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Tim Hortons

Pandemic as a challenge

Lessons learned




Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian fast-food chain worldwide. Tim Hortons provides coffee, bagpipes, and other fast food products based in Toronto. It is Canada’s biggest fast-service fast-service restaurant franchise. Tim Hortons is an economic and cultural element of Canada, which is 50 years old. It symbolizes the growth of Canadian fast food, but it also offers an example of a corporation that has high importance in developing ties with its community.

The deteriorating Canadian wave of Covid-19 cases pressures the famous coffee chain of the country, Tim Hortons, and this might hide some progress made in its comeback. In the portfolio of Restaurant Brands, Tim Hortons was the only chain that reported a loss in sales in the same store compared to a double-digit drop from the previous year (Abu-Laban, 2020).  Globally, sales of the same store decreased 2,3%, and sales of the same store in Canada declined 3,3%. The fall in system-wide sales of Tim Hortons has driven down the negative organic income of Restaurant Brands compared to the previous year. In general, Tim Hortons accounts for around 60% of overall revenues for Restaurant Brands.

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been investigated and explored the impact of Covid-19 epidemic on Tim Hortons, The ways and means the company is using to address, respond to and sustain the pandemic are addressed and explained. Along with that the sustainable goals and suggestions are stated in a well-defined manner for a better understanding of the reader.

Corporate social responsibility means all duties that a corporation must adopt to achieve an appropriate model for good nationality in a certain environment, legally necessary or freely decided. Aspects mentioned, to maximize the relationship between the organization and all of its players. Corporate social responsibility means all duties that a corporation must adopt to achieve an appropriate model for good nationality in a certain environment, legally necessary or freely decided.


The Canadian deteriorating covet-19 coffee wave is pushing the country’s iconic Tim Hortons coffee chain, which might disguise some steps forward in its return. Tim Hortons was the only chain with a double-digit decline from the prior year to disclose sales in the Restaurant Brands portfolio. Sales of the same store have fallen by 2.3% worldwide, and Canadian sales have decreased by 3.3%. The decrease in Tim Hortons system-wide sales has reduced Restaurant Brands’ negative organic revenues compared with the prior year. Tim Hortons generally contributes to around 60% of restaurants’ total sales.

In 2005, TDL Group posted a turnover of $1.48 billion, which grew across Canada as well as in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Western Virginia, Kentucky, and Maine, respectively. 3G Capital stated in August 2014 that it will purchase the TDL Group and integrate Tim Hortons’ operations with Burger King.

So, Tim Hortons became a global chain, just like Burger King is. This has been made simpler. The acquisition was concluded in December of that year and since then both Tim Hortons and Burger King are held mostly by 3G Capital and also by former shareholders of the two companies under the NYSE ticker: QSX. In 2018, however, Tim Horton’s franchisors reportedly complained to the Government of Canada that Restaurant Brands International did not follow the requirements for the purchase.

Same-store sales were failing long before anybody heard of the coronavirus—they had declined 4.6 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, for instance, and 1.2 percent in the quarter before that (Musonera, 2019). When the quarantine hit in full, Tims dropped hard and fast, with a 30 percent Canadian same-store sales decline in the second quarter. Long before everyone heard of the coronavirus, the same-store sales were struggling—for example, they had declined 4.6% in the previous year’s fourth quarter, and 1.2% in the prior year. As the quarantine struck in full, Tims dropped sharply, with Canada’s sales down by 30 percent in the second quarter.

In or near several Canadian Forces bases, Tim Hortons has many shops. In March 2006, TDL Group stated it will build a store at the Canadian Forces operations facility in Kandahar, Afghanistan after it was asked by Chief of the Defense Staff, General Rick Hillier. A 40-foot-trailer on the military installation inaugurated the new Kandahar shop on June 29, 2006.


The worsening Canadian Covid-19 wave is putting pressure on the country’s renowned coffee company, Tim Hortons, and it might mask progress on its return. Tim Hortons was the only chain in the restaurant brands portfolio with a double-digit decrease compared to a loss in the same shop. Sales in the same store have dropped by 2,3% worldwide while sales in Canada have fallen by 3,3%. The decrease in Tim Hortons’ system-wide sales has reduced the restaurant brands’ negative organic income from the previous year. Tim Hortons generally contributes for around 60% of the restaurant brand’s entire sales.

Tim Hortons is significantly smaller than Burger King it is much larger than the sibling Popeyes – but RBI has immense importance. Tim Hortons is far smaller than Burger King.

