OUA MTPS502 EDUC5015 Schooling and Australian Society | Assessment 3 / Investigation

Is there a clear link between private or selective schooling and improved academic results, or there other factors to play?


Schools play a major role in enhancing individual students from academics to physical activities. It helps students or children to gain knowledge and learn various things related to academics and physical activities. In Australia, The MySchool service is an important portal that allows parents to check for profiles in approximately 10,000 public and private schools and equate each school with “static-similar” schools. The MySchool website also enables parents to compare the financial expenditures of child spends in each school. Here, examines selective and integrated educational programs results. While there is no data to show that comprehensive schemes are more equal in the overall difference in student outcomes, in selective education systems, average performance is lower than in general systems. Private or selective schooling is not only the factor that can help in getting the best academic results. Various factors would help in understanding the reason well. Teachers say that they either choose or are told to evaluate, that they spend less time with other curricula and that these effects negatively influence the class experience and student involvement. This is largely in line with the international research which shows that high levels of literacy and count testing often have undesired implications such as a limited emphasis on curricula, a return to teaching based on teachers, and reduced motivation.

In the second half of the twentieth century, rural primary schools in the Czech Republic underwent major changes primarily due to numerous political factors such as the advancement of democracy, economic factors, social factors, and space processes. An instructor should not enter a set of minds except when he goes into a classroom. The teacher faces a group of young people who are personified, physical, social, and thinking. You will certainly improve and grow whether or not the school supports you. While school mostly includes children by age and ‘capability,’ in terms of height, intelligence, social skills, and self-image, there may be variations in the same classroom. Some are wealthier, others are poorer, some are disabled, some are from religious families and some are not. Some are poorer. A single club can include some who are almost Adults and some in medium Chile in schools in poor communities in developing countries. This chapter is concerned with the understanding of the growth process during school years, in particular the social context of growth. First, we must remove the misunderstanding that infants are physically pre-programmed; that their development is a matter of unfolding. Sequence, with some for disappointment and some for success (Thompson & Harbaugh,2013). This misunderstanding is strengthened Obsession by mass media for purported ‘gene’ findings in depression, wisdom or worse, and some other myths. The importance of elementary school growth about cultural life, support available and rural communities attraction in the suburb, intermediate and peripheral landscape.

Schools are also using advanced media techniques to attract students both locally and internationally. The findings of high stake testing can be found on the website of My School to educate and advance the choices of parents. More parents prefer private schools over public schools, which leads in and between public and private sectors to heavy rivalry. The school curriculum material is now reimagined according to changing economic demands. To help prepare young people for post-school careers, vocational and applied training programs are developing in high schools. So here we have explained the link between private schooling and improved academic results and the associated factors.


Consider, in fact, its rise to the status quo as a dominant thinker party in the mid-twentieth century with a dramatic expansion from the late 1970s. I will concentrate in this section to study more closely the core features of neoliberalism as a mode of governance (Savage, 2017).  Foucault gave a thorough study of the neo-liberal ideas and activities which were starting globally in the late 1970s, in the series of lectures given at the Collège de France in Paris between 1977 and 1979.

In politics — and wider political discourse — it has always been taken for granted that business-based results are often the safest. The hypothesis is that the private sector knows better than the government, and governments are poor in general. These bases are founded upon all kinds of public politics: public debt often is bad contracts are good, managers and jargon of the private sector should be used by the public sector, public properties should be privatized; public control is not a lot more than a frustrating stack of burden. In particular, at the height of fervor of the eighties and nineties, arguing against such proposals.

While the consequences of neoliberalism have been ‘the same’ not in all places, the global influence of neoliberal politics on education systems is evident. Government education and curricula in Australia are profoundly re-formed and continued by neoliberalism, with changes being pushed gradually by Logics on the industry ( Savage, 2017).  Australian governments have seen over the last two decades. Heavily borrow from a neoliberal change in the UK and the US, amid a wide range of studies has shown the detrimental impact of each of these changes on schools, administrators, and schoolchildren. Researchers have extensively theorized the transformation of education about neoliberalism, particularly in the fields of education policy studies and education sociology. The broader reimagination of schooling from an economic perspective is perhaps the most significant effect of neoliberalism on education. Education is now framed and rightly described in the policy as mainly a location of the human capital building and contributing to economic growth from early childhood to tertiary education.

