Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Lime Bikes for the Future Solved

Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Lime Bikes for the Future


Lime is a micro-mobility network providing short-distance travel for sharing scooters, cycling and transit vehicles. It provides a to locate a nearby vehicle, search and unlock it and then park and lock the bike in the cities and campuses. The company’s mission is to increase urban mobility by giving people safer, more reliable, and cost-effective transport solutions that enhance the health of cities and campuses.

Our scooter of the next decade will be one of the world’s most affordable travel services. They extend the use of recycled materials, minimize waste from the supply chain and production, make modular architecture a priority and enjoy a longer lifetime. Combined with the latest template The zero emits operations are expected to allow for a life cycle cost of more than 10 times lower than an electric motorcycle and 20 times less carbon than the current public bus.

Due to the more circular maintenance and reuse policy, we have developed in the last two years, our scooter’s carbon footprint has been lowered significantly. The lifespan of our scooters has been prolonged and sections are kept in service and on the road until recycling stuff. Where materials have no lifetime, almost 100% of our hardware and 70% of our batteries are recycled way above the world and European standards.

CEO Wayne Ting said in a virtual event organized by Wall Street Journal on Thursday that Lime has reached the mark of profitability for the first time since hitting a 3rd quarter cash-flow positive.

At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Lime saw a “huge decrease in income,” but “most of that returned,” Ting said. In August, the Lime Speaker said that Lime was bullish on EBIT (earnings before interest and income tax) and is expected to show a positive EBIT in 2021, as a ‘gold standard for profitability. The Smart Cities Dive company has refused to include clear numbers or statistics for profitability.

Ting has also announced the arrival this week on the streets of Paris of Lime’s model scooter, Gen4. The latest model “reaches considerably better than current technologies,” Ting says with battery-changeable, technology for software and travel, larger wheels, and other features.

Here we have explained the stakeholders in the organization that would help in the enhancement and development of the organization with the associated duties or roles associated with them in accomplishing the goals admired by the company In a proper effective manner.


StakeholderLevel of interest  (low>medium>high)Ability to impact (low>medium>high)What we want from stakeholderWhat stakeholder wants from usCurrent and desired Level of EngagementRelationship owner(s)
ManagerHighHighPlanning, organization, management, and regulation. With four roles, managers enable their staff, systems, programs, and organizations to become more efficient and productive.Proper coordination with all the employees in completing their duties and reports to be assembled for the analysis process.Current- Aware   Desired- Spontenous and EffectiveChief Manager
ConsumerHighHighFrom approaches used to test and analyze goods to choices about the labels used for the use and where to buy, consumers in society play an important roleProviding them the efficient and reliable products and services for the satisfaction of the client.Current- Aware   Desired- Happy and satisfied.Company
Technical LeaderHighHighIn a particular situation or team, Tech Leads is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of software creation  (Olander, 2003). A strong engineering lead is essential to ensuring the success of the solutions provided. Tech managers are software developers, who enable the team to function with consistency.Listening to their thinking and beliefs in innovation for the betterment of the organization or company.Current- Aware     Desired- Able to tackle technological  problems and overcome effectively and providing polished workChief Executive
CFO-Chief Finance officerHighHighTracks cash flow, plans finances, analyses strengths, and weaknesses, and proposes corrective measures to boost the firm’s bank balance similar to a treasurer, a CFO completely handles the finance and accounting divisions by ensuring the firm receives accurate financial reports in time.Daily reports and notifications that provide facts in the financial statements of companiesCurrent – Unaware Desired – SupportiveChief Executive officer
SupplierMediumMediumOffers good or service. A dealer in a company’s job is to deliver a distributor or distributor to resell high-quality goods from a producer at a reasonable price.Proper coordination regarding requirements and various needs.Current- Aware   Desired- Spontaneous and fast.Manager


  Media/MethodAdvantagesDisadvantagesEffective for Program of Work
Schedule online or official MeetingsEngagement and cooperation increased.Enhanced responsibilities.Common purpose sense.Growth opportunities.Not all are free at the same time. Leads to informal gesture and improper communication.All issues do not emerge and address.  Can surely help in communicating company objective and individual role properly.
EmailTargeted contact be possibleHelp to Improve Business Record Continue to maintain communications low cost.Maximize marketing opportunities with business emails.Not all aspects and information can be delivered.Not convenient to inform instantly because unknown that when a person checks it.Help in communicating person is the convenient and fast way the knowledge or information important.
Social Media Instant  access Quick communityFast alertsMaintaining commitmentThere could be a limited amount of informationQuickly targeting wide audiences for general program alerts
Lunch meetingIt’s more relaxed for everybody.It is invasive. IProductivity increased.This is a good break. It promotes a healthy corporate culture and increases the retention of employees.Generally, not all can’t a decision.Lack of gravitySocially interactive and help in creating communication of staff with each other.
Newslettercredibility and competence of the companyHighly rewarded and low risk.Boost your marketing plan for contentFor greater commitment, flexible.Not addressed by all or might be not convenient for all.Wide markets are quickly targeted for general warnings


