Assignment Task – Become a Effective Leader


Understand own ability to fulfill key responsibilities of the leadership role:

Leadership style is the style embraced and used by a group leader to include inspiration, support, motivation, and implementation of strategies by teammates. The leader’s power is important both whether physically present and whether not. While natural leaders also have an ingrained management style, strategic thinking may often be learned and acquired by experience.

Following are types of leadership style adopted  and accommodated:

Transformational leadership:

Transactional leadership techniques have long been employed in notoriously hierarchical healthcare institutions. While transactional leadership can assist organizations in meeting their short- term objectives, it couldn’t provide the impetus needed to establish and maintain a new society in healthcare.

Transformational leaders choose a collective leadership style that encourages and inspires transformation by using a common mission, motivation, and inspiration. Conceited, responsive to innovative experiences, visionary, secure with their skin, imaginative, and visionary, such leaders are often characterized as an extrovert, open to unique ideas, charismatic, comfortable in their skin.

Encourages experimentation and is forgiving of mistakes.  Leader in healthcare is more effective where the environment requires larger modifications or overall enhancements that can be guided, facilitated, and managed by a driving force.

In comparison to the transactional model, which uses incentives for reinforcement and retribution for  failure to achieve as anticipated, leadership behavior encourages and enhances team to accomplish well above goals or objectives, often elevating self-interest.

In the profession of work, a nursing leader with this organizational culture educates nurses on the value of their position in fostering an organization’s picture of high-quality service. New concepts, practices, and beliefs about nursing are stimulated by intellectual stimuli, which eliminates existing traditions, practices, and beliefs.

It emerges with the following benefits:

  • Is a role model for honesty and justice.
  • Establishes specific objectives.
  • Has high hopes for himself.
  • Encourages others by offering assistance and acknowledgment.
  • It arouses people’s emotions.

Democratic Leadership:

The democratic model emphasizes open discussion and engagement in decision-making.

Throughout the sense of nursing, nurses were made responsible, transparent, and expected to provide input on their results to the nursing boss. Relationships are being used as components to concentrate on quality control programs and procedures rather than always taking issue with nurses. This characteristic distinguishes political from transactional government. Medical accidents are less likely here, so nurses may enjoy this working environment and refuse to leave. Democracy leaders could be a better fit for contexts in healthcare when new alliances between management and a community are being formed. When political leaders direct a group of delegated nurses to find improvements to a program or regulation of healthcare, for example, when the processor system progress is critical.

A representative leader employs a collaborative leadership model wherein group members are involved in judgment and management (Zaoudi, 2020). It is often referred to as leadership styles. Democratic leaders are frequently defined as mutually respectful, inclusive, motivating, inspiring, and accepting of creativity, yet only tolerating mistakes.

In healthcare, democratic leadership will help to ensure that the staff is respected and relaxed in taking action. Transparency and feedback from members of staff with the most experience, not simply skills and experience or highest level, are valued in high-reliability organizations, making this form of leader helpful in building an atmosphere that encourages participation from the entire squad. When making choices, the democratic leadership model embraces and promotes team feedback and coordination. This style of leader places a high emphasis on relationships, and it’s vital to them so that the employees feel free to express their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. The leader also recognizes the importance of giving input to their team, seeing contact as multiple streets.


Several disciplines promote the incorporation of emotional maturity and there is agreement on the effect that emotional intelligence will have on workplace fulfillment, stress levels, burnout, and helps to foster a healthy atmosphere.

To advance practice, it is essential to be explicit. Emotional intelligence throughout nursing is a philosophy that can influence the level of health treatment and outcomes, and also decision-making, rational reasoning, and general fellow human of practicing nurses. Nurses can experience tension and burnout as a result of the symptoms of stress they face (Torrens et al, 2020). To determine the value of sleep, nutrition, and fitness, mindfulness is a form of care that helps to increase the safety and wellness of nurses who are frequently focused on others rather than themselves.

