Tetanus Health Effect Report Assignment Solved

1. Tetanus is caused by spores of the Clostridium tetani bacteria. Animal excrement and soil are the most common places where the organism can be discovered. According to a study, when this organism gets into a deep incision that has recently been cut, it is very likely to multiply into a large number of bacteria that can cause a serious infection (Department of Health, 2017). According to studies, the toxin can create major issues with the functioning of the nerves that control a person’s muscles in the body. We are concerned about the creature since it has the potential to cause harm. To begin, it’s crucial to recognize that tetanus is a consequence associated with accidents and wounds; as a result, it’s critical that patients obtain the necessary surgical and medical attention if their wounds are infected (Bullock & Manias, 2017). Another factor to keep in mind is that all open wounds are infected and should not be closed. Dead tissues must be removed, and depending on the extent of the wound, surgical treatment should be performed under appropriate conditions. Since Mary suffered a deep incision, she was given a tetanus booster to reduce the power of germs that could have generated toxins.

2. Understanding how to deal with tissue restoration is still a work in progress, and studies show that present treatments are restricted. The failure of a wound to heal properly after an accident has afflicted millions of individuals throughout the world each year, and this is due to a lack of control over the elements essential for tissue repair. Failure to follow one or more processes in cells can lead to further complications in the human body (Lee & Bishop, 2016). A thorough understanding of the biology of repair and regeneration is required in order to develop tactics that will improve the body’s ability to repair mechanisms.

First observation physiological basis

If a wound is not adequately treated, it has a very high potential of becoming infected. In the vast majority of cases, such scenarios will result in skin and tissue damage (Bowler, Duenden & Armstrong 2010). More issues may arise as a result of such situations. When wounds are cared for properly, the chances of infection are reduced. When you find the wound is hot to the touch, swelling, and redness covering the skin, you may have symptoms of infection

Second observation physiological basis

When one has a wound, the first stage of healing, known as inflammation, begins as soon as the bleeding stops (Wound Healing Phases, 2021). The process allows the body’s white blood cells to protect the infected area against further infection. Chemicals are released from the wound during this process, and there are several main sources of swelling, which account for the pain that some people experience.

Third observation physiological basis

These insights are common among people who have wounds. You discover that most wounds exude a light, thin liquid (Craft & Gordon, 2015). It is assumed that the drainage has become purulent when the amount of this liquid increases. Other causes for concern include odor and color, although they should be treated as normal.

3. Mary had a very good probability of developing a fever after a short period of time if she had a deep incision (Wound Healing Phases, 2021). This is due to the fact that when someone has such cuts, the air is more prone to enter freely. The logic underlying this is that pyrogens stimulate cold-sensing neurons while inhibiting heat-sensing neurons. The hypothalamus gets tricked into believing that the body is colder than it actually is because of this change. As a result of this circumstance, the hypothalamus is pushed to boost the temperature in order to control the situation, resulting in fever.

Two benefits of fever

Unlike what many people believe about fever. Fever will almost certainly cause no harm. Fever is significant because it indicates that the person experiencing it is attempting to battle an illness within their body. Ear infections and the common cold are examples of such infections. As a result, it is critical to recognize that fever is not the same as infection. Fever, according to a study, can be beneficial to the human body. It’s worth repeating that fever elevates body temperature, making it hard for some microorganisms to proliferate in the body.

4. Sources of contamination and transmission modes

Endogenous source of contamination

When the agent causing the illness is from the patient’s own body, most commonly from the patient’s flora, it is referred to as an endogenous contamination source. When the normal flora of the patient’s body undermines the body’s immunity in circumstances of contamination after surgery, this form of infection becomes crucial. Mary’s wound could have been contaminated by her own body while it was being treated. Direct or indirect transmission is possible.

Exogenous source of contamination

The infection will introduce organisms from the outside to the interior of the body in this form of contamination. In most cases, this is the primary mode of transmission. According to studies, the majority of infections are spread from one person to another or from an animal to a human. The contamination was most likely caused by the doctor who was caring for Mary’s wound (Marieb, Hoehn, 2016). To be more specific, this infection can be traced back to the environment, humans, or animals. Transmission is either direct or indirect in this scenario.

5. Appropriateness of Augmentin

Mary may have been afflicted by bacteria or infections that have been proven to be vulnerable. In such instances, research shows that Augmentin is favored. In some circumstances, the medicine is not suggested in order to prevent germs from developing resistance to it and to retain its effectiveness (Lieberman, 2015). As a result, prior to utilizing the medicine, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the illness. Augmentin was appropriate in Mary’s instance.

This antibiotic is effective against a wide range of gram-negative, anaerobic, and gram-positive bacteria. The medicine works by interfering with the machinery that controls how bacterial cell walls are cross-linked. As a result, the medicine is readily absorbed after being taken orally. They are definitely clinically important in the outpatient context, according to studies.


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