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Grow management consultancy needs proper digital technologies that can help their staff and even the whole company in coordinating with each other through in proper format. In this report, we have explained the various Digital technology trends and advances for workplaces. Digital technologies that can help in the aspect of communication, network, and technologies are discussed with real-life examples. Every workplace requires proper digital technologies that can help them in proper coordination and completing the goals acquired by them in given or specified timelines through just accessing these applications.

The Digital Workplace offers modern and easier networking technologies such as immediate communication, video conferencing, tools for teamwork in real-time, group, or intranet information boards. (Briken, & Krzywdzinski, 2017). All this decreases the time people spent searching for facts and improves organizational accountability. The modern working environment offers faster access to interactive meetings and reduces time, place, computers, and network connectivity ensures better workforce harmony between work and life while improving the organization’s efficiency and agility. Products and procedures are improved.

In this report, we have discussed various such applications and technologies that can help in enhancing and developing the Grow management consultancy and help them in gaining desired profits most effectively and productively. Applications and technologies discussed below, have their tools and strategical use that is explained in this report for a better understanding of each technology or application. So that each application or technological advantages and disadvantages can be extracted out for analyzing the right platforms and their associated benefits, for enhancement of Grow management consultancy.

Digital technology developments and advancements

To make employees happier using modern technologies, employees and employees alike have to be flexible. We also improved radically how we interact with and at work. Digital has managed to make co-working people and managers more casual. Digital employment is regarded as a significant corporate concern by more than 77% of organizations.

In 2020, the prevalence of automated workplaces in companies will increase even more rapidly, as the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing workers to work remotely. Leaders became more pressurized by digital adoption to build a steady and customized employee experience.

But it is difficult to choose the best forum for your firm due to the noise of scattered digital lans and an enormous amount of tools and applications (Attaran  et al, 2019). Therefore below we have explained various technologies and trends that can briefly explain their importance in today’s scenario with their benefits associated with them.

Artificial Intelligence

In the year 2020, a growing number of companies worldwide should expect artificial intelligence to easily use the ability to streamline current enterprise applications and increase customer experience. The first step to artificial intelligence development is to evaluate the preparation and sophistication of the corporate systems used by workers. For example, AI-enabled chatbots can be developed to address common questions employees might face about internal business apps, thereby minimizing the learning curve and providing a better employee experience. With AI more current, we will finally find new ways to automate still more work, which include the presence of workers. And with more businesses joining the remote revolution, we would have more money than conventional offices to have wireless working sites that perform much better.

With AI more current, we will finally find new ways to automate still more work, which include the presence of workers. And with more businesses joining the remote revolution, we would have more money than conventional offices to have wireless working sites that perform much better.

Search voice-driven

More voice-driven searches are now taking place at automated workplaces with rising innovations such as Amazon Alexa and Google home Echo. Employees can identify data quicker to communicate with their business apps in the same manner as they use speech recognition technologies to interact with their applications. It can also be used to help provide customer service and provide end-users with a more intimate and uncompromised experience. A voice search assistant is expected to develop as a new trend over the next few years and can allow you to achieve your job objectives more efficiently by applying the trend correctly.

Decentralized structural support

Managers in high positions take corporate decisions within a centralized system. But more organizations are now following a decentralized structure with a stronger presence for each employee. If companies continue to experience digital transformation, scale up quickly, and innovate effectively, so decentralization is the only way to go. You will increase the commitment of the staff, instill a sense of ownership and responsibility in workers, and achieve greater outcomes with a decentralized system in the company. Increasingly, businesses can integrate digital workplaces to ensure the decentralized framework is maintained and intelligent business models are developed, for internal decision-making purposes.

Combining the distance between different employees

Very few businesses operate entirely remotely or from the same office room. Most businesses operate from an office with a large portion of their staff and the remainder work remotely. Some businesses may encourage their staff to operate only once in a while from home.

The Digital Workspace Portal will help bridge the divide between the various workers, giving a smooth job, communication, and collaboration platform for employees, regardless of their position. In addition, the integration of digital places of work will allow multinational teams to operate without interrupting their performance or productivity.

