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Trimester 1, 2021

Assessment Weight:       50 total marks


  • All questions must be answered by using the answer boxes provided in this paper.
  • Completed answers must be submitted to Blackboard by the published due date and time. 
  • Submission instructions are at the end of this paper.


This assessment consists of six (6) questions and is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit

Question 1 Week 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ( 11 marks)

Distinguish between core, facilitating, and supporting services, and explain the potential value each service offers. Provide an example for each service and discuss. (Word count: 500 words)

ANSWER:  ** Answer box will enlarge as you type

A core service is regarded as vital for the health and safety of the public. The area financed by the County in this category comprises roads, prison, enforcement, and needed maintenance for public/mental health services and other social services of the state or other income sources. The increased service offer mixes what is available with how it is provided. Interaction between clients and other clients Customers are included in the provided product.

The listed core services correlate to their key business sectors. The usual outsourced services include maintenance and repair. The instances constitute two main techniques for outsourcing: 1) market-based outsourcing to external providers and 2) internal subsidy outsourcing. Immobilization and cleaning are market-based services. The services have been somewhat standardized and the marketplaces have been quite competitive. Machines were mostly centered on projects, including production, installation, and commissioning services. The support services are designed to assist clients to make use of the core services and often are knowledge-intensive. Some of these support services are strongly tied to security and health, such as risk analysis, safety training, and auditing. The support services enable the core services to be performed. Examples of facilitating services include logistics, communication systems, and the provision of personal protective equipment.

Question 2 Week 7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (7 marks)

From a customer perspective, what defines value in each of the following service settings:

  1. a nightclub
  2. a hairdressing salon
  3. a tax accountant

(Word count: 300 words)


  1. Although present research on bouncing nightclubs mostly focuses on the physical policing of rowdy customers by bouncers, Clubbers consider a club’s most vital elements to be equality between men and women, good music and advantageous prices, a wide selection of beverages, and nice lodging(Søgaard et al,2019). VIP guests don’t like a number to be treated. You should be greeted at the door, led down to your seat, provided the best-selling liquors, and served by your favorite waitress. The use of a CRM system helps to track this information so that all employees have a smooth VIP service.
  2.  Exhibition during a show of hair and beauty, have your channel on YouTube. Contain popular sites, posters. try to Sponsor events for charity, Encourage a package for lunchtime, Create your salon with an Insta-Friendly Space. Happy staff and customers who are particularly at your trade fair are the keys to success. The success of a salon depends mostly on being able to communicate efficiently with customers and workers. The communication abilities required in a trade fair include problem-solving and effective customer relations.
  3. Communicate clearly to acquire new tax clients, Highlight the contest, Enhance your reputation, Enhance your reputation, Woo your outlook for great content, Make the new customer embarkation pain-free. From conventional personal meetings and letters to emails, instant messaging, and social media, you have so many opportunities to communicate with prospects. First, find out how your customers want to communicate with you. Just ask them. Ask them. You and your company are also prepared, online, via a portal, by text message, or by telephone call, to communicate at that forum. In such communications preferences, you may detect generational tendencies, which can allow you to gain new tax customers.

Question 3 Week 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (11 marks)

What are the factors that make frontline work stressful and difficult? Provide an example and explain how this business could manage these difficulties for their employees to achieve better customer service and satisfaction. (Word count: 500 words)


During the COVID-19 epidemic, frontline employees have suffered significant and unparalleled pressures, which have jeopardized their physical, emotional, and social well-being (Lemieux‐Cumberlege and Taylor, 2019). Excessive stress can have a lot of adverse effects on the emotional and mental well-being of frontier employees over longer durations. It could:

Conduct to burnout.

Stimulate the start of typical mental disturbances like depression and anxiety or stress disorder after trauma (PTSD).

Result to unhealthy conduct such as the use of cigarettes, alcohol, or other materials that may lead to problems in the use of substances. This leads to frequent job absenteeism or poor productivity while working.

Methods to overcome problems are listed below-

Put things in view

Take stock of the things you control and the obstacles that you do not control. Please spend time every day telling you some of the things that you have done.

Stay up to date- Fill in on themes like case identifying, infection control and prevention (IPC), or on any subject that is important to your involvement in the response from credible sources such as WHO and your local health authority.

