VU21917- Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments Assignment Solved

Assignment Task (Assignment Number: UA505)

National Unit Details
Assessment Task – General (Student Version)
VU21917Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments
Assessment Title
Resolution and mediation process simulation video and review
Number3 of 3
Section 1 – Assessment Task Overview and Description

To demonstrate competency in this assessment task, you are required to satisfactorily complete each of the following tasks:

In each scenario, you are required to resolve a conflict between two parties. You are required to play the role of conflict resolver in scenario 1 and mediator in scenario 2.

All three parties in the scenario are required to be visible in your video footage throughout each session.

1st Scenario: Community legal centre – seeking payment of Vet Bills

Kathryn and Will exercise their dogs at the same off-lead area in Donvale. Kathryn has a German short haired pointer (Emmy) and Will has a Labrador (Toby)

The dispute:

  • Kathryn’s dog Emmy is aggressive and has frightened Wills dog Toby.
  • Emmy has bitten Toby which required a visit to the Vet.
  • Kathryn thinks her dog is playful.
  • Will thinks Kathryn’s dog should be put down.

Part A: Create a plan for the conflict resolution session

Based on the scenario provided, create a plan for conducting a conflict resolution session to resolve this issue and negotiate an outcome.

Part B: Conduct and record the session

Conduct the conflict resolution session you have planned in Part A and record the session. You may save your file in MP3 file format, MP4 file format or upload and provide a link to a cloud drive. Your session should run for 5 -10 minutes.

Part C: Documentation

  1. Document the outcome of the session.
  1. Review the recording of your conflict resolution session and write a 100 word reflection on the process.

2nd Scenario: Community legal centre office – seeking retraction of allegation

Laura Madison and Milly Knight are both employed as administrators at a Community legal centre. Laura and Milly fell out with each other after Ben Nicholson was employed as the new manager. Laura felt that Milly was receiving preferential treatment from Ben. Laura made a disparaging comment about Milly’s work ethic during an office meeting and Milly has asked for a formal apology. Laura refuses to apologise and the whole situation is now having a negative impact on the overall morale in the office.

VU21917Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments

The dispute:

  • Laura and Milly have a workplace dispute with each party claiming the other party has changed in a negative way. The matter has escalated dramatically and needs to be resolved.

You need to:

Part D: Create a written plan (script) for the video include how you:

  1. prepared for the mediation including:
  1. management of risks and safety procedures relevant to context
  2. accurate and thorough recording of issues relating to the scenario
  1. Explain how you determined the nature of the dispute through:
  1. separate interviews and discussions
  2. effective communication to determine position
  1. Explain how you provided information to clients, such as:
  1. setting boundaries
  2. guidelines and procedures for the mediation process
  3. role of mediator, clients and anyone else involved in the process
  4. agreement by parties to proceed with mediation

Part E: Conduct and record the mediation session:

Record yourself doing a mediation session to resolve the issue and reach a mutually agreeable outcome for both parties. You may save your file in MP3 file format, MP4 file format or upload and provide a link to a cloud drive. Your session should run for 10 -15 minutes.

