Periodic Table Assignment

Periodic Table Assignment

  • The periodic table is arranged into groups and periods which give certain information about the elements. What information is given by the periodic table for the following from their locations in terms of groups and periods?
ElementPrinciple ShellNumber of outer electronsElectron configuration
Boron 3 
Argon  [Ne] 3s2 3p6
  • What is indicated by group number?
  • What is indicated by period number?
  •  Moving from left to right, the elements go from highly electropositive metals through metalloids with giant structures to the simple molecular structure of non-metals.

Na          Mg          Al           Si          P4              S8          Cl2          Ar

< – – –   metals  –  – – >           metalloid       < non metals (simple  molecules)  >

  Complete the table of physical properties below by filling in the blank boxes.

     Typical properties     MetalsNon-metals
      Appearancesolids – shiny when cutgases, liquids, dull solids
      Hardnessmalleable and ductile 
      Electrical conductivity poor
      Melting pointhigh 
  •  The graph below shows the atomic radii for the elements of period 3 in the periodic table with units for radius expressed in nanometres.

Why is the radius decreasing across the period?

  •  Re-write the following statement filling in the blank spaces.

First ionization energy is defined as “The energy required to remove one _______ of electrons (to infinity) from one mole of gaseous _______ to form one mole of gaseous positive ______”.

  •  The graph below demonstrates the first ionization energy values for period 3.

Give a brief explanation for the drop in energy for Aluminium.


Electronegativity is a measure of an atom’s ______________ for electrons. It ___________ across a period and ____________ down a group. Francium is the least electronegative element and _____________ is the most electronegative element.

  • In terms of groups and periods of the periodic table, what happens to the trends in both melting and boiling point in general?
  • State the mnemonic used to describe redox reactions. Use this mnemonic to state what it describes in terms of the particles to which it refers.
  •  Give the oxidation states of the following:
  •  In molecules, the sum of the oxidation states adds up to ___________.
  •  The oxidation state of C in CO2 = +4 and  O in CO2 = -2. How is it determined which atom will have the negative value?
  •  Give the oxidation state of the element in bold from:                   
  •  What will be the usual and the maximum oxidation state in compounds of:                   
  •  What is the oxidation state of each element in the following compounds/ions? The first row is filled in for you.        
CH4C = -4, H = +1
  •  Using Roman numerals to represent oxidation state of the metal, name the following…
  •  State if the following changes involve oxidation (O) or reduction (R) or neither (N)

                    Fe2+              →                Fe3+

                     I2                 →                I¯

                     F2                →                F2O

                    C2O42-           →                 CO2

                    H2O2             →                  O2 

  •  Balance the following half equations…

                    Na                                          →                             Na+

                    Fe2+                                         →                             Fe3+

                    I2                                             →                              I¯                    

  • Describe and explain the trend, down the group, in the reactivity of the Group 2 elements with water.
  • A student prepared an aqueous solution of calcium chloride by reacting calcium with hydrochloric acid.

Ca(s) + 2HCl(aq) → CaCl2(aq) + H2(g)

Using oxidation numbers, show that this is a redox reaction.

  •  Magnesium is in Group 2 of the Periodic Table.

When reacted with oxygen, magnesium forms a white powder called magnesium oxide.

Write the equation for the reaction of magnesium with oxygen.

  •  This question is about the Group 7 elements chlorine, bromine and iodine.

Explain why chlorine, bromine and iodine have different physical states at room temperature and pressure.

  •  Radium reacts vigorously when added to water.

Ra(s) _ 2H2O(l) _ Ra(OH)2(aq) _ H2(g)

  • Use the equation to predict one observation that you would see during this reaction.
  • State the name of the solution in the above reaction.
  •  Explain the significance of the s, p and d blocks in the periodic table.
  • The following table shows the successive ionisation energies for Carbon and Oxygen;

Use this table to predict the electron configurations of these elements.


Assignment criteria:

  • AC 11.1: Explain the significance of the main groups and numbering of the periods.
  • AC 11.2: Explain the significance of the s, p and d blocks in the periodic table.
  • AC 21.1: Explain the trends in period 3 of the periodic table.
  • AC 21.2: Use the periodic table to predict properties of elements in period 3.
  • AC 31.1: Explain ionisation energy across period 3.
  • AC 31.2: Predict electron configuration from ionisation energies.
  • AC 41.1: Use oxidation numbers to decide if elements/compounds are oxidised or reduced in given reactions.
  • AC 51.1: Explain the reactions of named group 2 metals with oxygen.
  • AC 51.2: Explain, using oxidation states, whether named metals are oxidised or reduced when reacted with hydrochloric acid.
  • AC 51.3: Explain the reactions of group 2 metals with water.
  • AC 61.1: Explain the physical and chemical properties of the group 7 elements.
  • AC 61.2: Explain the relative reactivities and oxidising powers of these elements.
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