COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assignment 3

Teaching Period 2, 2021

COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assignment 3: Reflective essay

Word limit: 1500 (+/- 10%)

Weighting: 40%

Due date: 5pm AEST Monday 27 September 2021 (Week 12)

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Learning from direct experience can be more effective if coupled with reflection—that is, the intentional attempt to synthesise, abstract, and articulate the key lessons taught by experience.

— (Di Stefano 2014)

In this assignment, you are asked to reflect in detail on your experience during this unit, including the theories and practices you have learned and how this has influenced your professional and personal development towards your goals.

Consider the following points to get you started:

How have your learning and communicating skills changed over the course of this unit?

What were your unit and course goals at the start of this unit? How have you progressed towards achieving these goals?

How has the theories you’ve encountered and learnings you’ve taken from this unit supported you towards your professional and personal goals?

Use relevant literature from various sources to back up your writing. This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

You are to write a personal reflection that examines how you have developed your knowledge and skills in learning and communicating through your studies in this unit.

Work through the following steps to assist you with planning your reflective essay:

  1. Refer to your self-rating of learning and communication skills submitted in 3.4 Activity 1: Learner self-assessment. What ratings did you give yourself? How would you rate your skills now?
  2. Consider one theory covered in this unit to account for any similarities or differences to your self-rating.
  3. Refer to your unit and course goals. What were your unit and course goals? Did you achieve them? If yes, how? If no, why not? How will your progress towards your goals assist you in your future professional or personal life?

Support your work with scholarly evidence to back up your answers, appropriately cited using APA or Swinburne Harvard and include a reference list.

Remember to draw on themes and readings from this unit to help support your ideas. Use Metzger’s criteria when selecting sources.

Additional resources

You will need to decide if you are referencing using APA style or Swinburne Harvard, using COM10003 Referencing styles (DOCX 88 KB)   ( download_frd=1) to guide you if you are unsure.

The Study resources                       ( section of the Student Hub has a number of tools to help you with completing assignments, including pages to help you with:

Academic writing and presenting ( , which includes guides to essay writing, formatting and presentation, and reflective essay writing

Swinburne Harvard            ( guides/harvard-style-guide/) and APA ( style

guides provide helpful information, examples and FAQs. In this unit you are permitted to use either referencing style.

You can also refer to Week 9 Reflective practice.

This assignment will be submitted through Canvas. When you are ready to submit your assignment, select the ‘Start Assignment’ button at the top of this page. You will be taken to the ‘File Upload’ tab where you can choose your file or submit your URL.

Please note: When you submit your assignment through Canvas, you are also submitting the assignment through Turnitin, which is a text-matching service that compares your work with an international database of information sources. You will need to agree to using it.

Once you have submitted your assignment, select ‘Submission Details’ on the right of your screen to view your originality report if you haven’t already done so.

Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for an originality report to be generated. See the ‘Turnitin originality report’ area of the Academic practice ( page in the Study Resources section of the Student Hub for several guides to assist with the submission process.

Resubmissions after the due date without prior approval from your Unit Coordinator may not be marked.

Assignment support

Don’t forget that in addition to your eLAs who provide discipline-specific content advice, you can access the 24/7 draft writing service from Studiosity.

If you need assistance with academic feedback on a draft of your assignment task, see

Assignment sup port: Studiosity.
  1. Reflection of self.
  2. Use of theories and learning from the unit.
  3. Academic writing (spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and structure).
  4. Sources and referencing.

Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:

