BMS2625 – Laboratory report

BMS2625 – Laboratory report

BMS2625 – Laboratory report (worth 50% of total module grade)


Spirometry is a simple test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions, for example chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, restrictive lung disease. A spirometer is used to record the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. Lung function parameters are important predictors of morbidity and mortality.

The data will be collected during the BMS2625/BMS2665 spirometry lab. The measurements include lung function test parameters, for example forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) and forced vital capacity (FVC). It also includes predicted values calculated based on reference group measurements, according to the height, age, and gender of the students.

Your task is to study how pulmonary function test parameters are affected by specific factors, such as age, gender, height, body mass index. You only need to consider one factor as part of your research question.

Word count: 1500 words (excluding references).

The assessment will be based on the following criteria (rubric shown below)

  1. An introduction to the experiment and the background to the clinical application of the measurement system for monitoring or diagnosis. An explanation of the principles of operation of the equipment (spirometer) and how it is used to deliver quality healthcare. Include references and citations to current literature. (weight 25%)

It is important that you:

  1. Explain what are the clinical applications of pulmonary function tests for clinical monitoring or diagnosis, and discuss relevant research involving the parameters measured in spirometry
    • Explain how a spirometer works, and how it is used to deliver quality healthcare
  • A section describing the materials and/or equipment and methods used in the experiment. An evaluation of the risks involved and the steps taken to ensure safe use of the equipment with references to quality and legal frameworks.

(weight 25%)

It is important that you:

  1. Explain the experimental steps in your own words, and explain how the lung function parameters are derived
    • Evaluate any risk associated to the safe use of the equipment
  2. A section presenting the results and analysis undertaken arising from data acquired from the experiment in a clear and understandable form.

(weight 20%)

It is important that you:

  1. Produce appropriate descriptive and/or graphical summaries of the data (e.g. mean, median, standard deviation, histogram
    1. Study how lung function parameters are affected by one of the main factors and use statistical tests to support your findings
  • A discussion of the results and their implications and application to the monitoring and diagnosis of medical conditions leading to brief but clear conclusions. Discuss the limitations of the materials and methods.

(weight 20%)

It is important that you:

  1. Compare your results with the previous literature
    • Discuss the study design, for example:
      1. Number of participants per age group
      1. Missing values
      • Outliers
  2. The report needs to be presented in a professional style with respect to structure, grammar and spelling. A brief abstract is included evidencing the contents of the report. A well‐ formatted reference list is included. You should use the Harvard referencing style (weight 10%)
  3. PLEASE use Arial size 14 and leave double‐spacing between the lines.


The work should be submitted via Turnitin – a specific drop‐box will be dedicated for this.

You are warned not to present somebody else’s work as though it was your own, including another student’s work. If you do this your work will be ‘U’ graded which means it will be put under investigation for academic dishonesty/plagiarism and, if confirmed given a ‘P’ grade which will mean, at the very least, you fail the module. However, you can easily avoid this action if you write up your work in your own words and do your own analysis, graphs etc. Also, make sure that you properly cite any references used.

Learning Outcomes

The following highlighted learning outcomes will be assessed:

