Cloud-based Attendance System

Cloud-based Attendance System


Student attendance is critical in today’s course management process for controlling the analysis and monitoring of the situation. The system’s main job is to manage the continuous process. A one-point approach is used to move the number of pupils creatively. A database server stores student records in seconds and makes them conveniently accessible. The local gate manager can offer information on the student presence, as well as the IP address, which is provided by several departments. Allows students to view their destination from any location at any time. This application provides a convenient and secure electronic presence system. As a result, the suggested system is highly efficient, and the data retrieval quality is always good when compared to other current systems. As a result, the possibility to upgrade a private device is limited, and the management system is geared for the private sector, with cloud resources that can be readily copied.

The school administration strategy focuses on maintaining student attendance records. It establishes a student presence based on class attendance. Staff will be given a separate username and password to make pupils available daily. Staff that is in charge of a certain subject and wants to make it available to all pupils. Attendees will only be counted if the student announces a specific day. Each month, a report on student attendance and integration will be produced.

Keywords: attendance, database, administration, integration, and private sector.


For efficient operation, the Attendance Management System contains two primary modules: – The administrative module is the first, and it has the authority to make room for a new collection. Any new faculty members, topic review if necessary, and announcement. The second module is controlled by a user or an operator who may be experiencing a problem. The user can set up a daily presence as well as generate reports. The Product Arrival Management System is a stand-alone product that is not dependent on any other system or product(Yadav, 2019). The software will perform several duties relating to student information management, database organization, and high performance, assisting colleges in ensuring that these operations are effective.


The Attendance Management System is software that tracks students’ daily attendance at schools, universities, and other institutions. Allows you to look up a specific student’s attendance information in a certain class. Operators arrange the data, which is then delivered to the instructor of a specific class. This program will also aid in determining whether or not the student is eligible to attend. Another reason for creating this program is to automatically create a report after the session or throughout it.


Software Development Life Cycle Model (WATERFALL MODEL):

For the following reasons, the waterfall model was chosen as the SDLC model:

• Requirements are clearly defined, explicit, and adjustable.

• The concept of technology was well-understood.

• It’s simple to comprehend and utilize.

• There were no perplexing conditions.

• The model’s ruggedness makes it easy to handle. Each part has its presentation and evaluation procedure(Singh, 2017).

• Categories that are well defined.

• well-understood Events. Task scheduling is simple.

Software Prototype:

Home Page:

Student PagStudentsent can log in with /her username, password and mark their attendance.

Alert message after logging in

Faculty Page:

To see average attendance:


Java is a high-quality, object-based programming language that was created to require as little functionality as feasible. A general-purpose programming language that allows program editors to “write once, run anywhere” (WORA), which means that the integrated Java code may be run on any Java support platform without having to re-integrate. Java programs are usually written in bytecode that runs on any Java virtual machine (JVM), independent of the computer architecture. The grammar of Java is comparable to those of C and C++, although it includes more sophisticated features. Downtime in Java provides a set of flexible options (such as the display and change of duration code) that aren’t found in most integrated languages(Sedgewick,2019). With an estimated 9 million developers as of 2019, Java is one of the most popular programming languages on GitHub, notably in client-server web applications.

It’s part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) platform, which contains Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Oracle presently owns my SQL database. My SQL data is accessible on all major operating systems. BSD Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS are all supported. My SQL is used by Wikipedia and YouTube. Every day, these sites answer millions of inquiries. My SQL is available in two versions: the server software and an embedded system(Mehta,2018).


Before we go into the details of the MySQL website application, let’s go over a few definitions.

• Website: A website is a collection of tables containing relevant information.

• Table: A table is a data matrix. On the webpage, the table appears to be a plain spreadsheet.

• Column: Each sort of data is included in one column (data element), such as a postal code column.

• Row: A row is a collection of connected data, such as information for a single subscription.

Redundancy: Saving data twice to speed up the system is unnecessary.

• Primary Key: Each key is unique. In the same table, a key-value cannot occur twice. You can acquire at least one line using the key.

Foreign Key: The PIN connection between the two tables is the external key.

• Compound Key: A compound key (compound key) is a key that has many columns because one is insufficiently distinct.

• Index: The index is comparable to the back of the book’s index.

Referential Integrity: It guarantees that the external key’s value always links to an existing line.

