Greer John Wealth Management Pty Ltd is an advanced organization with a very powerful base of consumers in the context of making their investments. The customers also trusted the organization in terms of making any kind of investment. The concerned organization is known to be central network for taking care of credentials along with investments of its customers. The platform was developed in the year 2000 and it was a fore-front development of that time. The gigantic platform had proved to be very much efficient for both the commercial activities as well as to meet the requirements of its customers. However, due to changing condition and with the passage of time, the leaders of the organization find the need to evaluate the technology-based plan of action for the company and determine the prospects of using a cloud-based system.

The main purpose of the report is to determine the microservice infrastructure element of transforming into the cloud platform. In the first part of the report the discussion would be about the various advantages, an organization will experience on shifting from their colossal infrastructure to a micro-service platform. In the second part of the report the discussion would be about the important component of the microservices infrastructure. Moreover, it will also discuss about the requirements that needs to be considered in terms of breaking the gigantic platform into the microservices platform. Furthermore, it will also discuss about the advantages obtained from the process of service modelling. In the final part of the report the concept of DevOps would be elucidated along with the development and the testing procedures that would be needed to execute the DevOps in the concerned organization.

Microservices Components of Transforming into Clouds

Microservices constructions assists the rapid groups in moving at a great pace and also to make sure that the complete doesn’t come to a halt in case of an intrusion of any condemning virus. Microservices is known to be a cloud-based architectural perspective, wherein only one application is used and which consists of several generally paired elements as well as individually outsourced small elements or even provisions (Fritzsch et al., 2018).

Here are the few services it includes:

  • It has its own assemblage, including an information base as well as an information model.
  • The services interact with each other across an integration of REST APIs, gliding of events along with information dealers.
  • It is formulated by the capacity of a particular commercial activity. Moreover, a line is applied to isolate the provisions, which is frequently known as a compassed condition.

Advantages of Microservices

Microservices has a great potential of being famous choice among the employees, project heads of an organization as well as among its builders. This is known to be an uncommon attribute of microservices as its constructional fanatism is mostly meant for the original creators of the concerned services. The key reason here is that it depicts the manner in which several commercial leaders aims to formulate as well as operate those working under him as well as its enriching procedures. Hence, microservices are known to be an architecture-based theory that provides the needed functional theory in a much better manner (Jabbari et al., 2016).

In this context, the Greer John Wealth Management organization will have the following benefits if they move from the monolithic construction to the microservices construction:

  1. Individually Outsourced- The biggest advantage the Greer John Wealth Management company will have by moving to microservices is that it will not have the requirement to work in association just for the purpose transforming a part of the content in any particular app. The reason here is that the concerned provisions are not big and also can be outsourced individually. The use of microservices will provide a commitment to the concerned organization in the form of a remedy for an ingrained dissatisfaction in connection with the minor amendments which occupies a huge portion of time of an organization. Moreover, it has been determined that there are several rival organizations that are working towards developing their digital network with an attempt to stay at par with the requirements of their customers. In the present time, mobile applications have gained immense popularity over the web and for this microservices architecture is very much essential. Furthermore, if the Greer John Wealth Management company wants to continue with effectively managing the accounts as well as the investment of their customers, they should take an initiative to shift their focus to microservices architecture (Mishra et al., 2018). Hence, the concerned organization should move their focus from creating an individual code location with several programs to having a huge application for the organization with several smaller elements in the form of provisions. Therefore, in the microservices architecture, every provision can be built, outsourced and examined independently. The brighter side here is that it is not necessary to have high achievements in computer science to gain an understanding of a perspective that will offer a great pace as well as promptness.

Additionally, it even needs to be noted that the pace of the operations in an organization is not the only advantage offered by the microservice. However, it is a generally developing organizational theory that will integrate the multi-operational team of an organization to resolve an issue, provision or even a commodity of a commercial activity (Newman, 2017). In this context, a microservice theory best fits the business inclination as it will allow a company to build a small, multi-operational group in terms of a provision or a series of provisions and also make them function a rapid style. Ultimately, the reduced magnitude of the provisions in integration with their specific restrictions and style of interacting, enables it to be simpler for the members of the concerned group to apprehend the location of the codes and add to it at a faster pace. This demonstrates a precise set of advantages both in terms of its operating pace as well as in terms of the confidence of the employees.