The enhancement of self skills is an important part of prospective nursing education before beginning their clinical careers. This idea of future nursing practice is intended to foster a greater openness to oneself and others’ feelings through mindfulness, rather than developing a passive or desensitized response to adversity. Increased concentration, decreased excitability, and skills learned by meditation can help to restore balance, allowing self-care to coexist with other forms of care.


As a leader, I am adapting and accomplishing the leading styles discussed above and celebrated below for better understanding and gaining brief information about its positive impact in nursing for welfare and development. Along that proper directions and plan explained for knowing proper coordination and workflow.

Clinical communication is necessary for a variety of reasons, including complexity, chaos, high rates of transition, severe safety and quality problems, and staff shortages in health care. While the future is impossible to forecast, experience has shown us that preparing nurses with key positions throughout the healthcare system, both for current employees and possible career opportunities is critical.

The problem for the nursing leader is figuring out how to organize the expertise, skills, and abilities necessary because then nurses are prepared to fill positions that are expected but don’t yet have structured employment(Hingston, 2018). One example is the expansion and elevation of RN  position from conventional nursing care to symbiotic combination, where they manage and coordinate care through disciplines and contexts with independence, autonomy, and responsibility.

The Supervisor is also an autocratic nurse, period. A nurse that operates in this manner makes all of the judgments and issues clear orders and instructions to colleagues and tries to avoid inquiries and opposition. There seems to be a poor level of empathy for errors and those that commit them.

Transformational leadership is also a proof philosophy that is utilized as a technique and embodied as a style for engaging with multidisciplinary teams as well as the complexities of treatment. It is a collaborative management style and also evidence-based coaching practice that can serve as the foundation for nursing leaders’ training and growth.

There are two types of Practice Nurse leadership. The first one is the leadership focused on patient and the second is leadership focused on system.” Advanced practicing nurses define patient-centered leadership as having skills that have a meaningful effect on service users. The term “organization and system-based leadership” refers to skills that have a significant effect on health care professionals and patients, as well as the organization or broader healthcare system.

The  leadership skill dimensions included in defined leadership were:

  • patient-centered treatment management.
  • coaching and education
  • advocacy
  • enhancing the level of treatment rendered.
  • improving nursing education as a discipline.
  • becoming a highly skilled clinician.
  • Good communication
  • counseling and mentoring
  • serving on internal and external boards as a leader.

The Hersey-Blanchard Model:

According to the Hersey-Blanchard Model, no one leadership style is superior to another. Rather than relying on workplace causes, the model recommends that leaders tailor their leadership styles to the people they lead and their skills (Blanchard, 2018). Author Paul Hersey and leadership expert Ken Blanchard created the Hersey-Blanchard Model or situational leadership style. The paradigm isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. Instead, it is adaptable, with the manager adapting their management style to a variety of workplace conditions, particularly their relationship between the employees.

Leadership Styles 

Based on the tasks and interactions that leaders encounter in the workplace, Hersey and Blanchard established four styles of leadership. Leaders must use the below leadership styles, as per the method:

  • Delegating style: A low-work, low-relationship design in which the leader delegates task decision-making to the party. This works better for followers who have a high level of maturity.
  • Style of participation: A high-relationship, limited style which stresses collaborative thinking and decisions. Leaders may use this style to maintain uniform who are skilled but may lack faith in their ability to complete the tasks.
  • Sale Type: a highly tasked style of high partnership in which the participant tries to market his suggestions to the party by persuasively describing the mission directions. This is also used by moderate supporters. These followers, as opposed to the previous style, do not want the work.
  • Telling style: The leader has precise instructions and works directly in a high-tasking low-connection style. This style is aimed at people with no maturity.

Implementation and Limitation:

In this model, the style of participation is one of the important roles of a leader to be inherited to accomplish the tasks effectively. Along with that, it fulfills us with the confidence to tackle urgent situations and getting experience. Along with that,  below I have explained and highlighted some more important factors to be inherited to be a successful leader in nursing.

This approach enables executives, administrators, and other power roles to take over their supporters based on the group’s acumen, knowledge, and background (Hingston, 2018).  Considering how the talents, shortcomings, and knowledge of followers can influence project results and success, leaders can implement a suitable system and degree of control to produce the desired result.