The Object-Oriented Programming System (OOPs) is a planning paradigm based on inaccessibility, integration, inheritance, and polymorphism. Allows users to design the objects they desire as well as tools to manage them. The primary principle behind OOPs is to create objects, reuse them throughout the process, and manipulate them to achieve desired outcomes.

OOP, which stands for “Object-Oriented Programming,” is a well-known and commonly utilized paradigm in current programming languages like Java(Vamanmehtre,2019).

For example, below is a list of OOPs in Java ideas.

  1. Class

The class is one of the OOPs Basic Concepts, which is a collection of related organizations. It’s merely a mental component, not a physical one. For example, if you had a class named “Expensive Cars,” it would include Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and other high-end automobiles. The value or speed of these vehicles might be one of their attributes (data). Driving, reversing, and braking are some of the tactics that may be used with these autos.

  • Object

The object can be classified as a class model, and the program may have several class scenarios. One of the Java OOPs concepts is the object, which holds both data and functions that operate with data. A chair, a bicycle, a marker, a pen, a table, a car, and so on.

  • Inheritance

One of the Basic Concepts of OOPs is inheritance, in which one object inherits the features and actions of its parent object. Between the two stages, it strengthens the parent-child bond. It gives you a reliable and simple approach to designing and developing applications.

  • Polymorphism

Polymorphism is a term in Java that refers to the capacity of an object or method to take on various forms. In English, for example, the phrase “running activity” has various connotations when applied to a laptop, a footrace, or a corporation. We may deduce the meaning of running by looking at the other terms that are used with it. Polymorphism is the same way.

  • Abstraction

Abstraction is an OOP concept in Java that refers to the act of describing significant aspects without the use of background information. It’s an approach for creating a new form of data that’s appropriate for a certain purpose. Let’s have a look at one of the OOPs concepts. For example, you don’t have to be concerned with the interior workings of an automobile when driving. You just need to be concerned about elements such as the steering wheel, gears, and accelerator.

  • Encapsulation

Encapsulation is one of the most effective methods for encrypting data and code in Java OOPs. Class variables are frequently concealed in other classes under the OOPs paradigm. It’s only possible if they use the methods of their current class. For instance, in school, a pupil is not permitted to leave the classroom.


The term “implementation” can refer to anything from a simple program dialogue to a full computer system transition. The processes, on the other hand, are identical. All actions that take place to transition from the old to the new system are included in the implementation. The new system might be different from the old manual or automatic system, or it could be a big revamp. Initially, the manner of implementation and the amount of time required are decided. It is critical to implement the system correctly to produce a dependable system that meets the organization’s needs(Spillner,2021).

Software system testing, often known as hardware testing, is a comprehensive, integrated system test that verifies that the system meets its specified criteria. System testing falls within the black box test category, and as a result, it should not necessitate knowledge of the code or concept’s underlying design. As you stated, system testing includes all components of the “integrated” software that passed the integration test, as well as the software system itself, which is coupled to any functioning hardware (s). Integration testing is used to identify any conflicts that may exist between software pieces that have been built together (called assemblages) or between any integration and hardware. System testing is the simplest type of testing; it looks for flaws between “assemblages” and throughout the entire system. Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) and/or System Requirement Specification (SRS) are used to conduct system evaluations throughout the system (SRS)( Bozic,2020). System testing examines not just the design but also the customer’s behavior and expectations. It’s also designed to test up to and beyond the software/hardware requirements’ specifications.


• It is the quickest method to receive in front of the most dependable, nearly instantaneous results from Best User users and effective reports.

• Working time is reduced.

• Accuracy and dependability have improved.


Visual Basic is used to create the Attendance Management System. The upgraded program’s objectives are fully met by NET. All distractions have been eliminated from the system, and it has achieved a stable condition. The system operates at a high degree of efficiency, and all teachers and users who interact with it are aware of its advantages. The problem is solved by the system. As a particular demand, it was supposed to be resolved. In the future, the initiative will have a considerably greater reach. In the future, the project might be utilized online. Because it is more adaptable in terms of extension, the project may be reassessed whenever the need arises. The customer can now manage and, as a consequence, operate all operations in the best possible, most accurate, and flawless manner, thanks to the suggested Space Manager database software system being available and fully functioning.

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