ManagerAligning staff with corporate objectives and principles provides a good view of what the organization needsObject-oriented information communication.As per needNot fixedChief ManagerOngoing
 Identify consumer needs and create coherent programs that enhance company operations;Coordinate with customers and employees.Routine based.Continuously from 21/2/2021Chief ManagerOngoing
CustomerPromote faithfulnessThrough satisfaction with services.Not decidedContinousCompanyOngoing
 Promoting industry by word of mouthEfficient and productive services.Not decidedContinousCompanyOngoing
SupplierMeeting corporate goalsInforming about requirement or need.Routine basedWeeklyManagerOngoing
 keep up to date on prospects for procurement and management.Taking updated and periodic meetings.Routine basedWeeklyManagerOngoing
CFOSense awarenessMeetingOncePeriodicallyProgram ManagerOngoing
 Search for contributionMeetingOngoingWeeklyProgram ManagerOngoing
Technical ExpertPeriodically check technical aspects and innovation inheritance for proper work flor.Periodical checks and report gathering.OngoingWeeklyChief ExecutiveOngoing
 Encourage people to dedicate themselves to value-building and progress.Communicating and providing a better interface.OngoingWeeklyChief ExecutiveOngoing

Steps you will take to escalate when there is a disagreement between stakeholders interests and expectations

Following techniques can be adapted to escalate present or future disagreements between stakeholders

Abandonment-  The resolution of disputes usually means that a route to mediation or an appropriate conclusion is followed. However, a party may wish to cease the conflict during the process. While conflict resolution strategies cannot be accepted, avoidance or abandonment of disputes by a group is possible and is very common in the construction process. There are many reasons for this, including poor hopes of good outcomes, insufficient funding, commercial reasons, insufficiency, or passiveness.

Negotiation- The most traditional and economic method of conflict settlement in construction is negotiation, which ensures that management of the dispute process is still among the parties concerned. Four characteristics must be fulfilled: equity, effectiveness, intelligence, and peace, to reach a well-negotiated resolution of conflict.

By implementing this form of measure, conflict resolution probably leads to win-lose scenarios in which each tries to identify new ways of achieving their objectives and at the same time achieve their opponents’ objectives. In this step, parties may act themselves as indirect bargaining or can establish a consultant or facilitator.

Conciliation and mediation- Mediation and conciliation is an old method of conflict resolution which emerged in China for about 3000 years but is much later used in building since the mid-200’s. Mediation can be used by an impartial and unbiased third party as a mechanism of negotiations between disputing parties. In principle, the groups seeking support from an independent consultant to resolve their disagreement are informal (Cardwell et al, 2017). The mediator also has a key role to play in helping the parties involved in the conflict to make decisions.

Expert assessment- Expert evaluation or appraisal is a procedure by which the participants choose to ask a neutral party to rule about a specific question in a conflict. Unlike non-binding mediation, the consensus of experts means collective recognition of the expert verdict, at least before any compromise is reached. In construction, it is popular to use this method of dispute settlement. Examples are, under a variety of cases, real estate appraisal, professional valuation, and rent analysis. Specialist assessments also take place in other types of dispute settlement, such as arbitration and legal proceedings.

Adjudication- The award can be challenged as a mechanism where, before or unless amended in the settlement or lawsuit, an impartial third party makes a ruling on a subject that is binding on the parties concerned. The parties must consent to conventional arbitration of the arbitrator who then acts enhanced by the arrangement, however, as opposed to consultation, would not require the cooperation of the parties to decide on the arbitrator. The difference in the decision by the expert is that the adjudicator may examine the circumstances of the conflict and interact more openly with the parties than the expert appears to do.


DateStaff memberStakeholder name/ PositionOrganizationEngagement activity summary and issues raisedFollow-up actionsAction status
24/2/2021George. LucasManagerLIMEAttend all the meeting and schedule properlyAppreciationImplemented
27/2/2021Mateo. IhaiaCustomerLIMEWant service on timeContacted and connectedImplemented
07/3/2021Oliver. JackTechnical ExpertLIMESuggested updated HRMS systemOrderedUnder process
23/3/2021DarcySupplierLIMEUpdated shortage in the market of several products.Ordered early for recovering from future problems.Implemented
30/3/2021Noah. LeoCFOLIMEThe issue regarding Graham not attending the meeting.Future search proof of attendanceImplemented

Explain what key stakeholders you have consulted with. Additionally, what steps have you implemented to gain their approval of your stakeholder communication approaches following organizational policies and procedures?

