Pre-clinical workshop GAP assessment (Transition only)

Pre-clinical workshop GAP assessment (Transition only)

Student Name Date 
Unit code/nameClustered GAP assessment
Assessment NamePre-clinical workshop GAP assessment
Student Declaration: I declare that by submitting this assessment and signing the below, I confirm the assessment within is my own work. I am aware of and understand the rules and responsibilities related to assessment, as outlined in the Student Code of Practice, Student Handbook and related policies. I acknowledge that my failure to comply with the Academic Integrity Policy and Student Code of Conduct will be regarded as misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action and may result in my enrolment being withdrawn by the Australian Paramedical College (APC). Privacy Disclaimer: Australian Paramedical College is collecting your personal information for assessment purposes. The information will only be accessed by authorised employees of the College . Some of this information may be given to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or its successor for audit and/or reporting purposes. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless permitted or we are required by law.
Assessment InformationAssessment Submission: You are required to complete the name and date fields on the first page of this document. Failure to do so will result in your submission counting towards an attempt and will not be assessed as it is incomplete. Number of Attempts: Students receive three (3) attempts at this theoretical assessment task. Should your 1st and 2nd attempt be deemed as Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS), your assessor will provide feedback informing you of the areas requiring additional or further information. You will be required to submit your updated attempt on a resubmission form template. If your 3rd attempt is deemed Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS), you will be required to schedule a call with an assessor to address the areas deemed Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS). If you fail to attend the scheduled call for discussion, you will receive an overall Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) result for this assessment task. General information: Each unit will have theoretical and practical components. The practical components for this unit will be addressed within the clinical practice workshop which you are required to attend to finalise individual unit outcomes. Students are advised to read the Student Unit Guide prior to beginning assessment

to ensure a clear understanding of the unit requirements and assessment tasks involved.

Students must satisfactorily complete all associated assessment tasks to be deemed competent overall in this unit of competency.

Students are permitted to use the Student Learner Guide and additional resources available to support responses, however where relevant it is expected that references are listed or identified for any work that is not your own words. Academic misconduct is monitored and plagiarism will be penalised as per the Academic Integrity Policy.

Students are required to submit this completed assessment task via the online learning portal, or as directed by the assessor.

If you require assistance with content, please email with the unit code, AT number and question you are stuck on or call (07) 5520 2522 for assistance.

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Section 1: Medical Terminology, Body Functions and Infection Control and WHS

Q1. Correctly spell the medical condition relevant to the explanation provided below.

  1. Abnormal structure of a blood vessel as a result of a weak or damaged artery.

Condition and spelling:

  • A condition which results in an abnormal heartbeat.

Condition and spelling:

  • A method of drug administration that deposits directly into a patients vein.

Condition and spelling:

  • A condition which results in an individual’s heart rate being lower than 60bpm

Condition and spelling:

  • A condition which makes it hard for the heart to adequately pump blood around an individual’s body easily.

Condition and spelling:

  • The gradual wearing of protective tissue and cartilage between bones.

Condition and spelling:

  • A woman who is pregnant for the first time

Condition and spelling:

  • A condition where a patient has a blue tint to their skin and mucous membranes

Condition and spelling:

  1. A condition which results in a patient losing 20% (1/5) of blood of fluid supply in their body.

Condition and spelling:

Q2. What are the 6 (six) levels of structural organisation of the human body in order from the smallest structural unit to the largest.

Q3. Identify the key differences between harmless microorganisms and pathogens in your own words.

Q4. Explain in your own words the types of transmission in the table below:

Airborne/aerosol transmission 
Penetrating injuries transmission 

Q5. Identify what appropriate precautions you can implement to minimise contamination from aerosols and splatter?

Q6. Identify the type of disease transmission and precautions you would use when dealing with:

A patient with COVID-19:

A patient with Strep throat:

A patient who is HIV positive:

A patient with Hepatitis C:

A patient with Influenza:

Q7. List the incubation times of the following infectious diseases.

Chicken pox 
Hepatitis C 
Glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis) 
Whooping cough 

Q8. Write down the meaning of the following safety signage and explain when they would be used in the health care environment.

SignageDescriptionWhen would it be utilised based on guidelines?
  A close up of a sign  Description automatically generated  
  Iso Mandatory Safety Sign - Safety Glasses Required Clipart (#1047814) -  PinClipart  
  Radiation - Wikipedia  

Q9. Identify the correct procedure for handling and disposal of sharps such as a contaminated needle.

Q10. List three (3) sources of information you can access that provide legal and ethical information relevant to work roles in the health care environment.

Q11. Read the following document discussing some Australia wide requirements for infection control and prevention as a result of COVID-19. As a health care worker explain in your own words how these changes would affect completion of your day to day tasks. 10/National%20guide%20for%20safe%20workplaces%20%E2%80%93%20COVID-19_1.pdf

Section 2: Recognising Behaviours and Practicing Legal and Ethical Considerations

Q12. What would you need to consider when dealing with a patient who is displaying behavioural concerns (aggression, altered mental state, intoxication etc.) to ensure you are maximising the availability of other staff and resources around you?

