Business Organization (Firm) Activity Solved

ACTIVITY 8: Innovation seems to be a notion which many leaders and management styles are striving to attain but few in their jobs.

There is no dispute about the advantages of corporate innovation. When you look at some of the most successful organisations in history, it is obvious that they have no fear of thinking differently and innovating on every occasion. It is difficult to develop innovation in the workplace since this cannot be done alone. The innovative method an organisation works in the future requires a team.


1. RESPONSIBILITY REWARD INNOVATION: The very first approach towards innovation is to create an atmosphere where employees may develop new ideas and challenges. The first stage is an acceptable environment. Give them the responsibility for doing it by them if someone has a very good suggestion.

2. FREEDOM AN ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: If you are unclear, an affiliate leader will be someone who offers his or her team equal importance and freedom to achieve.

3. ASSENT REWARD FAILURE: Yet you will develop a culture of mediocrity if you do not push your team to be audacious and risk failure, but you will not build a culture of innovation. You create an environment for creativity by taking your support one step further and really rewarding your staff if they fail.

4. ADAPTIVE WORK: By providing more flexibility in your team’s duties, you indicate that your top goal is to achieve excellent outcomes and not if someone is late for work for a few minutes.

5. MEASURABLE INCENTIVES: Maybe this isn’t what you believe to be. Many leaders instinctively think of money incentives when we think of performance awards.

ACTIVITY12: Sharing of knowledge is vital if a firm is to succeed, since it may facilitate decision-making capacities, develop learning organisations. However, a company’s total success increases only when employees make different choices. It is so evident that good management of knowledge may offer a firm a lot of benefits. Below you will discover a list of those we believe are the most essential and capable of positively influencing the way a company works:

  1. Make reusable the best experience of the company in addressing problems: Once the effective answer to a problem has been developed and the best solution so far, it may be used by members of your company in all future circumstances.
  2. Supports quick and informed decisions: whenever customers face issues or are required to resolve an internal problem, evaluate trends, understand competition or plan new strategies, you prefer to seek knowledge and resources to assist these actions. The excess of information might make it harder to do this.
  3. Innovation and growth quantitative easing: Most firms are mainly aiming to raise their revenues, but as competition grows it may be a bit tough. Through efficient management of knowledge, staffs have access to important information and provide superior outcomes.
  4. Enhance customer delivery: clients like a firm that can show its extensive experience and the capacity to use this for its benefit. Furthermore, it is vital that a firm can deliver on time and assist to distinguish itself from the competition.


  • Mentored work environment for employees: The new people are given opportunity to check how their business is done in your firm by pairing new workers with skilled staff. New workers can learn and incorporate their expertise in more seasoned employees without examinations or tasks.
  • Participation for social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and other media are full of information from the industry. Encourage your workers to keep up with the latest news and developments online with their enterprise and other industry leaders.
  • Guest Speakers and Workshops: Employees will benefit from a free ticket to participate in local conferences on personal development, sales, etc. They can consume the information they have an interest in without complying with norms.


  • It enables better performance for employees: there are many advantages to official training for employees, but its influence on workforce performance is one of the most powerful.
  • It frames the sharing of information: In many companies, individual employees require a knowledge base to fulfil their function successfully.
  • The training going accountable for ensuring: There is one major problem when it comes to other kinds of learning, informal or spontaneous. They’re hard to follow. Learning may be done, but finding out when, where, and what is a great effort.
  1. Thinking Tools:
  • Heterogeneous tools: all creative tools focused on divergence strive, generally for several minutes in an ideation session, to produce as many ideas as possible during a short period of time. A fundamental guideline here is not that new ideas be criticised or judged, as negativity is the greatest method to destroy any concept.
  • Convergence: Convergence thinking tools have an overall objective: to assist us organise, filter and choose the ideas created throughout the divergence phase. Convergence tools:
  • Creativity as a cyclical process: Different and convergent instruments of both types are utilised throughout various stages of innovation. We sometimes have to broaden our viewpoint to get a broader view of our alternatives.
  • The study of the value chain analyses how a company interacts to create, sell and distribute new products with value chain partners.
  • Mind mapping serves to show how thoughts or other objects are connected to and with one primary concept. Mind maps are used in creating, visualising, structuring and classifying thoughts in order to find patterns and insights which give essential design requirements.
  1. Mentors are a great method to learn where your career may lead. A close link with a mentor helped me challenge you, better personally and progress. Firstly, seeking a mentor looked scary and unpleasant, but my connections and teachings have had a lasting and beneficial influence over the course of this work.