  1. Appropriate technique of working- In a customary n- tier constructional style, a particular application distributes a mutual accumulation. Moreover, it has a huge, interconnected system of information-base that assists in the functioning of the complete application. The concerned perspective has numerous prominent disadvantages and the most critical among them is that all the elements of any particular application should have mutual accumulation, information theory as well as an information base. However, it also doesn’t matter that if has a specific and improved technique for a particular work in terms of few specific components. This has the potential to make it a poor construction, also it is considered to be annoying for the builders who are continuously conscious that an improved alternative is available to develop such elements. In this context, the Greer John Wealth Management company, should shift to microservices framework, wherein they will be in a position to outsource the elements individually as well as interact across few integration of REST, event surging and information dealers. Hence, there will be huge prospect for the organization to maintain a heap of each provisions individually with an attempt to be maximized for that specific provision (Chen et al., 2017). Furthermore, since the Greer John Wealth Management company has the requirement to stay at par with the latest technological, incorporating microservices will prove to be very much beneficial for them, as it is known to be a app made up of several, small-scaled provisions that has been determined to be more easy as well as less costly to develop itself with a more appropriate technology as it emerges.
  2. Specific Measurement- Through the use of microservices, the Greer John Wealth Management organization will be able to independently outsource an independent provision as well as independently measure a particular provision. The advantage here is that, if the process is executed in an appropriate manner it will be able to use a less amount of construction than the monolithic apps that was previously used by the organization (Long et al., 2017). The key reason for the use of the microservices infrastructure is that they allow specific measurement of those elements that needs such services and also it is not required to allow the whole application like in the case of a monolithic construction.

Key Elements of Service Design

Since the executive leadership team of the Greer John Wealth company is in quest of new techniques to meet the digital requirements of its customers, it is required to have a user design considering several important elements. It should take into consideration the videos, attributes, orders, writing advertising copy, data construction among many others. It is important for the frameworks to be made in an appropriate manner and also to combine all the components to provide a complete experience to its customers. It is significant for the concerned organization to execute the same in their service design, so that they are able to provide an enhanced level of experience to their customers as the technology evolves with the passage of time.

Here are the three elements of Service Design:

  1. People: This element of service design consists of any individual who develops or consumes the services of a particular organization. Moreover, it also consists of those people who will have an unintended influence due to the usage of the concerned services (Wang et al.,2015). It consists of the workforce, consumers, consumers experience all over the execution of service as well as the alliances of the concerned organization.
  2. Props: This element of service design consists of the concrete or even the digitalized infrastructure that might also include a commodity that will be required to attain the goal of the service very much effectively. This element consists of the concrete place, meeting room, digital networks via which a service is provided like that of blogs or even web pages, digital documents as well as concrete commodities.
  3. Procedures: This element consists of the work procedures or customs that is executed by the employees of an organization or is encountered by its customers all throughout the time-span of the concerned service (Kalske et al., 2017). Examples, distributions of documents, taking an interview of a candidate or resolving a problem across assistant.