Q13. Scenario below:

A medic is treating a patient who does not believe in the COVID-19 pandemic and thinks it is a government conspiracy. At present, patient case numbers are at an all-time high and parts of the country are in strict lockdown. It is compulsory to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus therefore it is now a part of health care everyday PPE.

Whilst the medic is trying to collect patient information the patient is refusing to answer your questions and states ‘’I am not going to answer any of your questions until you take that mask off, COVID-19 is a government conspiracy and I find it rude that you are trying to have a conversation with me while wearing it’’.

After 5 minutes of the medic explaining to the patient that they cannot remove the mask as it is a part of compulsory PPE, and they believe it is a real health risk to remove the mask, the patient agrees to answer the questions.

It is obvious the patient and medic both have conflicting views about the pandemic and the medic is frustrated with the situation and the way they have been spoken too.

  • Recognising your own personal values and workplace requirements as the medic, how would you ensure non-judgemental practice while treating this patient?
  • In line with legal and ethical responsibilities, develop an appropriate response in first person explaining to the patient why you (as a medic) cannot remove your mask.
  • What problem solving skills did you utilise in this situation to support your reasoning?

Q14. Scenario below

You have been called to transfer a patient, Thomas, from an aged care facility to the hospital. When you are transporting the patient on the stretcher they complain of a sore tailbone. You investigate and find a stage 2 bed sore and ask if Thomas has raised this with his nurses. He says yes, but nothing has changed.

  • What is the unethical behaviour(s) in this situation?
  • What are your legal and ethical responsibilities as per your scope of practice and organisational requirements in this situation?
  • Who is the most appropriate person for you to report this behaviour to and how would you do this?

Q15. Scenario below

You are a medic working for a private response company and are on shift with a registered paramedic. You are attending to a skatepark where dispatch has informed you of a 19-year-old male who has attempted a flip off a platform and landed incorrectly. On arrival it is clear the patient has landed with force on concreate breaking both of his ankles.

He is calling out in agony requesting pain relief. The patients condition has been reviewed and the paramedic advises you of the treatment plan, requesting you to administer a drug while he splints the patients ankles.

The company has a very strict scope of practice for paramedics versus medics and you are aware this drug is outside of your scope. The paramedic has insisted that you administer the drug anyway and states ‘’It’s fine, I won’t tell anyone’’

  • What is the unethical behaviour(s) in this situation?
  • What are your legal and ethical responsibilities as per your scope of practice and organisational requirements in this situation?
  • Who is the most appropriate person for you to report this behaviour to and how would you do this?
  • What problem solving skills would you use in this situation to support your decision?

Q16. Scenario below

You are having a break on shift at the local coffee shop. You have noticed your partner while ordering his coffee is revealing confidential patient details to the barista about a case you just attended earlier this morning.

You heard your partner mention some details to the barista that were very specific mentioning things like the patients specific injuries, name, age and location. This incident has recently been broadcast on the news with minimal details, and the information that your partner revealed would allow for the barista to make a connection between the two.

You approach your partner and advise that they should not be sharing this information and the response you received was ‘’everyone will read about the accident eventually, it’s no big deal’’. Your partner then turns to the barista and says ‘’If anyone asks you didn’t hear it from me’’.

  • In regards to your work role boundaries, what are your responsibilities and limitations as a result of your scope of practice in this situation?
  • Discuss the importance of reporting this incident and what acts/legislations your partner has breached.
  • In regards to legal and ethical requirements, who would you report this breach to and why?
  • What information would you need to provide when reporting this?

Q17. Discuss what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is and the consequences of breaching this.

Q18. Identify how many articles are in the universal declaration of human rights framework and identify which article which is relevant to health care?

Q19. Match the following human rights-based approaches and instruments to their correct definitions. Write the letter of your answer in the spaces provided.

   Participationa) It also means that priority should be given to the most marginalised people in terms of the realisation of their rights.
   Accountabilityb) It requires the law to recognise human rights and freedom as legally enforceable entitlements.
 Non- discrimination and Equalityc) Everyone has the right to be involved in decisions concerning their human rights.
   Empowermentd) Everyone is entitled to claim and exercise their rights and freedoms.
   Legalitye) It requires effective monitoring of compliance with human rights standards, achievement of human rights goals and effective remedies for human rights breaches.

Q20. In the table below describe the characteristics of the following areas of diversity:

Area of diversityCharacteristics
    Culture, race, ethnicity 
    Religious or spiritual beliefs 
    Gender, including transgender 
  Sexual orientation/ identity – lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual 

Q21. Cultures will impact community attitudes, language used and workplace policies when in the health care environment. Briefly explain the impact varying cultures have of each of these things.