  1. Operate safely diagnostic equipment and troubleshoot a piece of equipment by using logical deduction
  2. Justify the choice of equipment with reference to its legal use in the clinical setting and explain in detail how it works.
  3. Evaluate the risks and benefits of using the equipment or technique.
  4. Compare the quality assurance processes related to medical imaging.
  Assignment marking criteria rubric (Laboratory report)
Section/ criteria1‐45‐89‐1213‐1617‐1920
Introduction:You have introducedYou have introducedYou have introducedYour introduction hasYour introductionThere is no
(25%)the experiment and itsthe experiment andsome elements of thelittle background tohas no backgroundintroduction.
 clinical background inits clinicalexperiment and itsthe clinical applicationto the clinical 
 a clear andbackground in aclinical background.of the experiment orapplication of the 
 comprehensive way.clear and conciseThere is somethe investigation.experiment or the 
 The principles ofway. The principlesdescription ofThere is little or noequipment. There is 
 operation and its useof operation and itsprinciples of operationdescription ofno description of 
 are fully described anduse are describedand use. Referencesprinciples of operationprinciples of 
 you have drawn on awell and you haveare missing, limited orand use. Referencesoperation and use. 
 wide range of qualitydrawn on a range ofcited poorly.and citations are veryReferences are 
 literature sources andliterature sources limited or missing.missing. 
 cited them accurately.with citations.    
Materials andYou have given aYou have given aYou have given aYou have given anYou have not givenThere is no section
Methodcomprehensivegood description ofdescription of theincomplete descriptiona description of thedescribing materials
(25%)description of thethe materials,materials, equipmentof the materials,materials,and methods. OR:
 materials, equipmentequipment andand methods used inequipment andequipment andYou did not attend
 and methods used inmethods used in thethe experiment,methods used in themethods used inthe laboratory
 the experiment. Thereexperiment.though some aspectsexperiment. There isthe experiment.session.
 is a clear andThere is a goodare incomplete. Therean incompleteYou have not 
 complete evaluationevaluation of theis some evaluation ofevaluation of the risksevaluated the risks 
 of the risks involvedrisks involved andthe risks involved andinvolved in theinvolved in the 
 and the steps taken tothe steps taken tothe steps taken toexperiment.experiment. 
 ensure safe use of theensure safe use ofensure safe use of the   
Results andYou have provided aYou have provided aYou have providedYou have providedYou have providedThere is no results
Analysis:clear and completeclear presentation ofsome presentation ofsome presentation oflittle or nosection
(20%)presentation of thethe results and theirthe results and theirthe results though thepresentation of the 
 results and theiranalysis. Analysisanalysis, though someanalysis is incorrect orresults with 
 analysis. Analysismethods are correctanalysis methods areincomplete.incorrect or 
 methods are correctand adequatelyincorrect or incomplete 
 and well described.described.incomplete. analysis. 
Discussion andYou have discussedYour discussion ofYour discussion of theYou have providedYou have providedThere is no
Conclusions:the results in athe results is goodresults is reasonablevery little in the way ofno meaningfuldiscussion and
(20%)comprehensive andand you have drawnand you have drawnmeaningful discussiondiscussion of theconclusion section.
 clear way and drawnaccurate andsome conclusionsof the results and yourresults and no 
 accurate andappropriaterelevant the data butconclusions are limitedconclusions. There 
 appropriateconclusions withno suggestions forand have little or nois no evaluation of 
 conclusions with clearsome reference toimprovement orrelevance to the data.the limitations of 
 reference to the datathe data andfurther work. There isThere is no evaluationthe materials and 
 and suggestions forsuggestions forlittle or no evaluationof the limitations ofmethods. 
 improvement orimprovement orof the limitations ofthe materials and  
 further work. There isfurther work. Therethe materials andmethods.  
 a clear and completeis some evaluationmethods.   
 evaluation of theof the limitations of    
 limitations of thethe materials and    
 materials andmethods.    
PresentationThe presentation isThe presentationThe presentation lacksThe presentation lacksThe presentation isNo attempt has
/Abstract:highly professionalhas somesome elements ofprofessionalism ingenerally poor inbeen made to
(10%)with very goodprofessionalprofessionalism interms of structure,terms of structure,present the report
 structure, grammarelements withterms of structure,grammar and spelling.grammar andaccording to the
 and spelling. Thegenerally goodgrammar and spelling.The abstract is limitedspelling. Thecriteria provided.
 abstract is wellstructure, grammarThe abstract is limitedor missing. Theabstract missing. 
 constructedand spelling. Theand does not describereference list is limitedThe reference list is 
 accurately describingabstract isthe contentor missing.missing. 
 the content. Theappropriatelyadequately. The   
 content of the reportconstructedreference list is limited   
 is evidenced with adescribing theor poorly formatted.   
 correctly formattedcontent adequately.    
 reference list.The content of the    
  report is evidenced    
  with a formatted    
  reference list.    
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