Part F: Documentation

  1. Document the outcome of the session.
  2. Review the recording of your mediation session and write a 100 word reflection on the process.
Section 2 – Assessment Task Submission Information
Submission DetailsDue date: As per unit outline
The assessment task must be submitted via Canvas or directly to the teacher with an assessment cover sheet. Ensure to include on the front page or in the header or footer of your assessment: your name student ID your teacher’s name the unit code/s and title/s the assessment task title Submissions received after the submission date must be approved by your teacher.
Summary of Evidence to be Submitted
Submission is in the form of a video in MP3, MP4 or cloud based link format for both scenarios
Written copy of the plan and scripts provided for both scenarios
Documented outcome of the process for both scenarios
Reflection of process with word count limit adhered to for both scenarios
The task will be assessed as satisfactory when all of the required evidence listed has been satisfactorily demonstrated. * If applicable, for graded units, the task must be satisfactorily completed before marks will be allocated. Refer to your unit outline for more information.
Section 3 – Assessment Task Criteria and Outcome
All items/criteria must be demonstrated satisfactorily to achieve this task. The items/criteria for this activity will be assessed as S – Satisfactory or US – Unsatisfactory.
All areas of the assessment have been addressed to a satisfactory level
Thorough written and verbal communication skills demonstrated
Research and analytical skills demonstrated to a satisfactory level
Problem solving ability during conflict resolution well demonstrated
Observation Checklist Session 1Yes/No
1.Identified steps to be taken in preparation for resolving the conflict
2.Introduce the session and welcome the parties
3.Clear identification of personal approach to conflict resolution based on personality typology
4.Exhibit effective communication skills to encourage disclosure and resolution
5.Demonstrate awareness of unique client needs and or vulnerabilities
6.Show impartiality
7.Awareness of safety procedures and issues relevant to this context
8.Problem solving ability during conflict resolution well demonstrated
Observation Checklist Session 2Yes/No
1.Listed all steps in preparation for the mediation session
2.Introduce the mediation session and welcome the parties
3.Take opening statements from both parties
4.Paraphrase and summarise both parties’ statements
5.Identify and outline the agenda items
6.Assist the parties in exploring the agenda items
7.Undertake private sessions with both parties
8.Reconvene a joint negotiation session with a view to reaching agreement
9.Document agreement outcomes and close session
10.De- escalation and support process
Section 4 – General Assessment Information
Decision Making RulesEach activity in the assessment task must be satisfactorily completed for the task to be assessed as satisfactory. Every task must be satisfactorily completed to be assessed as competent in the unit. * For graded units, competence must be demonstrated before a mark can be given.
PlagiarismThere are serious penalties for plagiarism that may include repeating a new assessment task or being withdrawn for the unit / course. Students must ensure that all assessments are their own work (or group work and clearly noted as such). Refer to
Reasonable AdjustmentStudents may request reasonable adjustment for assessment tasks. Reasonable adjustment usually involves varying: the processes for conducting the assessment (eg: allowing additional time, varying the venue) the evidence gathering techniques (eg: oral rather than written questioning, use of a scribe, modifications to equipment) However, the evidence collected must allow the student to demonstrate all requirements of the unit. If you have any other issue that may impact your ability to undertake the assessment, please discuss with your teacher.
(where tasks are not satisfactorily completed)
Assessment tasks that are not satisfactory can be resubmitted up until the end of the unit as scheduled on the Unit Outline. The timing on this may depend on the equipment required for this assessment task. Resubmissions received after the scheduled unit end date may not be accepted unless approved by the teacher prior to the end date. Note: Assessment tasks submitted for the first time after the unit end date as scheduled in the Unit Outline will not be assessed and the student should re-enrol into the unit.
Special considerationStudents may apply for Special Consideration where personal circumstances have adversely affected their task result or ability to undertake an assessment. A Special Consideration form can be completed prior to, but no later than 3 days after, the date of assessment and submitted to the relevant Manager.
Work Health & SafetyActivities may require the use of equipment or participation in group exercises. If the teacher identifies any unsafe activity or potentially dangerous situations, the teacher can stop the assessment at any time.

Assignment Solution/Sample Answer

VU21917- Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments Assignment Solved

  1. I. management of risks and safety procedures relevant to context:

It is a relationship requirement to state your wants without adding fuel to the flames. Here are some tools to help you resolve conflicts and make your relationships more enjoyable.

Avoid making personal attacks, using foul language, and constantly criticizing others. These are methods for severing your ties with your coworkers. Caustic comments erode the core of your company relationships by lowering your team members’ self-esteem and ability to recognize what truly needs to be healed. What to do: If you want someone to modify their habits, provide them concrete examples as well as suggestions for how things could be done differently. People are frequently ignorant of how their words affect others and how minor adjustments in language can have a significant impact. Simply deciding to stop swearing will immediately reduce tension in your workplace, and you will gain respect.

Avoid deviating from the topic to keep the conversation from devolving into a tense debate. Bringing up the past produces anguish and does not provide closure to the current problem. What you should do is keep the talk focused on the current issue and how to fix it. Examine what was said once you’ve reached a decision. Making sure you and your partner are on the same page will keep you from having to deal with the same problem again and over.

Maintain clarity, which can be difficult to do when dealing with emotional concerns. When our emotions take over, we are either afraid or blinded by fury. Clamming up, providing mixed messages, or being evasive only serves to irritate both parties. Even if you are anxious or hurt, being open can help you address problems. What to do: Say what you need to say in a professional manner so that you can move on.

II. accurate and thorough recording of issues relating to the scenario:

Interrupting someone who is discussing their feelings devalues what the other person is saying. “You’re wrong, I’m right, and my thoughts are more important than yours,” you’re saying by cutting him off. It also leads to emotional distress because you are not paying attention to the other person. What to do: Instead of blurting out what you’re thinking, write it down and share it with the other once he or she finishes speaking.

Be willing to differ. Disagreements are a normal element of life and communication. What you should do is: It’s a sign of a mature and supportive professional partnership when you acknowledge that it’s okay for a teammate to have and express a different point of view rather than burying his or her feelings. Differences can lead to more engaging conversations and work in the long run. Furthermore, having someone who shares your feelings can help to remove some of the mystery.

Interrupting someone who is sharing their sentiments devalues what they are saying. “You’re wrong, I’m right, and my views are more significant than yours,” you’re expressing by cutting him/her off. Because you are not listening to the other person, it also creates emotional anguish. What to do: Instead of blurting out your thoughts, remember them and share them with the other when he or she has finished speaking.

