COM419 Web Technologies Assignment

Southampton Solent University Assessment Brief

Assessment Details

Unit Title:Web Technologies
Unit Code:COM419
Unit Leader:Darren Cunningham
Assessment Title:Event Website
Assessment Number:AE1
Assessment Type:Practical with Supporting Documentation
Restrictions on Time/Word Count:1500 words
Consequence of not meeting time limit:The supporting documentation should not exceed the word count as stated above. Any words written after the 1500-word limit will not be taken into consideration. There is no lower word limit – You will not be penalised for submitting under the word limit
Assessment Weighting:100%
Issue Date:1/4/2022
Hand In Date:13/05/2022
Planned Feedback Date:20 working days after submission
Mode of Submission:On-line via ‘Solent Online Learning’
Anonymous MarkingYes


The bit you get to choose!

This scenario will be based around an ‘event’.

In order to try and cater towards your interests and thus spark ideas and creativity, your event can be one of the following:

  • A music festival
  • A non-music festival (basically, instead of bands have something else – i.e. comedy)
  • A convention like ‘comic con’ – obviously give it your own name and theme.

Whatever you chose it should have a ‘line-up’ of acts/guests/participants

The Scenario

It goes without saying that the pandemic was tough for the live entertainment industry and people in general.

Now, with restrictions lifted, the live entertainment industry is looking to get back on its feet and the general public are looking for things to do away from their homes.

You have been asked to develop a marketing website for an event (in line with the choice you made above).

The organisers are giving you a lot of freedom in terms of branding and design, just make sure the website is themed appropriately.

This is a promotional website – it is not a ticket selling website (assume they will use something like ticket master for that), thus you need not concern yourself with the selling or booking of tickets.

There are some core requirements that this website must have (at absolute minimum):

  • Line up – It must promote the different acts/guests that are expected.
  • Stages/categories – Like most events, this will have multiple things happening simultaneously (like how music festivals have different stages) – Our event will be no different. Themed ‘stages’/’areas’ (depending on your choice) should be represented on the website.
  • This event will take place on the 39th July through to the 31st July – This should be very clear!
  • An FAQ or advice page – Just a page to inform people of what they can do in advance (i.e., mention any possible COVID precautions)
  • A contact us page – this must have an appropriate HTML form on it.

Additional notes

Regarding the theme and layout of this website, that is up to you. Style your website as you feel appropriate – in the way that you envision when you imagine an event like this.

Take music festivals for example:

  • Reading and download traditionally go for darker themes.
  • Glastonbury goes for a more ‘earthy’ kind of theme.
  • Isle of Wight is normally a little more vibrant.
  • Bestival normally announces a theme each year and creates branding around that.

In other words, you have creative freedom over how it should look, as long as it is appropriate.


There are two elements to this assessment:

  • A website – based on the above scenario.
  • Supporting documentation – To be submitted as a word or pdf document alongside the website.

The Website

The main element of this assessment is the development of a website based on the scenario (see previous page).

I have provided detailed grading criteria (page 4) which will state what the website must do to achieve the different grades.

You must only use the following to develop this website:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node JS
    • Express
    • MySQL
    • EJS

Any technologies that were not covered in this unit will not be counted and any features developed using them will be overlooked.

(Bootstrap and JQuery, whilst mentioned in the unit, are not to be used)

Supporting Documentation

This will be a brief and concise document that will be written after you have completed your website.

It should detail the following.

  • Very clear and concise evidence that your website meets the requirements as set out in the scenario (above) and the grading criteria (below)
  • Proof that your website conforms to W3C standards (use their online validator)
  • Explanation of the client-side and server-side components used in the construction of the website.
  • Legal and ethical considerations
    • What legal considerations have been made? (Sourcing images from websites like pexels for example)
  • What makes the website accessible? (i.e. alt text on images)
  • (Where applicable) – What security considerations have been made.
  • Testing – Show basic evidence of testing (The website works on different browsers etc)

What you should submit

You will need to upload two files to Solent Online learning:

  • A .zip file containing your web project.
  • A word document or PDF containing the supporting documentation.
  • The .zip file and the word/pdf document should be uploaded as separate files.


