D/508/0491 Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Task 1 Solved

D/508/0491 Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Task 1 Solved


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Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Aims and Objectives 3

Discussion 4

Aim of the Project 4

Reliable Objective of the Project 4

Project Plan 4

Cost 5

Scope 5

Risk and Resources 5

Gantt chart Work Breakout 5

. 5

Research Methodologies 6

Qualitative Research 6

Quantitative Research 6

Conclusion 7

References 8

Managing a Successful Business Project


Project management is one amongst the foremost crucial elements of management. The domain of project management can be demonstrate as an effective method or arrangement of procedures in order to accomplish a management effective objective at intervals as identified fundamental quantity. In different word, project management can be consider as the tool is that the use of precise fundamental quantity for accomplishing an organisation motive that practice skills, techniques, data, information or blend of these. The attainment of a project principally relies upon the executive of the project (Saltz, et al., 2017).

So the project executive is answerable for assigning the tasks to be consummate and provides all required instructions to the workers to figure in line with the major goals of the project. throughout the project, the manager ought to learn such a lot of things so he will do higher for the corporate and can offer formalised coaching to his dependents and co employees.to finish a project a project executive has to deliberates project time, scope, project resources or communication intermediate, aligned risk and encounters.so the executive of a project has to be viable and masterly in order to complete the development (Moya-Colorado, et al., 2021). For the reliability of the assignment and ensure the talent management theme, a case of Leon eating hotel, United Kingdom has been chosen.

Aims and Objectives

The main of this assignment is to inaugurate certain project goals, aims and timeframes constructed on the selected subject of Talent Management with in the workplace. This assignment also aims to demeanor small-scale research, evidence gathering and facts collection, producing knowledge to upkeep the project


It has been widely suggested that in order to run an efficient and reliable project or to complete a project, the project executive has to came upon the effective aim and specific objective of the project as a result of, if the executive fixed the effective aim and specific objective of a project then it will be straightforward for manager to urge the clear plan and create an improved set up for the project to be completed. Consequently the manager of the ‘Leon Hotel’ has agreed the effective aim and specific objective of the project reserved at hand. The effective aim and specific objective of the project is specified within the ensuing aim (Cooper and Sommer, 2018)

Aim of the Project

It has been observed that Leon is new within the food business, that the company needs to own a property market reception and to urge into the new market though’ endorsing and taking some company social accountability. The project manager of the corporate has booked a project in order to push clean and property setting in the region of the United Kingdom. The project manager need to understand the desirability and blessings of CSR accomplishments in order to urge competitive blessings over the rivals.as an zone of the project the container conjointly has the aim to urge some economical blessings over the present opponents within the market with the assistance of some CSR action plans (Pramono, et al., 2020)

Reliable Objective of the Project

The respective project manager of the Leon has set the target of the relevant project. The manager needs to induce competitive benefits over their rivals to induce into the innovative market and wish to induce benefaction of the opponents over and done with taking some business communal obligation activities. The manager of the corporate should make sure the capability to satisfy the project price and every one alternative resource required for the project. The manager of the corporate will have to be compelled to ensure the standard of the project and also the manager of the project ought to contemplate the behavior of the bargain hunter and competitors in order to encourage competitive benefits within this market. Consequently in advance to enchanting the CSR accomplishments, the manager has to achieve a coincidental of the critical analysis of the desired project (Burress and Rowell, 2017)

Project Plan

Along with successful complete a project the executive of the project should have an inspiration for that project.it has been widely evaluated in the prior studies that for a more robust project arrange helps the project executive to realise the target of the project in an exceedingly better ways in which the word project management arrange is outlined because the method of however the project can implement, administrate and managed. On other hand multiple researches have observed that, project administration arrangements are formal and encompass conventional ways in which a project has to be managed. An effective and efficient project management mainly includes the subsequent elements for an instance costs, effective time, good quality, strong communication along with the risk and resources An reliable and appropriate project plan is that the foremost instrument that demonstrates the trail in order to finish the project. Consequently the project executer needs to improve a Project arrange for obtaining the project prospering. The Project plan for Leon is agreed within the following discussion (Aiyer, et al., 2018)


To plan an effective project and to complete it, the manager should take into account some necessary component of the project and price is that the most vital component of project, consequently as a manager of the Leon house the manager would like to contemplate price of the project. It has been observed in the past studies that the estimated cost required for the project is the core concern of the manager. So the manager actually have set associate degree approximate price for the project (Saltz, et al., 2017)


To finish a project with success, manager actually has to contemplate the effective scope of the overall project. It has been suggested in the preceding literatures that the scope of the project comprises some necessary aspects for an instance designing, project coming up with, efficient development, hypothesis analysis, and acquaint with some software system along with appropriate hardware that are essential for completing the project. According to the standpoint of the past researches it has been evaluated that achievement of a project conjointly considers the downside of the project that is detrimental for the project. Leon eating house ought to circumvent the variations in designing, dynamic the target customers, taking new set up often (Saltz, et al., 2017).