All the stakeholders mentioned above coordinated with the policies and procedures associated with an organization and informed about them.erThen they were given 2 days to validate them and upraise their views on the official portal to have a proper database of every one

After that assembling and analyzing, the process took place where all the views were individually addressed for better understanding. Then all the feedbacks were found positive and in favor of the organization.

Personally, each of the employees was coordinated and each one feedback and problems were asked to have proper communication and extraction of issues among all, but positively the feedbacks were found in favor of the processing procedure and policies and accepted happily.

In the policies the purpose and procedures, the purpose was to Workplace regulations also strengthen and justify normal workplace operations. Well-written rules allow workers to better control the workforce by explicitly distinguishing appropriate and inappropriate conduct in the workplace and defining the consequences of not respecting them.

A working environment strategy includes a declaration of mission and one or more general recommendations for measures required to accomplish this objective. That help in Compliance with jobs and other related laws shows that the organization’s operation is effective and corporate to ensure consistent decision making and operating procedures, Increase the status of the workforce if possible court action takes place, save time when an established approach to promote consistency and continuity will deal with a new challenge easily and efficiently.

What would be some key features of the organization’s policies and procedures that you would need to adhere to in creating and implementing your Stakeholder Management Plan?

I would like to adhere to an email policy where each individual has to send daily basic leads or tasks or associated duties allotted to them or their reports for properly analyzing the workflow of individual and whole organization for gaining desired profits. Along with that, the proper format should be organized in the proper database for analyzing all in a properly specified way for acknowledging individual performance and tackling according to that.

With that, the policy Health and safety at work, enhance employee to work for an organization that works in favor of them and shows and introduces ethics among all. Een involve restrictions like no employee shall begin work or go back to work under alcohol or narcotics. With that, the policy Health and safety at work, enhance employee to work for an organization that works in favor of them and shows and introduces ethics among all. Even involve restrictions like no employee shall begin work or go back to work under alcohol or narcotics.

Additionally, the procedure acquires any information of insulting, vulgar or defamatory nature that could lead to punitive action is barred from using the electronic tools of the organization in the search, access, and sending. infringement of this provision is grounds for punitive action before work is terminated. that can help in working professionally in a proper format.

Provide two examples of communication to one or more stakeholders for your program of work

With that, the policy Health and safety at work, enhance employee to work for an organization that works in favor of them and shows and introduces ethics among all. Een involve restrictions like no employee shall begin work or go back to work under alcohol or narcotics. An

The manager is considered here for proper communication of the desires of the company or the job roles associated with him for further development and enhancement of the organization. As the manager is the one who has to check the workplace performance and take optimistic approaches in favor of the organization and completing the duties and roles associated with him properly and efficiently.

A formal meeting was scheduled with the manager to clarify the points and suggestions in a properly established way and informing him about the role associated with him and the roles to be properly arranged for the proper workflow of an organization. After that, the feedbacks and suggestions were taken from the Manager and acknowledged of clearance.

His role and post information informed to other staff members and welcomed in week defined manner for wellness and proper communication among all.

The second example of communication: create a different communication for 1 of your external stakeholders informing them of something related to your work program.

In this, the supplier is considered. As we all know supplier plays an important role in completing the demands of the company in the estimated timeline, so for proper coordination and combat strategy a proper communication took place, through meetings.

 Here first of all the meeting was arranged and the requirements related to the supplier were discussed and assembled to make analytical results in favor of the organization. After that, the current situation and proper communication regarding previously established management were addressed and positively found right. Then the rates and demand were putten from both ends. Then instant needs and requirements were placed and taken after some time. Then sustainable targets are established mong all for further enhancement.

This help in coordination among supplier and acquiring goods as per the demands. After that deals were finalized for more production and the feedbacks was taken that was found in favor of the organization.


Olander, S. (2003) External Stakeholder Management in the Construction Process, Licentiate dissertation, Department of Building and Architecture, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden

Marques, P., Bernardo, M., Presas, P., & Simon, A. (2019). Corporate social responsibility in a local subsidiary: internal and external stakeholders’ power. EuroMed Journal of Business.

Marshall, S. J. (2018). Internal and external stakeholders in higher education. In Shaping the University of the Future (pp. 77-102). Springer, Singapore.

Cardwell, L. A., Williams, S., & Pyle, A. (2017). Corporate public relations dynamics: Internal vs. external stakeholders and the role of the practitioner. Public Relations Review43(1), 152-162.

Kamalirad, S., Kermanshachi, S., Shane, J., & Anderson, S. (2017, May). Assessment of construction projects’ impact on internal communication of primary stakeholders in complex projects. In Proceedings for the 6th CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference.

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