Developing a Cloud Model for an Organization Assignment

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Background 3

Cloud implementation overview model 4

Proposed Cloud Computing Concepts of Operations 4

Service Models 6

Deployment Models 7

Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics 9

Security 11

Concerns and Challenges for Common Wealth Bank 12

Conclusion 13

References 13

Developing a Cloud Model for an Organization


Cloud computing had become the most required technology in this modern era where the entire services and the business are transforming to the advancements and innovations. In this case, the cloud computing could play the major role in managing the data and services that are offered by most of the business and organizations. The Commonwealth Bank is one such organization which requires the cloud computing for the management of the services and operations through online. In which, the increase in the number of customers and services across the world, the Commonwealth Bank is in need of cloud migration. In this report, it has to be discussed about the cloud deployment model where the proposal for the cloud migration has to be discussed. Along with that the cloud service model which suits for the Commonwealth Bank has to be discussed and then it has to be discussed about the characteristics and possible challenges that could occur with the Commonwealth Bank after migration to cloud and the suggestions could also to be discussed in this report.


The Commonwealth Bank is the top most banking sector in Australia where it is the foremost banking services that serves best services for the people of Australia. In which, the Commonwealth Bank is headquartered in Australia and it has huge number f branches across the globe. It operates in New Zealand, US, Fiji, and in many of the Asian countries. The Commonwealth Bank is being provided with the services such as fund management, banking, retail, business, insurance and so on. It currently works on the on-premises data centers where it had been located in different locations of the world. Since, it did not have proper management and update, there would be issue occur with the providing of the business solution to the customers (Adalberto R. Sampaio Jr., 2019). Added to this, due to technological development, the customers are in need of Net banking and online services from the Commonwealth Bank. In order to fulfil the requirements of the customers and also, to enhance the services that are provided by the organization, the migration of cloud is required highly. In which, the cloud computing offers the best services for the banks and it provides the best platform to work with high security of the data since it is related to the banking and fund management, it must be secured with efficient security mechanisms.

Cloud implementation overview model

The cloud implementation model for the Commonwealth Bank had been depicted in the above slide. In which, there would be numerous users who can be staffs and employees of the Commonwealth Bank and also, the customers. The diagram contains the cloud computing servers with different users who had been using the cloud for the services

Proposed Cloud Computing Concepts of Operations

The proposed cloud computing for the Commonwealth Bank would be the hybrid cloud computing where it is the combination of public and private cloud environments. The hybrid cloud environment could be helps in managing the services of the bank where it could be useful for the customers to meet their requirements anywhere at any time. In which, the cloud computing provides the network storage and the platform to access the data that are related to the customers which could be based on the banking solution (Davide Taibi, 2018). The deployment of the hybrid cloud computing could be less expensive and it reduces the cost that is spent for the management of the data and the software those are used in the existing environment. The maintenance of the software and the banking related tools are too crucial where it needs to be taken specified care to manage the software and tools. But in the case of cloud computing, every process had been automated where the Commonwealth Bank need not to be patched up the software and tools regularly (Atchison, 2018).

The hybrid environment for the Commonwealth Bank would provide highly efficient services and operations where it could be useful for managing the crucial data that are related to the customers and also, it could be able to manage the sensitive applications that are provided by the Commonwealth Bank. The hybrid environment offers both public and private environment, in which, the customers of the bank could be use the public environment to reach out the services that they wanted and also, the private environment could be useful for managing the confidential operations and applications. The Commonwealth Bank could integrate the functionalities and services that are provided for the customers with the hybrid cloud environment. It can be integrating the existing data center with the cloud computing for managing the highly confidential information about the customers and their account in the Commonwealth Bank (Death, 2020).

The customers of the Commonwealth Bank could acquire the services through online and also, they could be involved in the activity of transactions of fund and management of the data in the cloud computing. The cloud offers security to the Commonwealth Bank where the data and operations are being done with security. The access control could be managed well where the Commonwealth Bank could integrate the biometric authentication or multi-factor authentication for the users of the online services where it could provide security from the threats where the malicious actors could try to theft the access and intrude the system for the access of the data. But the cloud provides the privacy for the data users and also the deploy the encryption algorithm for the security (Dr.Santanu Koley, 2020).

Motive for the Commonwealth Bank for cloud migration

There had been contained various reasons for the Commonwealth Bank to migrate to the cloud and they are described in the below section.

  • Providing efficient customer experiences
  • To offer online services
  • To manage storage efficiently
  • To enhance security
  • To reduce cost spent
  • Automated update of software and tools
  • High availability and accessibility

Service Models

There are different cloud service models available and it had been used for different purposes by the organizations. And they are SaaS, IaaS and PaaS where these could be deployed for different management of services and operations. For the requirement of the Commonwealth Bank to manage and migrate to the cloud, PaaS could be deployed. In which, PaaS could be abbreviated as Platform as a Service (Forrest, 2018). The PaaS provides the efficient services for the organization where it could be useful for deploying the software and hardware which are used by the Commonwealth Bank in the existing system. It need not to change the application or the software that is belongs to the Commonwealth Bank where the PaaS could provide the platform for the customized hardware and software that is belonging to the Commonwealth Bank (Francisco Ponce, 2019).