Risk and Resources

It has been critically evaluated in many preceding literatures that business related project has certain resources and risks. The project to induce competitive blessings through taking CSR has conjointly some potential risks and possessions. It has been observed in the past studies that the risks regarding the project are certain limitation such as time constraint, currency, helpers, and demanding things of the national government. And therefore the resources as suggested in the prior researches are skilled staff, expertise, sufficient investment and consequently the positive approaches of the company. Therefore as a project manager of the Leon Company; it will be reassure that the project are proficient within the time as a result of the project has sufficient resources as compared to the risks at hand (Saltz, et al., 2017)

Gantt chart Work Breakout

Accordingto the preceding literature, it has been observed by the researchers that an effective project management plan has 5 stages, so the executive of a project should divide the entire task into 5 completely different phases. Therefore as a manager of the Leon restaurant; taken associate initiative to break the total work. In the perspective of the project plan, the 5 stages of labor are consummate amongst the time nominal. If the assigned tasks will be accomplished amongst the time then the project is a self-made one for the corporate (Ziyadin, et al., 2019)


Stages of TaskRequired DaysEmployees Needed
Project Initiation23
Research Methodologies
Qualitative Research

According to the viewpoint of the various preceding literature it has been evaluated that qualitative analysis is taken to understand the insight of the purchasers and individuals (Pramono, et al., 2020). An appropriate and honest qualitative analysis facilitates the project manager to grasp what the purchasers of the corporate want from the company. Consequently the Leon edifice has set some inquiries to get the understandings of the procurers. Within the following section, as a manager of the project has set some inquiries to be responded by the purchasers and noncustomers of the business.

1. Can the CSR package upsurge transactions of the company?

2. Does one suppose Leon edifice is socially responsible?

3. Does one suppose that each one folks of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are promoted from the program?

4. Is that the company able to promote itself by the CSR?

Quantitative Research

It has been widely suggested that the quantitative analysis can be conducted with the help of the techniques such as case study, survey, observation and questionnaire (Moya-Colorado, et al., 2021). Therefore in order to perform quantitative analysis research the manager of the Leon Hotel utilised the survey methodology based on the survey forms prepared on Likert Scale. As an investigator after manager asked the primary respondent regarding the standard of the CSR program and also the advantage of it, the respondents answered absolutely appreciated and expressed that the overall program id highly essential and effective sweet for all and also the company can get superior consideration of the shoppers UN agency are measure aware of the efficient and appropriate setting (Cooper and Sommer, 2018).

The analysis methodology that has been taken by the Leon edifice is the best methodology of analysis for selling and business analysis. Each quantitative and qualitative analysis methodology is done with efficiency to fulfill the objectives of the respective project (Burress and Rowell, 2017). The corporate needs to understand the feasibleness to enter within the new market phase that the project executive of the project has taken the on top of mention analysis to fulfill the necessity of the relevant project. The quantitative analysis has disclosed that almost the entire client wishes premium quality of the food and that they suppose that the worth of the product of the Leon Company is to some extent high. Additionally quantitative analysis also recommends that the corporate wants some edifice within the best locations and that they have recommended that the corporate need to minimise the worth of the product (Poveda-Bautista, et al., 2018)


The field of the Project management could be a method of completing a task amongst such as time. This respective domain supports an organisation in order to undertake any task along with the factor of the success amongst the restricted budget of time period, cash and other different resources. By means of a manager of the Leon restaurant, this assignment essay have consummate the project of coming into within the new market section external to the state of origin. As a result the company specified the accountability to the current manager of the project and that the manager has taken all the everyday jobs in order to whole fulfillment of the task. Consequently the manager has castoff all relevant and effective policies and along with efficient techniques in order to complete to the entire project amongst the time .in this assignment the writer even have illustrate the procedures and practices taken by the Leon fast food project management.


Aiyer, M., Panigrahi, J.K. and Das, B., 2018. Successful customer relationship management in business process integration and development of applications for project management. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology9(2), pp.637-643.

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Moya-Colorado, A., León-Bolaños, N. and Yagüe-Blanco, J.L., 2021. The Role of Donor Agencies in Promoting Standardized Project Management in the Spanish Development Non-Government Organizations. Sustainability 2021, 13, 1490.

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Saltz, J., Heckman, R. and Shamshurin, I., 2017. Exploring How Different Project Management Methodologies Impact Data Science Students.

Ziyadin, S., Shash, N., Levchenko, T., Khudaibergenova, S. and Yessenova, G., 2019. Modeling of resultant effects in assessment of innovative activity of the hotel organizations. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues6(4), p.2180.

D/508/0491 Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Task 1 Solved

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