Critical Approaches to Online Learning

Research & Evaluate 

Research topic 

Childhood obesity is on the rise. Explore how nutrition and health education in schools improves the health of Australian children 

Search Strategy 

Search tool  Search phrase Limiters Results 
UniSA Library  “Childhood obesity is on the rise” OR increasing AND nutrition AND young education    ARTICLES   PEER- VIEWED JOURNALS  1202 
UniSA Library  “Childhood obesity” AND increasing   AND nutrition AND education  Date 2010 – 2021   Peer viewed journals  57 
Scholar Google  “Childhood obesity  is a rise in Australia” Date 2018 –2022  Peer -viewed  17100 
UniSA Library  “Overweight in Children” AND Australia AND increasing AND Health education  Date 2000 -2022  Peer –viewed journals  205  
UniSA Library  “Health education through football” AND nutrition AND childhood obesity OR overweight etc AND AustraliaDATE 2015 -2022 Peer-viewed journals4041

The search process involved selections keys word from my research topic of” childhood obesity is on the rise, explore the nutrition and health education in schools improve the health of Australian Children”, it included in the search phrasing. I used such as quotation marks, AND, OR, etc were included in the search phrasing. The search applied further by implementing limiters that filtered for peer viewed journal from the search tool of Scholar Google and UniSA Library. The search strategy was completed and with results obtained was narrowed down as low as 57 in one case and as high as 17100, with articles in those results being relevant and useful to research’ sources and evaluate the topic.

Eight Scholarly Sources 

[List eight scholarly sources that you will use to address your Research topic. Ensure that you complete all fields for each source. It is important that your sources are scholarly and highly relevant to the Research topic. NOTE: You will be marked on the information you include for each reference and not on the referencing style.] 

Source Author/s Year Article Title (or Chapter Title for scholarly books) Journal Title (or Book Title for scholarly books) Volume 
Journal is refereed  (Ulrichsweb)  Yes/No Number of references listed Link to the source 
Note: see Assessment video to find out how to include the correct link. 
E.g. Shanshan, L 2018 Applying data analytics to social media advertising: a twitter advertising campaign case study Journal of Advertising Education vol. 21 
no. 1 
pp. 26-32 
Yes 30 
Fung,C Kuhle,S, Lu,C, Purcell, M, Schwartz, M, Storey,K, Veugelers,P2012  From “best practice” to “next practice”: the effectiveness of school-based health promotion in improving healthy eating and physical activity and preventing childhood obesityInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity yes49
Natale, Ruby A, Messiah, Sarah, E, Asfour,   Lila, S, Uhlhorn, Susan ,B, Englebert, Nicole, E, Arheart, Kristopher L, 2017 Obesity Prevention Program in Childcare Centers: Two-Year Follow-Up   American journal of health   promotion Vol.31   No. 6   p.502-510 no nil 
      Alison, R Elizabeth Denney,W  Rachel, L Mark, H     2013 Child obesity prevention in primary health care: Investigating practice nurse roles, attitudes and current practices: Child obesity prevention   Journal of paediatrics and child health Vol.49  No. 4 p.E294-E299 Yes 26 
Larsen,M, Elbe,A, Madsen,M Madsen,E, Ørntoft,C, Ryom,K,  Dvorak,J, Krustrup,P,    2021An 11-week school-based ‘health education through football programme’ improves health knowledge related to hygiene, nutrition, physical activity and well-being—and it’s fun! A scaled-up, cluster-RCT with over 3000 Danish school children aged 10–12 years old  British journal of sports medicineVol.55 No.16 P.906-911yes39  
 Mattke,A,2019Mayo Clinic Guide to Raising a Healthy Child: Ages 3–11 – Nutrition for growing kids Mayo Clinic Children’s ClinicPart. 3 Chapter 13 P.199-216nonil  
Margerison,C, Worsley, A2022Ways to improve secondary school teachers’ confidence in teaching food and nutrition subjectsTaylor & Francis online journal Yes60  
De Silva-Sanigorski, Andrea M, Bell, A, Kremer,P Nichols,M, Crellin,M, Smith,M, Sharp,S, de Groot, F, Carpenter, L, Boak, R, Robertson, N, Swinburn, B,  2010Reducing obesity in early childhood: results from Romp & Chomp, an Australian community-wide intervention program  The American journal of clinical nutritionVol.91 No. 4 p.831-840yes51  
Heale, J2015Obesity and OverweightThe Spinney PressVol.380 No.1 P.29 -60yes28  