  • Building feedback: It’s not straightforward to take in feedback. It can be terrifying and surely uncomfortable to feel exposed and to speak about “shortcomings” or perceived weaknesses.
  • Effective networking: The “networking” opportunities are plenty in our globe. Some of them are distorted by social media relationships, which, in my opinion, never, if ever, lead to real benefits for your job or personal growth.
  • Pay it out: We got lucky with big mentors. With their time, their expertise and their desire to help us in our profession, they were all incredibly generous. Although they are distinctive in their personalities, skills and hobbies, all of them have a clear common characteristic: they have excellent mentors as well.


  1. I would choose colour as for example, yellow may generate sentiments of brightness, comfort and innovation, and theory regarding the consequences of many hues exists. However, it is important to bear in mind that hundreds of hues of yellow may have different impacts on the human brain. The shading not only impacts the environment and users by the colour, but also affects how the colour and the entire environment are viewed by other factors, including pure, pattern and opaque. Other variables may also affect the sense of colour – for example, yellow-toned lighting might interact with light to produce a different spatial observation and create an entirely different colour impression than a cooler light.
  • The design of the workplace is far more important than we want to pay tribute to it. Comfort and elegance must be combined in a modern office design. Good designed office space is the most appreciated present for your staff.
  • The culture of the firm combines ideals, a style of leadership, internal behaviour, internal communication, the structure of the company, it.The internal functioning of the firm affects the working environment significantly. It has to be continually worked out and is not a one-off agenda.
  • In the workplace, priority is given to lifestyle and health. Your staff’s condition and offers of the workplace are the primary focus of your health.

ACTIVITY:9 1. Exploration and competitive pressure for your consumers: To study consumers and rivals at several levels, use market research. This helps you to assess whether a product/service request is genuine and whether it is good for your firm to grow into a possible new market.

2. Have a high-level market view: Your consumers and rivals are nevertheless not sufficient to evaluate. You must also have a wider grasp of the complete market and what potential the market has to have for success. If not, your company might be caught up in assuming that there are enough percentage points to increase where there is much more potential. Market researchers are specialists in the entire objective picture and may help you get away from thinking within the firm.

What’s the size of the market?

How fast does the market grow or contract?

What are the numbers of buyers?

What are the access barriers?

3. Examine nearby possibilities: The search for neighbouring possibilities might also be a successful technique. Researchers evaluated the growth and performance of 1850 businesses in a five-year study. They discovered that firms with the greatest continuously profitable growth have adopted a rigorous and methodical technique to expand their main business limits to a neighbouring area.

4. Understand the variables of the business world: The whole business environment, which may have a dramatic influence on the performance and operations of the companies, is another topic to investigate.

  • Included in the business environment are:
  • Technological evolution
  • Regulations on government
  • Geopolitical change
  • Indicators of economy


  • Communication gaps: Nobody hates to be pushed behind – especially in their careers. It can also mean that tiny, readily might become far more serious difficulties later on. It’s not simply because it receives little or no regular feedback on your work or performance.
  • Negative Attitudes of employees: One of those “bad days in the business,” you will always have – no matter how excellent the business that you are working for! But when dissatisfaction murmuring, indifference and whining become the norm, it might suggest that your work environment or culture poses a far more profound problem.
  1. Human beings are social beings. We are exceptional in our capacity to communicate and coordinate in order to achieve goals that are otherwise inaccessible. In current times, this evolutionary mechanism is still visible, seen on almost every side of our company. In particular, it is vital to assist each other in the workplace for team members.
  • Creativity and performance are enhanced: It is simpler to brainstorm ideas and create innovation when individuals work together.
  • It lowers tension: Successful cooperation can have good outcomes, such as extended, constructive and helpful talks.
  • It supports skill building: As part of a team, a range of skills converge to complement one another.
  1. 1.Money