Q22. Briefly discuss the features of diversity of the below and how they impact different areas of work and life.

  • Political
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Cultural

Q23. From an inclusiveness and diversity perspective, list a minimum of (3) three work practices or resources you can use to create a culturally safe environment for all.

Q24. Briefly discuss the impact of positive diverse practices and experiences on the following:

  • Personal behaviour:
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Perception
  • Social expectations of others

Q25. In your own words, discuss the key aspects and the diversity, of Australia’s Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures, including:

  • The social, political and economic issues affecting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • Own culture, western systems and structures and how these impact on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and their engagement with services

Q26. Complete the table below

Cultural Group (e.g. Generation, disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethenicity, religionPhysical, mental and emotional health issues/care needs  Workplace Strategies to support employee needs  Protective factorsConsideration of impacts of discrimination, trauma, exclusion and negative attitudes

Section 3: Communication and Professional Practice in the Workplace

Q27. Provide a minimum of three (3) conflicts of interest that could arise in the medical field.

Q28. Using one of the conflict of interests you identified above explain the appropriate actions you would take to address this and how you would implement this.

Q29. In line with legal and ethical considerations, how are codes of conduct, codes of practice, practice standards and duty of care implemented within the workplace, and what are the consequences for workers if breached.

Q30. In line with legal and ethical considerations, how are human rights, non-discrimination and informed consent applied within the workplace and what is the impact on workers and patients if breached?

Q31. In line with legal and ethical considerations, why is it so important to ensure accurate records are kept (complaints, mandatory reporting, confidential patient records, policy frameworks), and how could this impact workers and patients if breached?

Q32. Why is continuing professional education and keeping up to date with state legislation relevant to employment essential, and what adverse outcome could arise if these are not maintained?

Q33. Why is keeping up to date with workplace health and safety and child safety in the workplace legislation so important, and what are the consequences for organisation and individuals if breached?

Q34. In line with legal and ethical considerations, discuss nondiscrimination against age, disability, race and sex. Identify how its applied in organisations and the impact on workers if breached.

Q35. In a health care environment you will always be encouraged to provide continual feedback, suggestions, reviewal and improvements in all aspects of your role. What are five (5) things that you must consider when developing or providing input for health care related policies, procedures and protocols.

Q36. Scenario below

You are working for newly established health care company and have not yet been trained in the storage and disposal of sharps.

You have found yourself in a situation where a frustrated co-workers is yelling at you for not taking initiative and contributing to the unpacking and storage of a recent sharps and consumables delivery, which means your co-worker has to stay back after hours to organise this.

You advise your co-worker that your supervisor instructed that you do not assist with this until you have finished your training in this area, due to WHS risks.

The co-worker then says ‘there is nothing in writing that says you cannot help unpack a delivery, don’t be lazy or I’ll make you do it all by yourself after hours tomorrow’

After this, you feel upset and reflect on the situation, noting that you had no official workplace documentation to support your actions.

You have informed management of the situation, and they have agreed something needs to be formalised to support individuals in situations like this. Management has asked if you will supply input and contribute to the development and review of this documentation.

  • What kind of information would you need to ensure is considered as part of the development of this workplace documentation? Select the four (4) most appropriate responses.
€ € € € € € €    

Legislations, Acts, Protocols

Scope of practice and individual responsibilities Length of service

External industry consultation Organisational structure Industry guidelines

Number of employees in the organisation

As this is a newly established organisation, management has requested you contribute to the review and development of current workplace policies and protocols.

Below lists the current documentation in place:

  • Workplace Health and Safety policy
    • Drug therapy protocols
    • Anti-discrimination policy
    • Privacy policy
    • Patient transportation policy
    • Dress code policy
    • Social media policy
    • Document records and data control policy
    • Complaints and appeals policy
  • What are four (4) other policies and protocols that you could recommend be developed to improve workplace practices in regards to legal and ethical requirements?
  • Who would you communicate these recommendations to?

Q37. Scenario below

Dispatch has informed you of a female minor who is suffering from an asthma attack. When you arrive on scene the father informs you that their cultural beliefs do not allow for a male to touch or treat the minor. In this situation you are a male medic and your partner on shift is a female medic.

  • What is an appropriate response towards this situation?
  • Explain in first person what you would say to the father if you did not have a female partner in this situation.

Q38. Scenario below

You are an administration officer for a medical firm and have restricted access to patient records. A trainee started last week and does not yet have logins to the systems. The trainee has informed you that a nurse gave them her personal login details so that they could access the system however a nurse account does not have restrictions on viewing confidential patient information.

You hear the trainee laughing and ask why, to which they respond ‘Come here and look at this patient record, how could someone possibly get this injury unless they were extremely clumsy’.

  • Identify what the issue is in this situation and how it could be improved?
  • Who would you need to communicate this improvement to for approval and commencement of implementation?

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