Policies have been developed to increase competitiveness among schools, motivated by new accountability regimes, evaluation and comparison focused on standardized tests. The My School page, for example, and NAPLAN are working together to keep schools accountable by showing evaluation results online. In turn, this encourages competition among schools and advises and promotes the preference of parents. There are both positive and negative results of NAPLAN and My School. On the positive side, for example, these changes make schools publicly liable and show the differences within schools, but they also encourage “test instruction” on the negative side. New models of school autonomy enable schools to be more as companies and reposition themselves

School leaders as administrators, who are more and more responsible for promotions, customer recruitment, and recruitment as well as recruitment and re-assignment. A recent example is the Independent Public Schools (IPS) initiative of the Federal Government that aims at enhancing autonomy, especially in the distribution of resources, such as budgets and personnel hiring school. New school autonomy models make schools more businesslike and reposition themselves. Members in schools are as managers, increasingly responsible for advertising, customer recruitment, recruitment, and reassignment. One example recently is the Federal Government’s effort to enhance autonomy, especially in distributing services like budgets and staff hiring school, for IPS.  There is a shared assumption that test schemes such as NAPLAN that generate evidence that improves students’ performance can boost the quality of their results and, overall, enhance Australia’s potential to achieve economic productivity by enhancing the efficiency and integrity of schools and education systems at all levels. The publication on the MySchool website of NAPLAN outcomes is, thus, an important component of transparency. My School provides “the general public with details about the success of schools on national standardized testings” in which “aggregated ratings of schools’ are reported on MySchool, as well as a comparison of ‘SociaEducativa Index,”

School administrators have worked on a complicated range of campaign practices to boost their school’s reputation and productivity and attract new customers. These activities were used in the manufacturing of sleek brochures and intricate pages that would seem quite unusual to public school leaders several decades before, frequently reflecting the vocabulary and style of selling prestigious private schools. Overall enhance the skills in children and enhance apartments to select the perfect private school that can enhance the skills and transformation for development in an individual.


For most youngsters, a family is their first school, and other family members are their first teachers. Children from the early days of life are part of the labor force of cultures in which the great majority of households are commercial manufacturing groups, agriculture economies, and pre-colonization hunter-gatherer companies, such as Australia. Children will be taught how to sew quilts, feed hens, or capture sweets or sweets with honey. The family acts simultaneously as a center of development and professional education. The economic position of children has shifted in some circumstances. A “demographic change” takes place in many countries. This ensures that the rate of birth is shifted from high to poor birth; child mortality is reduced enough that more and more newborns can survive and the total age of the population is increased by greater life expectancy for adults. This occurred in most Australian countries, and such developments affect the families and the position of the children there enormously. When fewer children are born and more of them grow up, parents “invest” time and resources in a child’s upbringing. The machine at the same time carries in a lot of tea. Schools may or may not be able to welcome parents. In general, school districts are increasingly aware of this connection and now have recommendations to promote parents.

Implication. Implication. Schools may provide services to help parents read treatment and sports. Excursions or activities (Savage, 2017). However, this remains an area of concern. With growing safety issues and moral outrage over pedophiles, parents (particularly fathers) are becoming increasingly unreliable Take part and move into the classroom. Two centuries-old, there is still a solid institutional distinction between home and education. In circumstances with significant cultural discrepancies — for example between lay Anglo teachers and Christian Islander Pacific, Buddhist Vietnamese, or Muslim Lebanese parents — it should make a major, concerted attempt to develop good ties with the group. That will embed the social interaction skills that a part of enhancing and utilizing academics skills in the real world.

A significant percentage of households are characterized by aggression among adults and violence against children by adults. Due to much underreporting and varying definitions of abuse, it is difficult to determine just how many households suffer domestic violence. The 2005 Persons Safety Survey of Australia found that, after a former partner, 15% of Australian women have had physical or sexual abuse and 2,1% of an existing partner since they were 15. By comparison, 4.9% of Australian men have become violent by a former wife and 0.9% of an existing partner when they were 15 years old. Men are influenced by the most severe family violence; some children also grow up fearing their dad or stepfather. The more severe the abuse, the more disturbing the lives of the children (Eickelkamp, 2010). Where domestic abuse comes in the form of sexual abuse, it can have particularly serious long-term effects. Men are influenced by the most severe family violence; some children also grow up fearing their dad or stepfather. The more severe the abuse, the more disturbing the lives of the children. Where domestic abuse comes in the form of sexual abuse, it can have particularly serious long-term effects. Children are being neglected and abused is endémic and disturbing, but thankfully it is not the principal trend of ties between parents and children. Broad polls in Australia are mostly optimistic, with a mixture of parental involvement and influence. Adult support, it seems, is fundamental to most children’s lives. Despite economic stresses, the time spent by parents with children is not falling, which appears to be supported by popular sentiment.

