Marketing Communication Briefing Report

Marketing Communication Briefing Report


Success College Australia, which was set up in 2010 is a registered and authorized training organization providing management and business students with training. The main aim is to offer high-quality instruction to fulfill the needs of students.

Its formation is recognized nationwide and certified to comply with the norms of vocational and education. These courses are structured for learning and teaching quality, versatility, and personal fulfillment by professionally trained personnel with extensible business and training expertise. Quality is preserved by its method of continuous enhancement in line with the agreed VET accreditation standards.

The main aim is to improve the expertise and skills necessary for customers to work readily and coherently in a wide variety of market fields.

Here we have explained the current business plan and strategies embedded in the organization to understand the working agenda and workflow. Along with that, the integrated marketing communication plan is explained for the enhancement of the organization. Involved stakeholders are listed with an explanation of their respective communication plans. The activities to enhance marketing communication explained for the betterment and enhancement of the organization.

Current business directions and overall marketing strategies

It offers high-quality business preparation to encourage involvement and success. To become a pioneer in vocational training. Create and manage high-quality facilities to serve customers and employees. Providing   Strong performance and accountability, to be properly managed. to construct our staff and services.

To become a pioneer in vocational training. Create and manage high-quality facilities to serve customers and employees. Providing   Strong performance and accountability, to be properly managed. to construct our staff and services. Our main principles are sustainable quality in education and evaluation. Promoting creativity in all our activities. Be a society that works together and cares. Diversity and distinction embrace. Prove honesty and equitable opportunities in all operations. Operate openly and responsibly

Integrated marketing communication and how it can help Success College Australia to grow its business

IMC is a strategical, interactive, and innovative marketing function in which a target population delivers coherent and compelling brand messages across different marketing platforms to move their customer via the judging process in an organized manner. Integrated marketing communications at even the most simple level allows advertisers to use all available platforms to enhance a marketing plan and brand message to meet their target demographic, or to meet their buyer individually. (Krizanova et al, 2019).  To make you better and your integrated marketing engagement approach, consider developing and implementing a coherent integrated marketing plan and boosting your effectiveness by taking these four steps :

  • Recognize various methods of marketing communication

You must decide the different marketing contact strategies that you want to use as concisely as possible as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Remember the target group and how they want content, collect evidence and investigate the issue they are attempting to solve.

Some ways of this are explained below : 

Content Marketing: Make your content accessible digitally using the blog, video marketing, exclusive content, smash, and diversity programs content to allow your future customers to engage and learn from you and before making decisions.

Email marketing: It uses emails to re-engagement a new and useful material for your current audience. Remember often that you can stay engaged with your current contacts via content. There are not many new revelations to be generated, but the greatest marketing campaigns always arrive from the correct material to your current subscribers at the correct time.

Social Media Marketing: It unlocks the gate to partnership building, brand identity development, and website traffic generation. When coupled with e-mail marketing and content marketing, this type of marketing effort will genuinely deliver outstanding results by engaging with the intended audience on a daily platform.

  • Establish a Communication Marketing Plan

If the media platforms that will align with the customers are decided, it is time to create a systematic marketing initiative strategy to take effect. You must rely on three main elements: To achieve this,

Pupil: identify the customer with any of the campaign practices. For instance, think marketing automation and Facebook when one of your people is a baby boomer. Think of chat and Instagram when the other person is contemporaries. Your individual can decide which networks you use to communicate with others, not the opposite.

Content: Specify the contents that are most effective for your viewer. For instance, you may like a top-of-the-line deal, such as contributing to a newsletter or accessing a checklist from your website if you’d like to create new connections for your server.

  • Understand the process of making customer decisions

Understand what helps people opt to purchase to find out whether they are going to purchase it. The key here is to consider the challenge that you solve and how to assist them in this decision-making process. You will note that some consumers take extended decisions, while others make small, nominal, or random decisions through low levels of participation. It all depends on the company and what you offer. You would have a shorter period if it’s a consumer good or is a low price point.

Some terminologies to be adapted are

  • You acknowledge a challenge.
  • You are looking for details.
  • They determine which goods and services will address the issue.
  • You chose which choice to purchase.
  • They evaluate the interaction after the transaction.
  • Enact your Interaction Marketing Plan

Now is the time to put the strategy into practice and then see the effects. Any steps are mentioned below to assist;

Calendar: Make sure you have a calendar to understand what content is being sent on which channel and at which time to the potential. This will encourage you to plan and convey your opportunities in your chosen journey only at the right spot.

Tools for automation: To do it on a scale, you would require some marketing software that is aligned with your marketing automation, so that you see the complete sales process. You can target the customers more efficiently using tools to help execute your platform, and easily provide them with an integral, smooth and coherent message on several platforms.

