specifies the number of data carriers that go through the network in the communication channel between the end sites (Ali et al. 2019). In networking, throughput is defined as the pace at which data is processed or the degree of output. Determines the rate at which messages are delivered via a certain network communication channel.


TCP basically means transmission control protocol and it is a standard that has been set in order to establish and maintain a conversation in the network utilizing which the application programs generally exchange their data. A network communication protocol that is quite similar to the internet protocol in terms of how data packets are exchanged between computers is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). In network communications, a packet is a unit of data delivered over a network, and in the TCP/IP connection, a packet is the unit of data transferred across the network. When utilizing TCP to transfer data, the size of the TCP window and the round-trip latency are the two most significant factors to take into consideration (Akpinar & Ozcelik, 2018). Following a variety of techniques and methodologies is required in order to calculate the TCP success rate.

There is 1Gig of data that needs to be transferred over a round trip latency of 30 milliseconds and the TCP rate needs to be calculated. Firstly, the TCP window size needs to be converted from bytes to bits. Ifs standard TCP window size of 64Kb is used then in bits the window size is:

64 kB= 65536 bytes

65536* 8= 524288 bits

This TCP window size is in bits and it needs to be divided by a round trip latency of 30 milliseconds. So accordingly,

524288/0.030 = 17476266 bits per second throughput which equals 17.4 Mbps of maximum possible output.


This is the most important part for any researchers to find out the outputs of the developed systems. In this section, one can discuss the results of each step of this program. The developer has to follow the rate of performances that could fulfill the requirements of the clients or not. In the case of task one, the developed topology of the software shows the performance and creates a relationship between different access points {Darabkh, and Zomot, 2018, p.65). Such points can perform connectivity of different networking systems. The range of nodes in the case of mobility is higher in each case. This shows the accuracy rate of the networking systems.

Task two can add more features to this topological model. Various types of subsystems of networks are included in it. Those are divided int o two types like Ad Hoc system and the MESH ne t work. Each has four parts. They also share a relationship. That can help to modify the services of this developed network system.

Under task three the developers are perfectly able to put more features in the new network. With the help of a mininet environment, this can be performed. Many users will be added in this particular case. They all can perform the job properly. In the last phase of development, all previous stages are tested to check their performance. In this particular case, it can be done perfectly and also able to develop a completely new and unique type of network model.


At the end of this project, one can attain their development program’s target. Various settings are used to service the job at various stages of the project. That can flawlessly drive the task’s success. This networking system demonstrates the connectivity with the other sections and also establishes a relationship between the features. Every attribute has a role that aids in determining its strengths and shortcomings. This can be used by several users at the same time. This program’s distinct characteristics can preserve its ethnicity in comparison to another. Various variables are pushed in order to complete the task correctly.

Otherwise, such a novel design would be impossible to develop. This has the potential to be significant in the market for mobile network systems.

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"7COM1076 Coursework Solution." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: https://universalassignment.com/7com1076-coursework/. [Accessed: October 2, 2022]
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Universal Assignment (October 2, 2022) 7COM1076 Coursework Solution. Retrieved from https://universalassignment.com/7com1076-coursework/.
"7COM1076 Coursework Solution." Universal Assignment - October 2, 2022, https://universalassignment.com/7com1076-coursework/
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"7COM1076 Coursework Solution." Universal Assignment - Accessed October 2, 2022. https://universalassignment.com/7com1076-coursework/
"7COM1076 Coursework Solution." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: https://universalassignment.com/7com1076-coursework/. [Accessed: October 2, 2022]

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Assignment Help in Israel

Leading assignments help in Israel Israel is known for its high-tech development, innovations, and entrepreneurship, and is home to the best start-ups in the world. Students from all over the world are drawn to this ecosystem of “innovation and development,” which is supported by a robust higher education system with

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Animal Production System Assignment Help

Animal Production System Assignment Help: Get 100% guaranteed Expert Assistance Immediately Where can you find the best Animal Production System Assignment Help Online?  Animal Production System assignment help online can boost student results while encouraging interest in the field. The hectic schedule of students, along with their burden of various