2. People of the company

3. Time of the company

4. Efforts of each and every employee.

5. Space for foster and innovation.

6. Experiment the new ideas.

7. Risk factors are highly commendable.

8. Innovation in disruptive way.

9. Identification of rewards and incentives.

10. Strategies used for execution.

ACTIVITY7: 1. The key points are:

  • One step forward is the selection of the proper personnel to form an innovation team. The easiest approach to get started with these essential tasks is to understand the real job that the team does and then to optimise its staff.
  • We feel that while innovation teams normally network fairly naturally, the quality of professional networks should be an explicit criterion of selection in personnel decisions. Indeed, new techniques have made it much easier to map networks.
  • Because we have written so much on the notion of creative leadership, we decided to focus instead on how to establish the leader in his role for success. Our study has taught us a number of leadership concepts particular to teams of innovation.

2. Sufficient trust in others

Innovation demands that the old rules of thought should be broken and new ones created. This means that every member of the team needs to be transparent. As such, each team member has to trust each other sufficiently. When you can fulfil this confidence, you become more patient, a better listener, and appreciative over time for your new experiences and connections. Step back then and see that the promises of a new workplace culture may be achieved by your capacity to coexist with others in ways that build a family tie.


  • Give your employees a free feeling:   The inventiveness of employers who enforce restrictions tends to stifle. This restricts the flexibility of your most precious asset and will be reluctant to think outside the box.
  • Enable your employees to turn their thoughts into reality:  Even the finest ideas tend to be lifeless without the appropriate resources. In order to enable its creative staff to carry out novel thoughts for future product development, the world’s most inventive firms invest in their R&D services.
  • In the creative world of your employees: When you can show your staff a road that leads towards creativity, the core of innovation is reached. Just don’t preach creativity to your staff. Show rather how to find originality, so that innovation may be used in your job.
  • Never Aim Solely In R&D: As an organisation, innovation should not be restricted only to R&D. It is vital that every department in your organisation be integrated in the implementation of an effective creative culture.
  • Going into Trust the Fighting force And Opportunity: Failure is part of the process of learning. Injecting a dread of failure into your staff if you penalise them for making errors. Such an approach impairs their capacity to develop innovative thoughts dramatically.
  1. Innovation in the sense of recliners for every employees during their fatigue period:

What type of innovation: Recliner has gone a long way since the pleasant mechanism entered the chair business initially. As the recliner has begun appearing in nearly every house throughout the country, furniture manufacturers have developed new methods to add technologies which improve the comfort level the chair can offer without losing the clean lines and the design of the majority of people in the house. Recliners were typically extremely big and space was taken up in a room. The cushions and pillow-top patterns have become bulky. In these conventional recliners, the reclining mechanics comprise mostly of lateral levers and reclining connector power.

Benefit to organisation: In various ways, mental tension takes place – nausea, tiredness, headache, migraine. In such a circumstance, the person must be comfortable to alleviate the consequences. Recliners give the greatest possible support. Massage recliners for example offer features like as rollers and heaters to aid mentally and physically battle stress. In addition to stress, the chair also provides great lumbar support for the discomfort of the back – an enduring health problem in young people and elderly! A recliner helps reduce pain and inflammation by removing pressure from the spine and relieves the tiresome joints and bones.


  1. One of the most important aspects contributing to any business’ success is whether or not its workers can work together. With rising competition, creativity in the office has become increasingly crucial to boost productivity and foster healthy employee interactions.

Working in teams makes it possible for persons working on their own projects to be faster and more successful in their work. Working together makes employees more accountable, which makes a significant difference in increasing their level of motivation particularly when teams operate practically.

Some additional major issues presented through collaboration are:

Brainstorming – Collaboration allows team members to unite on a single platform and work towards achieving a common objective via thought, brainstorming and diverse viewpoints.

Working to the same aim generates a strong feeling of purpose in the team members. The team finds value in working together, because the common objective provides it an important incentive to work together and to benefit the firm as well as the team from each other.

Equal Partaking – Each team member has the same opportunity to contribute.


1. Money

2. People of the company

3. Time of the company

4. Efforts of each and every employee.

5. Space for foster and innovation.

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