Solution: EDEN 100 – ASSIGNMENT 1


Part 1: Reflections on the Register Variables

Use the questions in Column 1 and analyse the sample oral interactions provided under the assessment tile. The transcript for Viv’s conversation is provided on pages 4-5.

Probe Questions Link to readings and theoryInteraction 1Interaction 2
Why are they talking? What is the purpose?  They are conversing about gender identities, friendships, and societal roles in addition to the interactions between the dolls. Through her creative play with the dolls and her mother, Viv is investigating these ideas.Viv uses pretend play with dolls to talk about gender roles, friendships, and social interactions.  Viv tells stories and describes the people and things that happen in them.
What are they ‘talking’ about? What topic or topics?         They are conversing about gender identities, friendships, and societal roles in addition to the interactions between the dolls. Through her creative play with the dolls and her mother, Viv is investigating these ideas.   Viv, age three, her mother, and toys are all involved in the conversation. Viv assumes the roles of pioneer and investigator. She provides details, queries, confirms, and even requests assistance, just like her mother did with one of the dolls. Throughout the debate, the roles mostly stay the same, with Viv taking the lead in examining different facets of identities and relationships.Viv uses pretend play with dolls to talk about gender roles, friendships, and social interactions.  Viv tells stories and describes the people and things that happen in them.
Who is interacting? What role/s does the child take in the interaction? Does the child give information?Does the child ask for information or a service? Do the roles change at different stages of the conversation?Participants: Viv is conversing with her mother. Child’s Role: Viv assumes the roles of explorer and initiator as she talks about the relationships and preferences of her dolls. Child’s actions: Viv provides information as well as requests it. She talks to her mother about her opinions on the roles played by the dolls and solicits her advice. Position Changes: For the most part of the engagement, the child’s position as the initiator doesn’t change. Every now and again, she asks her mother to hold a doll, temporarily changing the role to one of requesting assistance.Participants: Viv is conversing with her father. Child’s Role: Viv assumes the parts of narrator and responder. In response to her father’s questions, she narrates tale elements and characters. Child’s Actions: Viv adds to the story by narrating people and events in stories, providing information. Role Shift: In response to her father’s questions, the child’s role shifts to become that of a storyteller and responder.
How? What modes does the child use to communicate? E.g., oral, gestures Which mode contributes most meaning?Although Viv communicates verbally most of the time, she also employs gestures and motions to convey her feelings. The majority of meaning is communicated orally, but gestures and movements enhance her words and improve the communication process as a whole. Cope and Kalantzis (2012) Textual function of language (Thwaite; Derewianka & Jones, ch 2) Communication Modes: Viv speaks primarily orally, however she sometimes occasionally employs gestures to emphasise her points.   Primary Mode of Meaning: Oral communication makes up the majority of the meaning in this conversation since it reflects Viv’s creative play and conceptual study of societal issues.Communication Modes: Viv speaks mainly orally and emphasises spoken words while describing plot points Main way of Meaning: Viv’s descriptive and narrative abilities are communicated through oral communication, which is the main way of meaning contribution in this encounter.

Part 2: The Role of the Adult (Word count: 200 – 300 words)

1. What patterns of interaction (e.g., prompting, recasting/reformulating, expansion, extension and imitation/repetition) are used by Viv’s mother to enhance Viv’s language development? What would you do differently?

Viv’s mother uses a variety of engagement techniques, including rephrasing Viv’s words, expanding on Viv’s answers, and prompting (asking questions). By offering Viv verbal examples and motivating her to express herself more fully, these methods aid in her language development. Perhaps I could ask Viv more open-ended questions to encourage her critical thinking and creativity in order to further advance her language development. To help Viv develop her vocabulary and storytelling abilities, I may also include exercises that inspire her to tell stories or elaborate on her experiences. Setting up a language-rich atmosphere with a variety of stimuli, including as games, novels, and art projects, can also offer beneficial chances for language acquisition.  

2. What are some similarities and differences between Interaction 1 and Interaction 2. Please use your notes from the table in part 1.

similarities: Oral Communication: The majority of the exchanges take place verbally, with Viv speaking during each. Parental Involvement: In both encounters, Viv is actively engaged by her parents (the father in Interaction 2 and the mother in Interaction 1), who answer her questions and promote dialogue. Child’s Engagement: Viv is showing signs of curiosity, inventiveness, and open communication in each of these encounters. differences: Topics: While Interaction 2 focuses on narrative and detailed talks about people and events, Interaction 1 is more concerned with social interactions and imaginative play. Child’s Role: Viv talks about connections and preferences in Interaction 1 as the starter and explorer. She switches roles in Interaction 2, responding to inquiries and outlining plot points.