Computer-based on cloud

A new, mobile population can’t handle the conventional job nucleus of saving work to local drives and servers. The data silos are created and openness and coordination are lacking. Cloud-based computing makes enterprise operations and job tracking more intelligent and effective so the company can access them everywhere. If you are trying to exchange papers easily or to help handle different houses, this is reality. For years, we have prepared for the digital transition, and the pandemic finally struck the magnitude. Organizations have no other alternative but to introduce innovative business strategies and new technology to promote homework and to remain ahead.

Digital Applications for the workplace:

Here we have discussed the various digital technologies that would help in enhancing and developing of organization. Therefore, here we have discussed the applications for each communication, networking, and technology to accommodate the requirements of the company efficiently and productively:

Digital application in Communication


It is a powerful and user-friendly solution for cloud sharing. Teams may use Dropbox to handle common files easier, reduce the email need and improve employee teamwork. Integrate the intranet solution and make it easy for team members to insert their information into a team working environment with just one touch. Content will subsequently be submitted and viewed in Dropbox. There is also a page search feature.


Skype provides messages to individuals and organizations and offers voice and video calls. This is a cost-effective communications channel for people in a foreign world.

Digital application in Networking


Ask someone about online business networking, and LinkedIn is perhaps the classic example of a commonly used approach. It took 15 years, though, and 17 networking and contact management firms were acquired for this to become the best puppy. And it was purchased by Microsoft. The LinkedIn model is simple enough to encourage users to build a profile that allows other users to identify and connect to them for business.

Unjustified invitations are safeguarded, and consumers may limit what knowledge about them is available. But most people want to share their trusted business partners with others and build a network of linked and accepted individuals. The only major criticism is that you can access a potentially vast amount of useless alerts and marketing material from default email settings.


Bizzabo has two parts, one for conferences and the other for the companies that manage them. The management tools for connecting all these people cost money where the smartphone application is free for participants. How much depends on how much detail you want to get on the integration you need with other applications.

The smartphone app is not a brainer for someone who attends a conference run with Bizzabo since it enables you to precisely communicateto people who you want to encounter in a confused and crowded climate.

Digital application in Technology


Knowmax is a program that enhances customer service via phone decision-tab analytics and AI Chatbot communications. The framework comes with consumer profiling, which supports potential sales proposals for related goods and services for returning consumers.

There are numerous features including Academic or Education prospect, Access Controls or Application Development, Guidance on Background, Analytics of conversation, Analysis of the Decision Tree, and various other functionalities.


It is an inbound marketing or commercial network that assists organizations in attracting visitors, converting businesses, and closing customers. This includes the development of content, distribution of social media, process automation, lead capture, management of customer relations, revenue monitoring, and success monitoring, among other things. Salesforce’s support and general functionality are superiorly easy to use, pricing and integration.

Networking through digital technology

Following are the applications that can help in enhancing and integrating the organization:


The Internet itself is used by various digital media components, and websites are one of the most popular means of accessing it. Websites provide us with all kinds of knowledge and are increasingly social. This helps to coordinate with customers and appeals to them to organizational resources.

Streaming of Video

For certain applications, video streaming may be used. You can watch online films and shows. You can talk online with people and watch them live on apps like Skype. Live events can be viewed or streamed using live streaming. Sites like YouTube provide various other details or entertainment streaming opportunities (Paola. 2021). Steaming technologies, including computers, television, and tablets, can now be reached increasingly.


Traditional digital paper options are now abundant. This allows people to browse a variety of reading materials on a single, compact computer, which means that several voluminous thick books can no longer be carried about. The font size and type can easily be adjusted to match reader requirements. Furthermore, there are no trees to create them, unlike printed books.

Sale and purchase online

Online shopping is growing and offers shoppers more options and value. At the other end of the world, you can purchase from a major store or an individual in your home town. Selling online can also be done on a wide scale as a business company, or simply to get some cash out of the sale of an item you don’t need anymore. Social media – 

Social Media

In recent years, social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have seen a popularity explosion. They combine several digital technology components that allow users to communicate through text, images, video, and social groups. Applications in social media depend almost exclusively on user content.