Fig 2: PaaS Service Model (DZone, 2021)

It could be very useful for the bank to provide the effective services and banking solutions for the customers. In which, there had been identified various solutions and services for the customers by integrating the storage, database, memory, computing for the deployment of the software with the cloud computing (Gandhi, 2017). The management of the data and the services is the foremost requirement of the Commonwealth Bank where it involves in the aspects of providing the banking solutions. It could offer best management of services and storage through the cloud computing and also, with the traditional approach. It could enhance the security of the services and data management through the implementation of encryption algorithm. The PaaS offers the pay-as-you-go method where the data and the services that are availed through the internet (Gnatyk, 2018).

Deployment Models

The deployment model that could be suitable for the Commonwealth Bank would be the hybrid cloud computing where it could provide effective solutions for the management of the online services. The hybrid cloud computing is the wise choice for the Commonwealth Bank where it provides both public and private cloud environment. In which, the management of the Commonwealth Bank services and banking solution requires the access of the public that is the customers and also, it requires management of confidential process and data through the private cloud (Hein, 2019). It optimizes the process that are taken carried with the Commonwealth Bank and also it provides virtual environment for the customers of the Commonwealth Bank to manage the access and the banking solutions that they had been offering for the customers. The security is the foremost and major requirement when the Commonwealth Bank migrates to the cloud computing environment. The management of the services could be identified and managed by the aspects of the automated system control and in the cloud computing, there would be the accessibility and monitoring of the services all through the day whenever the consumers use the cloud environment (Hein, 2019).

Fig 3: Hybrid cloud environment (Ulyanov, 2020)

The hybrid cloud computing offers less expenses for the Commonwealth Bank where it could automatically manage the updating of the software, hardware and other tools. Also, it could take very less time for patching up the software and applications that are integrated with the environment. Then, it also manages the data as well which could be effective for the services and solution offered by the Commonwealth Bank. The hybrid cloud computing offers the reliable services where the customers can easily access the data and operations with the environment. The staffs and employees of the Commonwealth Bank could also manage the system by auditing the data. Moreover, the migration of the Commonwealth Bank services to the cloud environment would be benefitted in utilizing very a smaller number of employees for managing the data and operations of the banking solution. The load balancing is the significant feature that could be resided with the hybrid cloud environment where it could manage the data where the Commonwealth Bank consists of numerous customers across the globe. It could enhance the Commonwealth Bank by providing them flexible services and also, there would be security implications with the data and services. The regulatory legislations and compliances had been added advantage where it could let the Commonwealth Bank to manage the date and services effectively (Gnatyk, 2018).

Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics

For improving security factors on the cloud environment of Commonwealth bank, several cloud computing features and characteristics factors are taken into cloud (Microsoft Azure, 2019).

On demand Self service

The common wealth banking sector utilizes the cloud computing for storing and accessing their business information regards to the selected service provider model. It have to offer a string security measure in handling huge databases and to facilitate the actions of computing resources for getting support from the service providers. The Common wealth banking services have to access through the factors such as storage, space database instance, virtual machine etc. It depends on the web portal to access their cloud account and to gain resources.

Broad Access Network

The data over the network are access with the specified resources through the consumer platform models. Several accessible measures are taken to connect with the LAN system for improving the essential elements. Several network bandwidth connections are enabled on the cloud environment for access through the network. This cloud computing environment access Quality of service to the cloud environment within their time. It helps to access with the customer service data of common wealth bank and their utilization of application in an time sensitive manner (Miller, 2018).

Resource Pooling

Tendency on spending the trial factor have to undergoes with the assistance of adopting several cloud model required for the commonwealth banking environment. This allows the users to share several information with proper security metrics for sharing their data on cloud envrionemnt and to get access from it. These kind of characteristics are taken place with these cloud deployment model and to improve their service associated with the physical sources and their flexible connection on related to the performance. It provide a better access over the identified physical sources and access over the resources as per the user requirements to access the resources stored on cloud. The allocation of the resources in the multi tenant environment could not impact over performance on the manufacturing applications (Jonas Fritzsch1, 2019).

Scalability and Elasticity

These are the most common characteristics required for an cloud environment. The cloud computing deployment on the cloud have to spend all their resources required for the commonwealth bank. The elasticity features on the cloud environment could manage the dependencies in accessing the information of the banking customers from their server. The outcome of the cloud computing sources shows that the suitable outcome Is taken place for measuring the capital expenses in a fixed time which is scalable resources. This is required to implement security features on the organization by developing elasticity and scalability options. This helps the banking sector information for testing their information and protect them from unauthorized access. The rapid elasticity features have to examine the information using several security control measures (Hein, 2019).