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Immediate Calculus Assignment Help from Top Experts

Immediate Calculus Assignment Help from Top Experts Calculus Assignment Help to Boost your Grades Students can now order instant Calculus assignment help on Universal Assignment Help Service in a fast and easy way. Calculus in taught at a slightly advanced stage of school, and can be an exciting subject in

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Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help

Effective Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help for Students: Order Expert Solutions Immediately Mathematics Foundation Assignment Help for Students Students often require mathematics foundation assignment help for clearing doubts, understanding the derivation of a formula or theorem, or getting urgent solutions to certain mathematical problems. Online mathematics foundation assignment help is extremely

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Mathematics Application Assignment Help

Top for Students: Order Expert Solutions Immediately for the Best Results Why do students need Mathematics Application Assignment Help? Mathematics Application assignment help can lead students to perform excellently in the subject in a convenient and relaxed way. Many students find it difficult to apply theoretical knowledge in large and

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The finest assignment helps in Saudi Arabia

Many students dream to study in Saudi Arabia as they offer some of the best facilities, and they boast one of the most spectacular and rapidly expanding higher education systems in the Middle East. So, this should be of no surprise that every year, many international students prefer to register

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Expert Solutions for the Best Arithmetic Assignment Help Online

Instant Arithmetic Assignment Help for Students Students most often require Arithmetic assignment help online to solve various calculations. Universal Assignment Help Service provides the best solutions to all arithmetic problems for each student. Students simply have to upload their assignment guidelines on their website, and a customized and accurate assignment

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Assignment help in Cameroon

The Necessity of Assignment help in Cameroon Today management degrees are one of the most prestigious degrees out there and gaining immense popularity, this degree has the most demand in the market as new startups are emerging day by day, and every company needs the best people to run their

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Assignment Help in South Korea

Difference between a Good vs Great Online Assignment Tutor The e-learning market is growing at a fast rate due to digitalization. This fact causes an increment in the demand for online tutors as students worldwide searches for a suitable solution for online assignment help in South Korea. You might hear

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Assignment Help in Japan

Outside-The-Classroom Learning Opportunities It is a typical thinking lesson that stands inside the four walls of a classroom. Some educators say the classroom is the abode of learning and knowledge. We cannot prove these statements wrong. However, one thing is certain: they are partially correct. Learning of concepts starts in

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Assignment Help in Brazil

Why do Students Consider Online Assignment Help in 2022? Academic life is full of ups and downs. Students who experience such a phase struggle to maintain the equilibrium between personal and professional life. It is because of the load of homework, exams, and participation in extracurricular activities. These events cause

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Assignment Help in Taiwan

What are the Necessities of Assignment Guidance for Students? As technology takes a new turn around, homework assignments become lengthy and complex. This academic work needs lots of core subject knowledge along with proper research to finish it with proper care. Such work is very time-consuming and hectic for the

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Assignment Help in Hong Kong

Can You Achieve High Academic Results? Every student wishes to get top scores in their exams. Yet it does not happen if you do not get the correct assignment help in Hong Kong from an online tutor. Such support is in the form of tips, advice, hacks, or taking guidance,

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VU22977 – Practice in a Legal Environment

Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice – 22565VIC PORTFOLIO- CLIENT MATTER FILE Assessment task 1 Prepare a comprehensive portfolio of documents to create a Client Matter File which must include: Element 1 Area of law Cover sheet stating client name and short description of legal matter Client Instruction Sheet, Costs Agreement

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KIT714 ICT Research Principles: Assignment 1

Practical Qualitative Research Exercise                                                                                                                                         Type:                 In-Semester, Individual Assignment Task Length:   minimum 2,000 words Weighting:     20% of total assessment for this unit Due Date:       Friday 5 August 2022 – 11:55 pm (Week05) Submission:    electronic submission on MyLO (WORD or PDF) Description:    This practical exercise will engage students in a qualitative research

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