Part 3: Make a summary and reflect upon key ideas in lectures, communication sessions and readings (Module 1).                           Word count: 250-300 words. Please use APA 7 referencing conventions.

A thorough examination of the fundamental ideas behind language development in children was given in Module 1, which drew knowledge from texts, lectures, and communication exercises. In line with Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural Theory (Vygotsky, 1978), the module emphasised the crucial role that social interactions play in language learning. As Viv’s talk with her mother and dolls demonstrates, these exchanges work as vital scaffolding for language development, highlighting the significance of a nurturing environment (Vygotsky, 1978).   Moreover, the module underscored the dynamic character of language acquisition by stressing the interaction between genetics and environmental cues as well as nature and nurture (Pinker, 1994). Viv’s imaginative play and her aptitude for understanding intricate social concepts are indicative of the interactionist viewpoint (Tomasello, 2003), which posits that language development is the consequence of a confluence of social experiences and biological predispositions. The lesson also explored the role that early experiences have in developing cognitive and language skills (Piaget, 1952). Piaget’s preoperational stage, which emphasises symbolic play and intuitive thinking, is in line with Viv’s investigation of roles and connections (Piaget, 1962). In addition, the integration of various communication techniques like expansion and inquiry is consistent with language development study conducted recently (Bloom, 2000). The encouraging words from Viv’s mother are consistent with the Zone of Proximal Development theory (Vygotsky, 1978), which holds that students benefit most from guidance from an experienced third party. To sum up, this module shed light on the complex relationship between language acquisition and social interactions, cognitive functions, and environmental factors. Viv’s engagement gave us a concrete illustration of these theoretical ideas in action, which strengthened our comprehension of the complex dynamics underlying language learning in early life. References: Bloom, L. (2000). Language development and the developmental disorders. In M. Gazzaniga (Ed.), The New Cognitive Neurosciences (2nd ed., pp. 909-922). MIT Press. Piaget, J. (1952). The Origins of Intelligence in Children. International Universities Press. Pinker, S. (1994). The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language. Harper Perennial. Tomasello, M. (2003). Constructing a Language: A Usage-Based Theory of Language Acquisition. Harvard University Press. Vygotsky, L. S. (1978). Mind in Society: The Development of Higher Psychological Processes. Harvard University Press.  

Interaction 2: Phase 3 language

3 year-old Viv is playing with dolls – there is a paint pallet on the table and her mum is behind the camera

TimeInteractantVerbal language
00:00         Viv..And which one is you’re not best friend?
00:04MumWhich one’s my best friend?
00:05VivYes, who is that?
00:06 And which one is (pauses) not my best friend.
00.16VivThis one!
00.17MumAww they’re both my best friends
00.18-26VivNo… Hey… (Holds up dolls). That one is not your best friend and that one is your best friend (holds one doll out to mum)
00.27MumOh, one best friend
00.29-00.36Viv(indistinct talking as she places the ‘not best friend’ doll away from others behind the table)
00.37Mumoh these ones are best friends
00.40VivHe and he are your best friends (while pointing at individual dolls) (indistinct)…two mummies are best friends
00:46Mum:two mummies
00.58Viv:Yes… and this one… which one…No pink or purple or…. Why….purple… or… (Taps dolls head..) that one.. (taps another doll’s head) or that one? (indistinct chatter about colour as she interacts with one doll, Bingo).
01:07- 1:13Viv and dollsAwww Bingo (addressing figure) you already did your colour -don’t use more colour – (continues to interact with dolls about colour)
01:41V: to dolls…Over here….No, not on the counter, around here
01:50V to mum(holding out Bingo to mum) You wanna hold Bingo ..for a sec?
 MumMmmm – (takes Biingo)
02.03VivNow … what will he say?
02:04MumThank you for helping me
02:06VivI (indistinct) Bingo’s sister brother
02:12MumBingo’s sister or brother?
02:14VivI am a brother and you are a sister
02:20V (to doll)What I am?  a Mummy.. ? And this is the mummy (indicating herself)
02:28MumWho are you?
02:29VivI am a mummy
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