The paradigm can be limited beyond the influence of the chief. The leader’s positions and power can be limited by the chain of command or hierarchy of an organization, which can cause him to pursue rigid styles instead of adapting him to the sophistication of the followers. Moreover, time restraints, a small range of alternatives, and limitations on available funds will also cause administrators to take action depending on their situations and exclude the likelihood of developing plans based on maturity.

A flexible style of leadership has the advantage that leaders are often able to change their style at their whim. Second, workers will find a boss who can adjust as a desirable feature to changes in the workforce. It is also a fast and easy-to-use leadership style so that a boss can rapidly assess a situation and make the right decisions.

On the contrary, the management of the situation can place too much blame on the boss whose decisions can be defective. Even, not all working communities will be subject to the model. Instead of long-term objectives, the model should prioritize ties and assignments.

  Following abilities are acquired by me and important in the field of leadership:

  • Collaboration

Leaders play an important role in the squad. We work with, consult with, and support other members of the staff to provide the best quality pain management.

  • Communication is important.

Nurses with strong presentation abilities can communicate directly and efficiently.

We have the knowledge and expertise to advise and direct certain nurses for becoming successful leaders.

  • Learners for the rest of their lives

Our aim or objective to understand that the nursing profession is continually evolving and that there are still opportunities to develop one’s abilities. Leaders of the nursing field find it beneficial to keep up to date. They stay up to date on the most recent best practices in the nursing sector. They still keep up with further education, learning to further their expertise in situations that they are lacking.

  • Nursing leaders who are innovative and imaginative are also innovators. They can deviate from the tradition and change mainstream healthcare in a manner that benefits patients.
  • Adaptability

Adaptable to is always shifting, and the need to be agile and adapt to new conditions gives nurses the courage and motivation their need to be led.

  • Commitment

A commitment to the healthcare industry is essential, particularly as an entrance nurse, to maintain outstanding patient care at the forefront of one’s mind even while employed in difficult workplaces.

Nurse leaders collaborate well with other care professionals as part of a team but still assuming responsibility toward their role. They are always searching for opportunities to develop their patients’ services, paving the way for a better sector.

Anybody can advance a career as a leader nurse by honing key qualities and characteristics. Here’s how to get started:

  • Improve your self-awareness.
  • Determine the objectives.
  • Continue to educate yourself.
  • Seek for new roles.
  • Remember to have the individual in mind.

Improve your self-awareness:

The very first phase is self-awareness. Evaluate which leadership qualities you possess and which you should develop. Make a list of the most relevant nurse leadership abilities and assess how well each one is formed. Learn to be self-aware as the nursing practice grows.

Determine the objectives:

Setting measurable expectations is the perfect way to improve valuable skills. Have a list of the qualities you want to acquire in the long and short term, and afterward decide if you can achieve these objectives. Be precise and straightforward in these moves, choosing how you can assess your goals’ progress. Considering using Intelligent machines to set precise, observable, realistic, applicable, and time-bound objectives.

Continue to educate yourself:

The medical sector is rapidly evolving, making it important to stay up to date with the new developments. Leaders are constantly learning to develop their skills in the nursing profession, whether they attend nursing seminars, subscribe to a nursing magazine, read medical journals, or attend an undergraduate nursing program.

Seek for new roles:

You may show leadership skills by pursuing increased duties in your current role. Fill in as required or take the opportunity to help other workers with patient duties. If your company has continuing educational activities or volunteer services, you should take advantage of these resources to demonstrate additional career characteristics.

Remember the patient:

We should be caring and understanding. It is quick to get engrossed in the day-to-day duties of a working nurse. Although well-organized workstations and meticulous paperwork are essential in the healthcare profession, it is critical to still keep the situation in mind. Continue to hone your compassion and empathy abilities, and find kindness and hospital treatment will come naturally.


Wright, E. S. (2017). Dialogic development in the situational leadership style. Performance Improvement56(9), 27-31.

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