As the firm generates a significant amount of its profits by selling both commodities to its licensees and immovables, Tims accounts for over 60% of RBI’s turnover. This makes Tims’s a key turnaround for RBI. The chain was struck by conflicts with the franchisees and marketing tactics, such as its short flirtation with a burger produced with Beyond Meat. It simply did not work.

Tim Hortons Inc. is recognized for coffee and doughnuts, a Canadian fast-food restaurant. Canadian hockey player Tim Horton established it in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. Tim Horton joined investment firm, Ron Joyce, in 1967, which rapidly assumed the company’s lead and extended the chain to a multi-million dollar franchise.

For the first time since the epidemic began, the Canadian rate of new infections with Covid-19 exceeded that of America. Ontario, home to roughly 40% of the people of the country and nearly half of Tim Hortons, is under residence order until 20 May. On Friday, Cil told investors that it would be “actual” to prolong the mandate. In 2018, however, Tim Horton’s franchisors reportedly complained to the Government of Canada that Restaurant Brands International did not follow the requirements for the purchase (Maze, 2020). The rates of new Covid-19 infections in Canada this month were the first in the U.S. since the beginning of the epidemic. Ontario, which houses roughly 40% of the population of the nation and nearly half of the sites of Tim Hortons, remains in residence until May 20. On Friday, Cil said experts had a “real chance” that the mandate would be extended. But Tim Hortons has some luminous areas. Consumers come back to cafés in places where Canadians may have more typical habits. Executives stated that sales of suburban eateries are flat to slightly higher than in the year-ago period. In Canada, it also has about 1000 outlets more driven than its rivals, which allows it to attract consumers who search for comfortable methods to get their coffee.


Tim Hortons can implement certain digital marketing techniques that are explained in the following ways

– SEM AND SEO: SEO and search engine marketing influence the whole digital campaign in terms of data and content; nevertheless, you have to be able to collaborate with many other team members.

– Content marketing: a marketing strategy focusing on the production and diffusion of helpful, suitable, and evidence-based judgments to attract and keep a specific audience and eventually to value rather than their rivals. In addition to producing high-quality, SEO-friendly levels of different sorts, you must also be able to grasp how visitors are successful.

Planing and thinking based on design: the phrase “design thinking” relates to the way users take decisions. The method fosters human-centered conduct while dealing with large-scale complicated challenges.

– Social Media Marketing: a marketing strategy via digital websites, since, as its name suggests, different social media platforms for advertising and selling goods or services are a kind of digital promotion and commercialization. These can be used on platforms for social media marketing such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

– Affiliate marketing: this is a method where one company promotes itself on the other’s websites and culminates in the same manner in traffic. Affiliate marketing is a winning scenario for all stakeholders. (Trimi and Han, 2017) You can list and submit links on your website to your colleagues or references. All organizations may gain from each other in this way.

Consideration must be given to the environmental effect that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions entail when evaluating the companies from coast to coast to have relatively a consistent menu throughout all eateries. The firm is concentrating on its environmental accomplishments to create social receptivity. In this sense, posters and other restaurant equipment, time messages, or different corporate papers, including an annual report and a sustainability and social responsibility report, will make them accessible to the public.

The Tim Hortons, as a public business, has a lot to display. They have to generate different investors’ reports, however, are also publicly visible. reports on reports In addition to the different publications, sustainability, and activity responsibility are published. Present the outcomes of the firm, including the annual report.


In this report, we have explained the background of Tim Hortons and the strategy adopted by it with the products and services provided by them. The impact of Covid 19, in the current scenario, is explained in terms of Tim Hortons. The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on the Tim Hortons outbreak were examined and studied, We discuss and describe the techniques in which the firm uses to deal with, respond to and sustain the epidemic. The sustainable targets and ideas for a deeper knowledge of the reader are also well-defined.


Han, H., and Trimi, S. Social commerce design: A framework and application. Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research12(3), 50-68., 2017.


Musonera, E. The merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons: analysis of marketing strategies in the quick service restaurants. International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances6(4), 267-283., 2019.

Abu-Laban, Y. Tim Hortons and Canadian identity. Nationalism and Popular Culture, 2., 2020.

Maze, J. THE PANDEMIC COMES AT A TOUGH TIME FOR TIM HORTONS. Resturant Bussiness.https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/pandemic-comes-tough-time-tim-hortons., 2020.

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