DIDS107 Assignment 6 Yorkville University

Assignment Task

DIDS107 Assignment 6: Project Book

Worth 10% of term

Due: No later than 11:30PM ET Day 4 of Unit 10

  • develop organizational skills for individual client projects; and
  • identify the different elements that constitute stages of design development and attach relevant headings to each group as it pertains to this specific project.

For this submission, students will submit a digital binder (a single file pdf). Campus The binder contains all process, and relevant information pertaining to the design project.

Materials Required
  • Assembled in a book format for viewing. Using Illustrator, In Design, PowerPoint, Word etc. saved as a single file PDF. Choose the medium that best serves the purpose.
  • Assignments 1-5
  • All process documentation
  • Camera/scanner as required
  1. Design firms develop their own filing system to organize the drawings and documents generated by the team. Many offices use binders, one per project.
  1. Your project book is due on the same day as your final presentation (Day 4, Unit 10). It is a record and

summary of the entire term’s work, and should be added to/revised on a weekly basis.

  1. Thecontentsofyourprojectbook,ataMINIMUM,willbe:
    1. Cover Page – your name, course code and name, submission date
    2. Selected Client Profile
    3. Base Building
    4. Concept
      • 4.1. Concept Statement
      • 4.2. Inspiration images for your concept, with notations explaining why you chose them
      • 4.3. Sketches and drawings from your sketchbook, related to your concept
    5. Program
      • 4.1. Adjacency Matrix
    6. Schematic Planning
      • 5.1. Bubbles & Blocks
      • 5.2 Prototypes
      • 5.3 2D & 3D sketches
      • 5.4 Schematic Floor Plans
    7. Design Development
      • 6.1. Preliminary Plan, drafted to scale
      • 6.2. Kitchen & Bathroom elevations
      • 6.3. Cross Section
      • 6.4. 3D sketches/vignettes
    8. Finishes and FF&E
      • 7.1. FF&E, Finish Selections, Schedule & Key– a table listing all finishes and keyed to your FF&E Boards. Refer to example.

Finishes Schedule

Code -to match the label on the sample boardsDescription -indicate what type of product/materialLocation -indicate floor/wall/ceiling as required -indicate which roomProduct Specification -indicate who the manufacturer is, the product name, the product finish/ colour
HW1Hardwood flooringLiving room, Entertainment roomArmstrong, Engineered Hardwood Plank, Finish: Acacia-Natural
CPT1CarpetBedroom 2Bentley Mills, Functional Expression Avant Gardia, Colour: Proportion 880238.
CPT2CarpetHome OfficeShaw Floors, Queen of Hearts, Colour: 00321 Dill
PT1PaintLiving room wallsBenjamin Moore, Aura Waterborne Interior Paint, Eggshell. Colour: AF255 Fondant
PT2PaintLiving room ceilingBenjamin Moore, Aura Waterborne Interior Paint, Matte. Colour: 2122-70 Snow White
CT1Ceramic TileMaster Bedroom Ensuite, shower wallsOlympia Tile, Oslo, Colour: Grey
  1. 7.2. Furniture Selections
  2. 7.3 Fixture Selections, schedule & Key (one for lighting, one for plumbing, etc) – a table listing all finishes and keyed to your FF&E Boards. Refer to example.
Lighting Schedule
Code -to match the label on the sample boardsDescription -indicate what type of light fixtureLocationProduct Specification -indicate who the manufacturer/distributor is, the product name, the product finish/ colour
L2Pendant lightKitchen islandEureka Lighting, Meha, satin aluminum with clear glass diffuser.
L3Wall sconcePowder room 1Eureka Lighting, Sprocket, brass finish with crystal glass diffuser.
L4Feature light (chandelier)Dining roomUnion Lighting, Crystal Chandelier WN0167110568, antique silver finish, oval drops, draped crystal and fabric shade.
  1. 7.4 Equipment Selections
  2. Notes & Feedback
    1. 8.1. Feedback and comments from professor and peers throughout the term.
  3. Assignments 1-5

All content will be evaluated for its completeness and design quality. To achieve a high mark, the student must apply instructor feedback from the desk crits, and revise assignments before including them in the Project Binder.

The sample schedules are examples only, and demonstrate the level of detail expected in your submission. Students will create their own tables in Word or Excel, and fill them in as they select items throughout the term. Copy the product specifications from the manufacturer’s website, sample folder, or sample label. You may code the samples any way you wish (using numbers, letters or a combination) as long as your schedules, key and boards match.


Save as a single-file PDF as DIDS107_Assignment6_yourlastname_yourfirstname.pdf.


The following rubric communicates grade breakdown and total. It can be helpful to review assignment instructions in detail prior to reviewing the rubric

Competencies DemonstratedGrade
1Conformance to minimum content list (50%)

All listed Assignments included

Completeness and quality of listed Assignments

All other listed documents included

Completeness and quality of other listed documents
2Documentation of design process (30%)

Relevance and quality of Inspiration images and notations

Relevance and quality of sketchbook sketches

Process sketches, drawings, plans etc

Notations and information clarity of included elements

3Organization & Format, Graphic & Presentation quality (20%)

Aesthetic quality and neatness of presentation

Conformance to APA standards for citations

Grammar and spelling

Book now

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