  1. I) separate interviews and discussions:

Be willing to listen to other people’s points of view. Disagreements are inevitable in life and in communication. Actions to take: It’s a sign of a mature and supportive professional partnership when you acknowledge that it’s fine for a teammate to have and express a different point of view rather than burying his or her feelings. Differences can lead to more engaging discussions and work in the long term. Furthermore, having someone who shares your feelings can help to eliminate some of the mystery.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Instead of just telling individuals what they’re doing wrong, suggest a corrective action when you use “I” expressions to express how you feel. What you should do is: “It irritates me when you don’t finish the tasks we’re working on,” instead of “You always leave the dirty job for me.” Because you are not accusing, sharing your feelings in this way reduces defensiveness. It will assist you in reaching agreements that will make your working relationship healthier and more enjoyable for both of you. If you have negative interactions with coworkers or clients on a regular basis, adjust your communication style or your chances of success will be drastically reduced. Remember that communication is the most crucial aspect of any organization, and that we can all improve our communication skills.

ii)effective communication to determine position:

Mediation is a method for resolving disagreements. It is characterized by disputing parties negotiating in the presence of an impartial third party, the mediator. The mediator is not a judge, and he or she has no authority to decide or impose a settlement on either party.

The mediator’s goal is to organize a process in which each party gets an opportunity to explain their side of the problem, hear the other side, and prepare them to have a conversation using the PULSE Discovery Frame approach in order to reach the best potential solutions.

The mediator also assists the parties in drafting a written agreement. Mediation resolutions are frequently more flexible and creative than those established through arbitration or the courts.

The duty of the mediator in the conversation is to lead the dialogue and ensure that nothing is overlooked. He or she will listen to both sides, following the procedure for speaking and listening, so that they may learn how to settle their disputes via example and imitation abilities.

The mediator’s job is also to assist both parties grasp the situation and their own perspectives, as well as to define criteria for a long-term resolution.

The mediator will assist the parties in exploring alternative settlement options and writing a behaviorally precise, realistic strategy to resolve their issues.


  1. setting boundaries:

The mediator’s job is to maintain objectivity. He has a checklist to help lead the discourse between the parties and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

The job of the disputing parties is to communicate. TNT [Thinking and Not Talking] is a deadly combination. People aren’t ready to make a decision until they’ve expressed what they need to say in a kind manner.

To improve overall safety and health performance, the organization’s safety and health management system should be examined and updated on a regular basis. The business might profit from relevant experience and put what it has learnt to good use. To undertake a systematic review of performance, data from monitoring and independent audits of the full safety and health management system should be used. These lay the groundwork for the organization’s compliance with the 2005 Act and other statutory requirements. A major commitment to continuous improvement should be made, including the development of risk control policies, techniques, and processes.

ii) guidelines and procedures for the mediation process: Internal comparisons to key performance indicators, external comparisons to business rivals’ performance, and best practices in the organization’s industry should all be utilized to assess performance.

Many companies now provide reports on how well their workers were treated in terms of safety and health.

An initial examination of the organization’s safety and health management arrangements should be conducted. This review should compare current safety and health practices to: • safety and health legislation requirements; • provisions in the organization’s Safety Statement; • internal safety and health guidance; • existing authoritative and published safety and health guidance; and • best practice in the organization’s employment sector.

Fill-in listening: Selective listening invariably causes gaps in our comprehension. Then there are times when we have no choice but to fill in the blanks by hearing what we expect to hear. This is only a placeholder.

iii) role of mediator, clients and anyone else involved in the process: listening. This is the style of listening we choose to do most of the time. The telephone

A listener on the other end of the line hasn’t been really interested in the chat.

The line until he hears anything that piques his curiosity Then he creates

endeavors to fill in the blanks from the previous message This happens when you’re in a hurry.

Under duress, pay attention to others.

 Isolated listening: On the other side, we deliberately refuse to listen.

to messages that make us feel uneasy This is the kind of listening that I enjoy occurs when we do not receive feedback on an incomplete project or advise on how to complete it.

enhancing low academic performance or terrible driving behavior.

iv) agreement by parties to proceed with mediation: The “Blind Spot” on the second pane contains facts about myself that I am unaware of but that the group could be aware of. I’m not conscious of the information I’m communicating to the group when I begin to participate in it. My vocal signals, mannerisms, the way I say things, and the way I react to others are how the others in the group pick up on this information. For example, I might not realize that when I speak, I always glance away from the person… or that I always clear my throat right before saying something. This is something that I teach the group.

The “Facade” or “Hidden Area” on the third pane contains information about me that I know but the group does not. They have no idea what I’m talking about since I keep it hidden from them. If the group understood my thoughts, feelings, and views regarding the group or the people, I could be afraid.

Discriminative listening Discriminative listening is the most basic type of listening, whereby the difference between difference sounds is identified. If you cannot hear differences, then you cannot make sense of the meaning that is expressed by such differences. We learn to discriminate between sounds within our own language early, and later are unable to discriminate between the phonemes of other languages. This is one reason why a person from one country finds it difficult to speak another language perfectly, as they are unable to distinguish the subtle sounds that are required in that language. Listening is a visual as well as auditory act, as we communicate much through body language. We thus also need to be able to discriminate between muscle and skeletal movements that signify different meanings.

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