Identify the organization’s key stakeholders (customers) and the best ways of communicating with them.

The key stakeholders are listed below with the best way to communicate with them:


Many that finance the eLearning initiative must be kept on track from day one. They would most definitely give you the support you want if you know they are a crucial factor to consider.

Inside the form of internet in-house learning, the team or managers could be your shareholders. Plan a conference to explore the advantages of online education and to develop measurable goals.

Upper administration

In eLearning growth, top management serves several functions. In certain circumstances, the financing for the project is approved. They also work with their subordinates as teaching supporters.

You have to be persuaded of the expected results of the online training curriculum and of bridging vital holes. 


This integral function is overlooked by many organizations. Even so, the top stakeholders of education are business learners. After all, the staff needs to enhance their knowledge and boost their job results with the completed product.

Any step in ensuring progress in online training must be considered. This may include polls, focus groups, interviews, and other techniques for collecting reviews.

Teachers / Enablers

Although some courses are self-sufficient, most of them have a certain degree of involvement as an online mentor or facilitator (Mulkeen, et al, 2019). And though it is simply supported by weekly newsletters or planned coaching workshops for corporate students. These instructors should not only recognize the theme, but also the distribution platform. They cannot otherwise offer advice or help corporate students to use the available online educational tools.

Experts on technology

Most teams have a resident tech specialist at their disposal to solve IT issues and ensure a smooth start. In the method, you can also include the IT specialist in selecting the right software for your work, as they can provide useful advice on specifications, necessary functionality, and implementation choices.

Evaluation of current marketing strategies in comparison to marketing communication industry trends and the latest techniques and technologies explored in Assessment Task 1.

The role of the marketing communications industry

The Communicator of the Market provides knowledge and product recognition. The awareness and the brand awareness are original. (de Reuver et al,  2018)Awareness. The target group has product awareness, but retail communication provides product knowledge.

Current issues of concern for the marketing communication industry

  • Inexperience or insufficiency.
  • New trends for marketing.
  • Info on marketing report interpretation.
  • Failure to communicate. 
  • Selling Loop Closing.

Marketing communication and digital communication technologies, platforms, and devices

  • Dropbox; Dropbox is among the most effective and convenient solutions for cloud sharing. Teammates may use Dropbox to handle shared files easier, reduce email demands and enhance employee teamwork. Incorporate with your internal network solution so that teammates can add their material by one click conveniently in a team workplace.
  • Google Drive; Another common web-based collaboration site is Google Drive. Customers can quickly browse directories and files using a Google Drive adapter to enhance usability and collaborate on the intranet solution.
  • Sharepoint; Sharepoint is indeed a shared web-based forum for the staff or on-site apps. Connect it to map SharePoint contents with the intranet to files, so you can sync manually or automatically. It is possible to post articles, pages of SharePoint, and photographs centrally on the intranet.
  • Skype for Business; Skype delivers messages between individuals and groups, video and audio calls. It is an expensive medium through which people in a foreign world can collaborate.
  • Box; Easily exchange your Box financial information, directories, and files on an intranet. This encourages you to collaborate through one viewpoint on your papers.
  • Microsoft Office; A application for efficient organizations and people is the Microsoft Office. Connect to the content management software for easy browsing, editing, and storing saved files via Microsoft Office.
  • Slack; Slack is a collaboration group application for genuine, cataloging and team-building messaging. For even more classified documents, you can even build private rooms with fewer members of the team.

Recommend marketing communication activities based on your review.

Marketing communication activities are explained below:

  • Public affairs public relations

While many PRs are called spin the reverse is true when they are effectively finished. A successful PR strategy helps to achieve objectives like expanded market recognition or growing credibility. PR also serves to gain trust in the name, as it is a third-party backing instead of direct publicity. While types of practices can differ depending on organizational objectives, media reports, media presents, or excerpts and press conferences are the most popular modes of media relations.

  • Create a directory

If your company does not have a customer or future customer database at present – the time is now to start. Create a database that enables you to personally connect with clients, from main communications to unique messages and services. Databases can be designed in various forms, depending on the business and audience (Zerfass et al, 2017). This varies from a customers’ form to an online web form with a competitiveness bonus. Then you should try email marketing for a database – which enables you to contact your company interested parties directly.

  • Interior correspondence

Efficient internal contact is often ignored but is important for employee performance and attitude. It not only keeps staff updated on crucial details but also informs them of the company’s strategic strategy and overall organizational objectives. It also provides a perfect way to communicate employee performance and contributes immensely to a healthy work atmosphere.


Krizanova, A., Lăzăroiu, G., Gajanova, L., Kliestikova, J., Nadanyiova, M., & Moravcikova, D. (2019). The effectiveness of marketing communication and the importance of its evaluation in an online environment. Sustainability, 11(24), 7016.

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