Mint Class – JetBlue Assignment Solved

QMint Class – JetBlue Assignment

The new concept of the Mint class might create a positive impact on the business operations of Jetblue. It was implemented in the year 2014, September. The Mint class service of this company has also provided a competitive advantage to them and this also disrupted their key rivalries like Virgin America, South West Airlines (SWA) and Sprint. This latest Mint class of JetBlue provides all the things that a passenger can presume to get from a plane. With the help of this Mint class, the passengers can experience high-class travel at a very cheap price. This offering makes Jetblue unique from its other competitors. As a result, the rivals of Jetblue Company will have to lower their high prices and also need to enhance the overall facilities that they are offering to their potential customers in order to gain a competitive advantage and also to maintain the market share in their target market. In the late 1900s, the strategic position and financial performance of Jetblue is not very good and so the investors of this firm also questioned the CEO of this company (Rosen, 2021). The key rivals of Jetblue at that time were Sprint and SWA which were effectively challenging this company on the routes of the east coast. After the introduction of mint class services in 2014 Jetblue Company changes the overall industry’s landscape and also increases its dedicated base of customers. Apart from that, the positive impact of Jetblue on their passengers generates loyalty and trust among them. Jetblue introduce the Mint class services to their passengers or customers because they were unable to compete effectively with their key competitors like Virgin America in terms of profit percentage. Jetblue has introduced the mint facility to their 16 A321 airplanes. They implement entirely lie-flat seats as well as sliding doors with four suites in their planes. Each of the 16 seats gives extra privacy to their passengers. The Mint customers also provided other benefits like large flat screens, signature mint cocktails, flight amenity kits, security screening with priority and services like dinner and drink. Apart from all of that, Jetblue’s mint service also provides radio and satellite TV options. The passenger-friendly design was the core brand value of Jetblue airlines. They provide more legroom to their customers at no extra changes. Other than that, their “True Blue” reward option also allows the passengers to get free tickets to enjoy the mint services of Jetblue Company. A very huge amount of money was invested to implement the mint service and remove 47 coach seats (Rosen, 2021). The move of Jetblue was very much controversial for them as many of the passengers had considered it as disloyalty of the egalitarian approach of Jetblue. Apart from that, many crewmembers were also considered this move that it was far away from JetBlue’s value.  

The Jetblue Airway is the first plane to introduce lie-flat seats at a most affordable price tag to the domestic lines. With the help of all of these factors, Jetblue is growing more rapidly than Jetbue expected. The mint class service was the major move of Jetblue. These services help Jetblue to attract not only premium travelers but also help them to attract budget flyers to enjoy their services. All of these services allow Jetblue to gain the loyalty of their targeted passengers very effectively. They have also made various changes in their overall services. They have increased the legroom for their passengers, priority boarding, and bag fee so that the flyers can enjoy their journey. All of these changes allow the Jetblue Company to gain annual revenues of around $450bn and allow them to reduce the capital expenditure year-on-year by approximately $1bn. The mint service of Jetblue is available only in A321 planes. These jets fly flagships routes from New York JFK to San Francisco and Los Angeles. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, they try their best to lower the interaction between their passengers and cabin crews.

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