So there is a need for social activities and relationship guidance that would encourage children in learning to differentiate between right and wrong. Along with that families are the first teacher of children that embed them with ethics to learn and even can manipulate to discourage them.

Primary schools a development and stabilization factor of rural municipalities?

Central Bohemia is mostly an urban zone, but it is the capital of Prague, representing the suburban rural area of a large metropolitan area, which is surrounded by its territory. This effect has an economic and social effect on the climate in Central Bohemia and has a major impact on the growth of the settlement system (Kourilva & Pelucha, 2020). The area of Southern Bohemia is an intermediate stabilized, densely populated countryside with strong socio-economic growth. The province of Vysocina is largely a rural region, a rural and farming region far from major cities. Within the territory of the Czech Republic, there is an immediate fringe with a large proportion of small municipalities (48% of the municipalities have 200 inhabitants each) and the highest primary jobs rate (6% in 2016).

Any municipal mayor of school in all three regions recognized that the school was an important factor for municipal growth and did not take into account the closing of the school. In each area, the Mayors were most concerned that their municipality’s appeal for new inhabitants could be reduced. In addition, this concern was combined with the fear of increased emigration in the South Bohemian region (the intermediate stabilized rural area) and the Vysocina region (mainly the rural region). These respondents are the mayors of municipalities in Central Bohemia, near Prague’s capital. The mayor of municipalities with schools is conscious that retaining school is important for both the urban attraction of existing and new inhabitants and also for the social facets of education (creating social relationships between schoolmates and other rural members, local patriotism, community life development). The most significant sign of the school in the municipality lies in its population stabilizing, which was supported by the fact that only 8% of respondents in all three regions believe that after closing a school, nothing will change.

The reciprocal rivalry between municipalities is also higher in the case of suburban rural areas. In municipalities with schools, the reasons for keeping the school in a municipality were often very limited interregional, with major authorities finding both the infrastructure at school and the requisite costs to operate and manage the schools to be important. The Mayors rated the condition of the school building in all three regions as reasonably strong. While municipalities in the last 10 years have rehabilitated and reconstructed the school building, mostly under the LEADER scheme, most of them are planning to further improve education and upgrade school buildings and equipment in particular, under the unique measures provided by the EU Rural Policy. According to the findings, most municipalities in all three regions have no trouble ensuring that schools have operating costs.

Many scholars regard the value of primary education in rural municipalities as not just a center of education but also a center for a wider community life that can lead to the growth of municipalities. Other scholars stress the benefit of the school, but not a necessity, as the existence of the school affects the appeal of the municipality to a minimum. This paper, therefore, concentrated on the role of primary schools as a requirement for basic growth in small rural communities. The survey participants were the local mayors in the residential, intermediate, and peripheral landscapes of the Republic with a population of up to 800 and were centered on three main themes: 1) a belief that school is of general significance to the growth of municipality, 2) school maintenance/absence factors in the village, and 3) municipal development issues in specific rural categories.

The exclusion of false similarities

PISA has demonstrated that the history of students has a strong effect on the success of students. This research, therefore, monitors the socio-economic condition of each student and all students in an average school. However, the effect of incoming student success cannot be regulated. As other findings suggest that socioeconomic status and achievements are associated, the status is instead a marker for this. Therefore, when interpreting the impact of socio-economic status, it must be taken into account that this often requires differing levels of student performance

School’s socio-economic structure

Even if both pupils are in the same curriculum, schools can be somewhat different in terms of the level of achievement or terms of socioeconomic backgrounds. Socioeconomic differences in the area or the town in which the school is located can contribute to significant differences in student achievement between schools.


In this report, we have explained the relationship between private schooling and improved academic results through Neoliberalism. Then the other factors that can impact the education of children are discussed like Families that are the first instructor of child discussed the remedies and advantages associated with them, exclusion of false similarities, and socio economic structure. Then we have discussed the rural communities and the implication associated with them. Everything is explained in a well-defined format for proper understanding of the reader with proper references following my school website of Australia.


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Tomaszewski, W., Xiang, N., & Western, M. (2020). Student engagement as a mediator of the effects of socioeconomic status on academic performance among secondary school students in Australia. British Educational Research Journal46(3), 610-630.

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