Consider using a reliable provider’s online courses and keep those instruments in the field accessible.

Take care of themselves better

Take time to take little acts which regularly offer happiness, comfort, and self-esteem.

Practice strategies such as breathing, gradual muscular relaxation, grounding, and attention.

Follow your therapy

If you are being treated for a mental illness, keep to your medicines and contact your mental health care provider if necessary to make modifications to your diet.

Where psychological help from person to person is problematic, seek virtual alternatives.

Know your restrictions

Consider how you may lessen some pressure at work or home, if you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, and address it with your supervisor or your family members.

It is also necessary to monitor symptoms and report occurrences of exposure promptly or if you are suspected of being sick.

Increase the risk of suicide between front-line professionals, especially health personnel.

Avoid excess information

Try to restrict your media coverage, including through social media, to as much as feasible.

Evite unchecked sources of medical knowledge and strive to prevent myths and rumors from spreading.

Avoid overloading information

Try to limit your visibility, even via social media, to media coverage.

Evite unreliable sources of medical information and strive to avoid myths and rumors being disseminated.

Stay online

Take advantage of text or video chat for friends and family and join meals or social events.

Exchange help with reliable employees, since many had similar experiences.

Stay in touch

Take advantage of text or video chat for friends and family members and join meals or social events. Exchange support with confident employees, since many may have similar experiences.

Support yourself

Get acquainted with your rights to defend yourself. For example, define your reimbursement and treatment rights for infection or legal protection against assault and harassment.

Contact your boss honestly and ask for help, such as adjustment of work (e.g. flexible timetable, rotation to less stressful duties), extra protection equipment, or training. Instead of expressing concerns separately, consider employing a lawyer as a trusted senior colleague.

Question 4 Week 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (7 marks)

Select a bad and a good waiting experience you had recently, and contrast the two situations concerning the aesthetics of the surroundings, diversions, and other people waiting. (Word count: 300 words)


People tend to recall terrible events more clearly than positive myopic ones. Groupon has recently left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. My partner and I looked for months to get a new mattress. We opted eventually to go on this website with a memory foam mattress because we’ve got one in our guest room that everybody seems to like. We also picked the option to buy the mattress for the base. The foundation appeared last week but no mattress was in sight. People tend to more vividly recall poor experiences than pleasant myopic experiences. A recent incident with Groupon left a nasty taste in my mouth. My friend and I looked for months to get a new mattress. We opted to go on this website with a memory foam mattress since in our guest bedroom we have one that everyone seems to enjoy. We picked the option for the mattress to buy the foundation also. It appeared last week, but no mattress was in sight.

I had a nice waiting experience when we went to buy a car at a dealership. The environment was peaceful around me and strong noises did not distract anyone. The time for paper processing was meant to wait there. We were served drinks and then we were issued with a high-tech tablet. Internet connection was provided. The movies were mostly concerned with the functionality of the automobile we bought. However, we also had the opportunity to browse personally if necessary. We were working in our world when we were interrupted between them to inquire whether we needed any assistance or occasionally a signature. The wait there was quite soothing and the company’s service proved to be superb. Now we can see why the organization is so renowned in our region.

Question 5 Week 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (7 marks)

Identify the guidelines for effectively designing and implementing a customer service strategy. Which of the guidelines do you think are the more important ones? (Word count: 300 words)


The guidelines are listed below for a better understanding of reader-

Creating a vision for customer service

The first stage in developing a client service strategy is to communicate the vision of the client service to personnel.

Evaluation of client requirements

Without knowing what consumers desire, companies can not satisfy their consumers’ demands.

Organizations frequently fail, they squander important resources and provide products and services that the client believed they wanted just to find out what the consumer wanted (Elsbach, and Stigliani, 2018). The difficulty is to know what the consumer wants and to plan for those requirements. The first stage of an attempt to enhance the customer is to talk with the consumers to determine their perceptions of the services offered.

Employ the right people

Recovering the consumer is another element in a successful customer service approach.

Screen staff to ensure that they have the readiness and competence to promote a good atmosphere of customer service.

Competence may be learned but personality and attitude cannot be taught.