 Source 1 

Summary and Evaluation 

Mattke (2019, p219) in included the levels of childhood obesity are increasing at alarming rates in Australia, according to H Australia (2021) — In Australia, around 1 in 6 children aged between 4 and 15 years are considered overweight, one in 14 in this age range are obese in 2002, further highlighting its relevance to the research topic.  Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children, a child or teenager who is obese or overweight will carry more body fat for their age.  There are many reasons can cause of childhood obesity, according to Mattke (2019), some of the main reasons including diet, non-knowledge of nutrition, regularly eating high-calorie foods, such as fast foods, baked goods and vending machine snacks, can cause your child to gain weight, lack of exercise, family factors, psychological factors, socioeconomic factors, certain medications. The Author has published and presented extensively on their research relating to raising a healthy child, early elementary school years of being younger, fitter and stronger, improve knowledge of nutrition of eating well, it also alert relationship and responsible of being a parent and school need improve about the way raising the children to avoid overweight and obesity. The article was published in Mayo Clinic, a peer-reviewed journal and has been cited Cited by 77- Nassan. With the pace at Childhood obesity is on a rise, issues always identified for many years to current, it is clearly need to improve the nutrition knowledge and early health education in schools, to avoid rising number of overweight in children and raising the next generation with healthy food for a better future.

Source 2 

Summary and Evaluation 

Margerison & Worsley(2022) conducted that School food and nutrition education plays an important role in imparting food-related knowledge and skills to students to avoid childhood obesity.  The results are relevant to the research  topic as they address  nothing provides more of an immersive experience for children than the time they spend in school. This means schools have a rich opportunity to improve youth health and tackle obesity at the ideal point in time-before problems take hold. The study was conduct at School of Exercise and Nutrition Science, Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria, Australia (Margerison & Worsley 2022), The authors has published and present extensively on their research  relating Teachers’ suggestions to improve their confidence in food and nutrition teaching, food and nutrition knowledge and skills, the status of food and nutrition subjects , focusing  on the ways to improve secondary school teaching preventing obesity in children. The article was published in Taylor & Francis Online for academic education. The authors used 60 references to developed their journals. The research does have any citation yet because recently published in August 2022, but has been 143 views. With the source of research recently, result showing the important role of schools teaching to develop the knowledge on nutrition, prevent childhood obesity rate in Australia. 

Source 3 

Summary and Evaluation 

Larsen,M, Elbe,A, Madsen,M, Madsen,E, (2021) study showed that “Health education through football’ programme for children aged 10–12 years old is one of the most successful program to  improves health knowledge related to hygiene, nutrition, physical activity and well-being  Vol.55 (16), p.906-9. The results are revenant to the research topic as they addressed the effects on health knowledge and enjoyment of learning playing and having fun of an 11-week program ‘health education through football’ programme physical activity for children aged 10–12 years old to encourage children learn outdoor activities to get away from screen time.  The program was conducted at Danish school (Larsen,M, Elbe,A, Madsen,M, Madsen,E, 2021). The authors have published and presented extensively on their research program relating health education of childhood obesity, with focus on children 10-12 year of ages. The article was published in England by BMJ Publishing Group LTD, a peer-reviewed journal, and has been cited 7 times. With health education in schools program improves the health of Australian children through physical activity of football and it is importance to consider to institution conducting to all schools in Australia from the young age to ensure reduction rate of obesity childhood.  Research shows that children who engage in regular physical activity and improve their physical literacy, reap the numerous health benefits, special decreasing number of obesity children.

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