Assignment 3 marking guide

  Criteria  No Pass  Pass 50–59%  Credit 60–69%  Distinction 70–79%  High Distincti 80–100%
  Reflection of self (40%)  Does not meet criterion.  Progress towards goals has been stated. An attempt to reflect on role of self in learning has been made.  Progress towards goals has been described and there are signs of consideration of own role in development emerging.  Progress towards goals has been explored and involves some consideration of own role in development.  Progress towards has bee explored with clea reflection own role develop
  Use of theories and learning from the unit (30%)  Does not meet criterion.  There is an attempt at using theories and/or learning from the unit.  Theories and/or learnings from the unit have been used. Some examples are provided in an attempt to connect theory and/or learning with experience.  Theories and learnings from unit have been used. There is room for more specific examples and connection between theory and learning with experience.  Theories learnings the unit been us effectivel The exa are clear relevant connecti theory w experien
Academic writingDoes notSigns of paragraphingThe work is set out in aThe work is set out in a clearThe wor out in cle
(spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and structure) (20%)meet criterion.present. Basic essay conventions are attempted (a start, a series of paragraphs, a conclusion). Some spelling and grammatical errors evident.mostly clear essay format with an introduction, a series of paragraphs and a conclusion. Some spelling or grammar errors are evident.essay format with an appropriate introduction, a series of paragraphs and an appropriate conclusion. There may be room for tighter links between the sections. Any spelling or grammar errors are very minor.essay fo with an appropri introduct series of discrete linked paragrap and an appropri conclusi spelling gramma are evid
  Sources and referencing (10%)  Does not meet criterion.  Some sources are used to back up some points. Some sources show credibility. All sources used are acknowledged. An attempt at using an author date system has been made.  Most key points are backed up with supporting evidence from mostly appropriate sources. All sources used are acknowledged. A reference list has been attempted in either Swinburne Harvard or APA style.  Most key points backed up with supporting evidence from appropriate sources. All sources used are acknowledged. A referencing system has been used (either Swinburne Harvard or APA) and has been followed with few errors.  All key p are back with sup evidence appropri sources. All sourc used are acknowl A referen system h been us (either Swinbur Harvard APA).



Di Stefano, G., Gino, F., Pisano, G. & Staats, B. (2014). Learning by thinking: How reflection improves performance. Retrieved from on-work-improves-job-performance

Swinburne Harvard

Di Stefano, G, Gino, F, Pisano, G & Staats, B 2014, Learning by Thinking: How Reflection Improves Performance, viewed 6 December 2016,


We understand that at times your studies may be adversely affected by illness, misadventure or some other extraordinary cause or circumstance reasonably beyond your control. If you feel this is the case and you need an extension to support you in completing your assignments, please select the option that you feel is most appropriate for your situation.

Please note: the request must be received prior to the submission date and time of the assignment.

Assessment declaration

All students must agree to the following declaration when submitting assignment items.

Declaration and Statement of Authorship

  1. I have not impersonated, or allowed myself to be impersonated by any person for the purposes of this assignment.
  2. This assignment is my/our original work and no part of it has been copied from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made.
  3. No part of this assignment has been written for me by any other person except where

such collaboration has been authorised by the lecturer/teacher concerned.

  • I have not previously submitted this work for this or any other course/unit.
  • I give permission for my assignment response to be reproduced, communicated, compared and archived for plagiarism detection, benchmarking or educational purposes.

I understand that:

Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s work as though it is your own. It is a form of cheating and is a very serious academic offence that may lead to exclusion from the university.

Plagiarised material may be drawn from published and unpublished written documents, interpretations, computer software, designs, music, sounds, images, photographs, and ideas or ideological frameworks gained through working with another person or in a group. Plagiarised material can be drawn from, and presented in, written, graphic and visual form, including electronic data and oral presentations. Plagiarism occurs when the origin of the material used is not appropriately cited.

I agree and acknowledge that:

  1. I have read and understood the Declaration and Statement of Authorship above.
  2. I accept that use of my Swinburne account to electronically submit this assignment constitutes my agreement to the Declaration and Statement of Authorship.
  3. If I do not agree to the Declaration and Statement of Authorship in this context, the assessment outcome may not be valid for assessment purposes and may not be included in my aggregate score for this unit.
  4. I am aware that it is not acceptable to resubmit the same piece of work (in part or as whole) for multiple assignments without permission from the Unit Coordinator.

Penalties for plagiarism ( results-assessment/plagiarism-academic-integrity/plagiarism-misconduct/) range from a formal caution to expulsion from the university, and are detailed in the Student Academic Misconduct Regulations 2012. ( governance/policies-regulations/statutes-regulations/student-academic-misconduct/)

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