To speed up the marking process, it would be helpful if you:

  • Use your student ID as the name for your submitted files. For example, if your student ID is 123456 then you should submit a .zip file called and either a word document or a pdf called 123456.docx or 123456.pdf respectively
  • Please use port number 5000.
  • When the marker downloads your submission they will do the following to make it run – You should ensure that this will work
    • Unzip the zip file
    • Open the now unzipped project folder in VSCode
    • In the terminal run: npm install
    • In the terminal run: node index.js
    • The marker should now be able to view the website by going to http://localhost:5000

Grading Criteria

Here is what the website needs to do to:

To Achieve an F Grade

Any of the following will result in an F (or S) grade being awarded:

  • The submission does not run in a node environment, or the features are not accessible using custom URLs
  • The website uses unapproved technologies that are not in line with those listed on the previous page.
  • The website has little to no layout
  • Very poor practice has been demonstrated.
    • i.e. using deprecated HTML tags that style the page rather than CSS
  • The requirements (listed in the scenario) have not been met and/or the criteria for the D grade (below) have not been met.
  • The submitted website is very similar to a class task – has perhaps been slightly restyled or just given different content.
  • No client-side JavaScript has been added to the website at all
  • No supporting documentation has been submitted
  • A .zip file containing the website was not submitted
  • The supporting documentation is off topic or does not follow the points requested

in the ‘supporting documentation’ section of this brief.

  • The supporting documentation must be submitted outside of the .zip file and must generate a Turnitin report.
  • The use of bad, rude or offensive language/imagery. This includes its usage as

‘filler text.’

  • Lack of professionalism – Similar to the previous point. Attempts to prank the marker, redirect them to unrelated material, or otherwise hinder them from carrying out their duties.
  • Evidence of plagiarism or collusion

To Achieve a D Grade

To achieve a D grade, the website should:

  • Meet all the requirements listed in the Scenario.
  • Have a basic layout
  • Include some basic JavaScript functionality
  • A basic Express app has been set up using Node JS. The website should be navigable using routes. Templating should be used where needed.
  • At least one part of the website retrieves information from the database (i.e., line up)
  • Mostly conform to W3C standards
  • An up-to-date package.json file has been provided.
  • All functionalities should be easy to navigate to. Content that cannot be navigated to by browsing the website or content that is behind broken links will not be considered.
  • The homepage should load from the default route (i.e., the marker should be able to go to http://localhost:5000/ and the home page will load)

The above should be documented in the supporting evidence, along with along with all points mentioned on page 3 of this document (supporting documentation section).

To Achieve a C Grade

To achieve a C grade, (in addition to the D criteria) the website should:

  • Fully conform to W3C Standards
  • Be responsive to different devices and adjust well to different screen sizes. Media queries should be demonstrated.
  • Work on different browsers, specifically Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • The form (as required in the scenario) should have some simple validation –

performed by a JavaScript

  • Retrieve data from a MySQL database and display it on the page.
    • The stages and line up information should be retrieved from the database
  • The contact us form, when submitted, should now store the information in the database.
  • An up to date .sql file has been provided in the project folder. This is important! If you don’t include it then the marker cannot recreate your database, which means your database won’t work on their machine. If it does not work, then the C criteria is not met
  • General good practice should be observed i.e.
    • an organised folder structure with images, styles and scripts separated appropriately
    • Using stylesheets appropriately and not repeating code by having an individual stylesheet for each page.

The above should be documented in the supporting evidence, along with all points mentioned on page 3 of this document (supporting documentation section).

  • Supporting documentation includes an explanation of the databases involvement on the website. It should also indicate the usage of HTTP GET and POST.