Digital media intellectual property threats

The intensified aggression against piracy of intellectual property (IP) poses a significant threat to companies by pirates of copyright, trademark impersonators, patent flouters, and trade secrecy theft. This and all other artistic works of original merit and covered by legislation can be classified as IP. IP legislation rewards the authors of original works by prohibiting the reproduction, execution, or distribution without authorization. They encourage people to create scientific and artistic work that benefits society by enabling them to learn from these ideas.

Some forms of IPs are immediately covered by statute when they are created, while others are requested by a government body to have statutory rights before they are protected by legislation. While almost every country has IP rules, others do not follow them vigorously. Falsification in these fields is also a big concern.

When more patents are released, businesses need to be mindful of possible retrograde developments. The threats associated with IP comprise:

  • Compliance risk: It is necessary to be mindful of their legal consequences because of the number of legal issues relating to IP rights.
  • Brand Risk: A brand of a business is an IP component and may be one of its most important properties. The photographs of the business and brand identity are necessary to preserve.
  • The danger of Access: The risk of access entails the risk of improperly granting or refusing access to information (data or programs). The risk of access guarantees that trade secrets are protected.
  • Value of the firm: Knowing and monitoring the IP of an organization and its related business value is critical.
  • Value of the firm: Knowing and monitoring the IP of an organization and its related business value is critical.

Intellectual property and digital advertising laws and regulations:

  • Copyright

Copyright is a kind of legal security that protects original works of authorship that can be interpreted, copied, or otherwise transmitted either directly or by computer or device on any tangible medium of speech, now recognized or later developed. Copyright Developing an original work means creating an idea and then expressing the idea through your original work without reproducing the works (Flew et al,2021). Not protecting copyright Mechanical or useful elements of manufacturing (Nevertheless, it may shield any authorship of pictures, images, or sculptures that can be defined separately from the useful or mechanical features of an object. Therefore, a valuable article should have copyright and copyrightable features.) , Concept, idea or theory not in concrete and set ways, Concept, idea or theory not in concrete and set ways, Procedure, procedure, mechanism, type, method or device

  • Trademarks

Definition of a trademark: a trademark is a name, motto, expression, emblem, or design that lets you or your company recognize and differentiate from the goods and services offered by someone else. The defense of trademarks protects your name and your identity signature features. This applies to your reputation as a company, as well as your goods or services. Trademark protects the name of something that you own as separate from what someone else does. Perhaps the brand names, trademarks, titles, symbols, short sentences, and slogans are used as trademark defense.

  • Patents

A creator is entitled to a patent granted by the government to exempt others from the manufacture, sale, or use of the invention for a fixed duration.

  • Trade dress

Trade dress Definition: It refers to the external appearance of a product or its wrapper, packaging, or style, which uniquely represents a product’s source for customers, features, and the “look and sound” in general. Elements of trade dress asserted must not be based on functionality and must therefore be distinguished from or of secondary importance in customers’ minds. Secondary significance is when customers combine the concept elements asserted with a particular product source mentally

  • Trade secrets

Classified proprietary information is a trade secret that is commonly known to all and not fairly determinable, providing strategic and financial advantages to you and your company. Compilations, styles, formulas, techniques, procedures, activities, processes, protocols, templates, recettes, or equipment may be trade secrets. Alone, the products covered by the secrecy of commerce do not, like the other four previously listed forms of intellectual property, have explicit government security. Each company with a commercial secret must also take precautions to protect its business secrets.


Here we addressed in this report different applications and technology that can contribute to the strengthening and development of the Growth Management Consulting firm and contribute to the most efficient and profitable benefit. The following applications and solutions have their tools for further understanding each technology or application, and the strategy is outlined in this article. To analyze the best networks and their related advantages and to improve growth strategy consulting, each application or technical advantages and drawbacks may be extracted. Along with that, the intellectual property and digital advertising laws and regulations are discussed with the intellectual property threats associated.


Briken, K., Chillas, S., & Krzywdzinski, M. (2017). The new digital workplace: How new technologies revolutionize work. Macmillan International Higher Education.

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Paiola, M., Schiavone, F., Grandinetti, R., & Chen, J. (2021). Digital servitization and sustainability through networking: Some evidences from IoT-based business models. Journal of Business Research132, 507-516.

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