Factors required to be considered when splitting from monolith to microservices

  1. It is very much significant to start a microservice with an easy as well as an equitably disassociated capacity. Hence, if the Greer John Wealth Management company wants to embrace the microservice route it will be requiring some amount of preparation for the same (Aderaldo et al., 2017). Moreover, it calls for an on-order permission to the concerned outsourcing setting in terms of developing latest type of constant information delivery channel in a direct manner. This will assist in the process of individually developing, testing, outsourcing any incorporable provisions along with capacity to ensure security, debugging as well as in terms of monitoring a shared construction. In this context, the concerned organization would be required to transform their investment management commodities to meet the changing demand of technologies as well as that of the customers.
  2. It is also very much significant to reduce the dependability of the microservices on the monolith infrastructure. Through this the Green John Wealth Management company can have an access to a speedy and individually released cycle. Thus, if the concerned organization doesn’t give up their dependency on the monolith system, elements like information, API as well as logic will associate the service with the colossal released cycle and the organization will not be able to reap the benefit of the new monolith architecture (Balalaie et al., 2016).
  3. It is even significant to divide the viscous potentials at the initial stage itself. Moreover, the builders are required to determine the viscous capacity and reconstruct the same into a properly explained sphere as well as conceptions. Furthermore, they are then required to represent those spheres related conceptions into an individual provision.
  4. Additionally, it would be vital for the Greer John Wealth Management company to disassociate the key element of their commercial activity as well as those services that transforms very often (Zhu et al., 2015).
  5. Another critical consideration should be given to disassociate capacity and not the code. So, if the developers of the Greer John Wealth Management company want to bring out a provision from an already prevailing provision, they will either have to take out the code or they will have to recreate the capacity.

Advantages of Service Modelling

The Greer John Wealth Management company can enjoy the following benefits if they use service models like of SaaS ( Software as a Service):

  • SaaS is normally in the form of a subscription and no basic registration charge is required, thus minimizing any advanced payments made by the organization implementing it. Moreover, the designers of the SaaS handle the framework of IT ( Information Technology) that hosts the software and also minimizes the charges incurred on the handling of both hardware and software (Vavere,2019).
  • The concerned applicated is pre-implemented and designed in the cloud. This has the potential to enhance the speed of the starting procedure as the company would only be required to sign-up for the solution or other minor settings.
  • The builders handle the upgradation in various software and hardware. The concerned organization only needs to have a browser and a net connectivity to use the SaaS.
  • It will offer multiple registration options to the organization and also, they will have the freedom to transform their scheme as per their requirements (Ebert et al., 2016).


It is referred to as a series of functions that integrates the building of software as well as the different IT functions. It works towards the process of shortening the building life cycle of the system and offers constant delivery of great standard software (Zhu et al., 2016).

In the build stage, the concerned organization would be required to handle the process of software development, that is the wealth management products in this context. Moreover, it will even manage the different update of the software and will apply automatic techniques to arrange the codes for the upcoming emission to the process of development. Example, Docker, Puppet and Chef. In the testing stage, the concerned organization would be required to conduct multiple tests both manually as well as automatically to make sure that the code is of the best standard. Example, Junit, Vagrant and TestNG (Brunnert et al., 2015).


Through this report it can be concluded that the Greer John Wealth Management company is recommended to shift into microservices architecture from a monolith platform. In this way they will be able meet the changing requirements of their customers with the changes in technology that is taking place in the current world. It has been determined that it is important for the concerned organization to have microservice architecture if they want to want to continue to accurately handle the accounts as well as the investment of their customers. Moreover, it has also been determined that by implementing the microservice architecture the concerned organization can enhance the speed of its outsourcing procedure since it is executed at an individual level. Furthermore, it has been determined that if the Greer John Wealth Management organization wants to shift to the microservice architecture, it would be required to have a simple perspective along with a fairly distributed potential. Additionally, it will also be required on the part of the organization to disconnect the core components of their business as well as those aspects that transforms with the changing needs of the technologies. The concerned organization is recommended to make use of the SaaS-based service model as it would be more feasible for the organization with no charges involved in signing up for the software. The company is also recommended to make use of the DevOps that will reduce the development time-line of the platform and continuously provide effective software to the organization. Hence, the DevOps will manage the development of the wealth management commodities for the organization along with various revisions taking place.


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"MICROSERVICES CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT- Greer John Wealth Management Company [SOLVED]." Universal Assignment [Online]. Available: https://universalassignment.com/microservices-case-study-assignment-greer-john-wealth-management-company-solved/. [Accessed: February 1, 2023]

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