To Achieve a B Grade

To achieve a B grade, (in addition to the C criteria) the website should:

  • In general, the website should not break. There should not be errors in the developer console (on the browser or in node) as you navigate the website or use features (including the ones below)
  • An additional page should be created for an activity that you should come up with. This ‘activity’ will be interactive and involve JavaScript. It might make your life easier if you develop this for a younger audience.
    • This should be original and not taken from the internet.
    • Can be any kind of activity (i.e., a guess the picture game where you have an image covered up by squares that vanish when you click them etc.)
  • Supporting documentation is strengthened by further reading (i.e. in to accessibility or security issues)

The above should be documented in the supporting evidence, along with all points mentioned on page 3 of this document (supporting documentation section).

To Achieve an A4 or A3 Grade

To achieve an A4 or A3 grade, the website should:

  • Meet the D, C and B criteria (listed above) with no exceptions or leniency
  • Look professional – would be publishable for its intended purpose
  • Include a search feature that demonstrates AJAX
  • Include AJAX for at least one other feature.

The above should be documented in the supporting evidence, along with all points mentioned on page 3 of this document (supporting documentation section).

  • How AJAX is incorporated into your website should be included in the supporting documentation

To Achieve an A2 or A1 Grade

To achieve an A2 or A1 grade, the website should:

  • Meet the D, C, B and A4/A3 criteria (listed above) with no exceptions or leniency
  • Should have AJAX throughout – especially where database connections are involved
  • Provides an additional feature that allows for multiple years to be looked up. For example, by default the website should display this year’s line-up. However, the user should also be able to view what past events have occurred.

The user should then be able to select a year and then view the line-up for the given year.

  • The database will be needed for this.

The above should be documented in the supporting evidence, along with all points mentioned on page 3 of this document (supporting documentation section).

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the unit descriptors.

Late Submissions

Students are reminded that:

  1. If this assessment is submitted late i.e. within 5 working days of the submission deadline, the mark will be capped at 40% if a pass mark is achieved;
  2. If this assessment is submitted later than 5 working days after the submission deadline, the work will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero;
  3. If this assessment is being submitted as a referred piece of work then it must be submitted by the deadline date; any Refer assessment submitted late will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero. 2/2o-assessment-principles-and-regulations.pdf?t=1534423842941

Extenuating Circumstances

The University’s Extenuating Circumstances procedure is in place if there are genuine circumstances that may prevent a student submitting an assessment. If students are not ‘fit to study’, they can either request an extension to the submission deadline of 5 working days or they can request to submit the assessment at the next opportunity (Defer). In both instances students must submit an EC application with relevant evidence. If accepted by the EC Panel there will be no academic penalty for late submission or non-submission dependent on what is requested. Students are reminded that EC covers only short term issues (20 working days) and that if they experience longer term matters that impact on learning then they must contact the Student Hub for advice.

A summary of guidance notes for students is given below: 2/2p-extenuating-circumstances.pdf?t=1534423896787

Academic Misconduct

Any submission must be students’ own work and, where facts or ideas have been used from other sources, these sources must be appropriately referenced. The University’s Academic Handbook includes the definitions of all practices that will be deemed to constitute academic misconduct. Students should check this link before submitting their work.

Procedures relating to student academic misconduct are given below: students/complaints-conduct/student-academic-misconduct.aspx

Ethics Policy

The work being carried out by students must be in compliance with the Ethics Policy. Where there is an ethical issue, as specified within the Ethics Policy, then students will need an ethics release or an ethical approval prior to the start of the project.

The Ethics Policy is contained within Section 2S of the Academic Handbook: 2/2s-university-ethics-policy.pdf

Grade marking

The University uses a letter grade scale for the marking of assessments. Unless students have been specifically informed otherwise their marked assignment will be awarded a letter grade. More detailed information on grade marking and the grade scale can be found on the portal and in the Student Handbook. 2/2o-annex-2-assessment-regulations-grade-marking-scale.pdf?t=1534424273208

Guidance for online submission through Solent Online Learning (SOL)

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