This is unfortunate, but not everyone should communicate with clients.

Set customer service objectives

Employees must grasp what the purpose is to assist the company achieve its business goals.

For example, if a customer call center is operated, a goal may be to reply in X minutes to all calls and hold staff responsible for this standard.

Train the staff

If you hire well, it will be natural for your personnel to properly service their clients.

All, however, may benefit from practical training on the customer service strategy of the company. Staff needs to know what they desire. The training should explain how the company wants the staff to comply in all situations and to help the staff learn how to respond.

Accountable Hold People

Employees should know how their service to the client influences the overall success of the firm and should be held responsible for reaching customer satisfaction goals.

Good service reward and recognition

A well-conceived system should be in place to recognize and reward personnel for providing excellent service.

Employees require a strong customer service culture and should be honored when demonstrating their desired conduct. For instance, ask for comments from your clients so that you may identify and recompense your top service providers with gift cards, an unexpected bonus, or lunch.

Question 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (7 marks)

Why does consumer perception of risk constitute an important aspect in selecting, purchasing, and using services? How can firms reduce consumer risk perceptions? (Word count: 300 words)


The perceived risk is a consumer’s uncertainty, particularly when buying vehicles, homes, and computers, for example. Whenever a buyer contemplates the purchase of a thing, he or she has various reservations, particularly if the product is excessively pricey.

Financial – Every consumer suffers some extent of financial risk. They are afraid that a purchase might strip them of their income sources at that time or in the future.

Functional – The perceived risk may involve worry and/or doubt about the consumer’s failure to execute the intended function of the goods they buy.

Social – This kind of risk concerns the social position of the consumer. If a person is of a high or rich social class, he wants to buy items that his peers also purchase (Lăzăroiu et al, 2020). They may opt, for example, not to purchase a cheap automobile because of the concern their friends could disapprove of or their social position may affect their counterparts.

Financial – Each customer has a certain amount of financial risk. They fear that a purchase may then or in the future deprive them of their sources of income. For example, buying a car might provide them little or no money or credit for the next months or even years that would impact their income.

Physical — A product that might cause a person or his family physically harmful produces a perceived danger. For example, the purchase of a rifle. The weapon may inadvertently fail and cause an accident. A book may seldom do bodily injury, on the other hand.

Procedure to reduce risk are listed below-

Determine possible risks – A consumer’s judgment that a meal or drink does not taste nice can be so easy. More serious might also concern over the safety of a product, the adverse effects of medicinal products, or the security of online financial transactions.

Furnish target data- Clear consumer objections from academic, public, and professional organizational sources using objective facts.

Garanties provide –These might include an offer of cashback, substitution, or repair. See your history of customer service and assess how likely you are to replace or repair your goods. In the past, your financial risk may be quite modest with a guarantee if you have little desire for this.

Use approvals- Consumers might be more confident about a product if a person or organization they trust supports it


Søgaard, T.F. and Krause-Jensen, J., 2019. Bouncer service work: emotional labor and flexible masculinity. Journal of Organizational Ethnography.

Voss, R., Success Factors of a Nightclub from the Clubbers’ View. 44.

Lemieux‐Cumberlege, A. and Taylor, E.P., 2019. An exploratory study on the factors affecting the mental health and well‐being of frontline workers in homeless services. Health & social care in the community27(4), pp.e367-e378.

Elsbach, K.D. and Stigliani, I., 2018. Design thinking and organizational culture: A review and framework for future research. Journal of Management44(6), pp.2274-2306.

Lăzăroiu, G., Neguriţă, O., Grecu, I., Grecu, G. and Mitran, P.C., 2020. Consumers’ Decision-Making Process on Social Commerce Platforms: Online Trust, Perceived Risk, and Purchase Intentions. Frontiers in Psychology11. 44(6),


Submission instructions:

  • Save submission with your STUDENT ID NUMBER and UNIT CODE e.g. EMV54897 HC2112
  • Submission must be in MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT ONLY
  • Upload your submission to the appropriate link on Blackboard 
  • Only one submission is accepted.  Please ensure your submission is the correct document.
  • All submissions are automatically passed through SafeAssign to assess academic integrity.
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