Service measures

For this Common wealth bank cloud computing sources, there are several common measures are required to adopt the cloud services. The organization has to pay for their service provider as an utilization measures (Mary, 2019). This will be more helpful for them to measure their activities. Several running cloud services are measures with the help of service provider and their storage option. The placing of server and their working abilities are required to manage in this banking organization. The payment is based on the selected cloud model in the manufacturing organization. The common wealth factor have to pay as per the utilization of data on cloud environment. These statistics are monitored and controlled by the service providers (Palmer, 2016).


A hybrid cloud security model have to protect the information on the cloud infrastructure and to access the data using several application. The IT architecture and their workload platform structure and management taken part in the exposure of cloud environment. The common wealth banking sector stores their sensitive and confidential information on their cloud and to protect it from critical risk factors. This kind of risks involved on the development of security option is required to review all their services, requirements and compliance policies (Sinha, 2017). These implementations have to take care of the workloads and resources. This organization have to arrange their supporting option and to create an secure IT portfolio o deal the most important control of cloud computing such as

  • Physical Control
  • Technical Control
  • Administrative Control

Physical Control on the hybrid cloud environment take care of the action with several security standards on the cloud service providers. These are more essential to follow up these standards and to access it. This includes the restriction of information using the entry system and their access using the PIN codes, passwords and several data measures on the datacentres. Losing the control of physical access makes an intrinsic control over the cloud computing services on access to the data onf the cloud using their several access measures taken to limit the permission of unauthorized access (Shiff, 2018).

The technical standards involves on controlling their technical measures on the cloud computing environment because of the centralized management aspects. This have created with all security concern based on the encryption standards. It can able to merge with the encryption data to control he cloud environment and to develop using the password factors. The essential measures are taken control over the access measures and end point security

Coming to the administrative control, the controls over the executed measures are based upon the factors related to the cloud environment. In case of the disasters, several administrative controls have to follow the strengthen measures for protecting the information on the cloud aspects. The development of cloud security involves in securing using the private and public models on the common wealth platform. More strategies are developed to improve the cloud security strategies as a protection measure.

These are some of the control measures taken to collect from unauthorised action, corrective control plan are proposed to detect the threat occurrences (Palmer, 2016).

Concerns and Challenges for Common Wealth Bank

Challenges for the Commonwealth Bank

On the migration to the cloud computing environment, the Commonwealth Bank would face several challenges that are related to the security issues. Due to lack of security factors and also, with the connection of the services to the internet all the time results in the poor management of the data and also, it affects the data security which affects the entire services of the Commonwealth Bank. The Commonwealth Bank had been managing the customers information, banking services, transactions, online banking, insurance services through online with the help of network. Through this, the intruders could affect the system and the data by sending the malwares, or flooding the network with the data packets (Ngnix, 2020).

The compliances are another issue that could be faced by the Commonwealth Bank when migrating to the cloud, where it has to be made agreement between the cloud vendors and the consumers. Otherwise, the cloud vendors could access the data and services that are provided by the Commonwealth Bank. Before migrating to the cloud, there must be drafted the required agreement for accessing the data and the services that are related to the customers. It creates huge issue for the management of the services and operations provided by the Commonwealth Bank. The patching of the software and hardware that are related to the Commonwealth Bank must be done with the guidelines that are provided by the cloud computing vendors (Mary, 2019).


To effectively use the cloud computing, the Commonwealth Bank must take carried the following aspects where it is considered as the most challenging one.

  • The implementation of the encryption algorithm could enhance the security of the data where it could be useful for the management of the operations and functions that are provided by the Commonwealth Bank. In which, there contains various cryptography algorithm for the security and privacy aspects where those must be integrated with the cloud computing (Palmer  , 2016).
  • The access control must be implemented where the biometric or multi-factor authentication must be provided for the customers and staffs of the Commonwealth Bank where it could be done with their credentials.
  • The deployment of the guidelines for patching up the software and hardware that are integrated with the cloud computing.
  • The compliances and laws must be adopted where the agreement has to be done before migrating to the cloud environment by the Commonwealth Bank.


Thus, it had been done the report on the aspects of migration of the Commonwealth Bank to the cloud environment. It had been depicted the deployment of the services and models through various diagrams. It had been identified the suitable cloud model and services for the Commonwealth Bank and also, the security implications had also been assessed. The characteristics of the hybrid cloud and its reliability for the management of services and operations in the Commonwealth Bank had been analyzed. Along with that the challenges that may face by the Commonwealth Bank after migrating to the cloud environment had been identified. It had been suggested some solutions that are related to the management of effective solution for the Commonwealth Bank.


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